“Firebird” Fusion of original animation and digital art. Dogo REBORN’s special talk event is incandescent.

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“Firebird” Fusion of original animation and digital art. Dogo REBORN’s special talk event is incandescent.
At the naked “FLOWERS BY NAKED 2020 -Sakura-” venue. Takeshi Tsuruno, Rumiko Tezuka and others.
This is the first event in Tokyo of Dogo Onsen in Matsuyama, Ehime, at the venue of FLOWERS BY NAKED 2020 -Sakura-, a fantastic digital art content event held by Naked for the fifth time this year. A talk event took place. As part of the Dogo REBORN Project, the PR of the Dogo Onsen Main Building, which is currently undergoing preservation and repair work while operating, is being developed with the symbol of “Firebird”, which is the life work of Tezuka Osamu. Tsuyoshi Tsuruno, who appeared as a voice actor in the animation produced by the project, Rumiko Tezuka, director of Tezuka Productions, who produced the animation, and Shinsaku Nakagawa, general manager of Naked. The venue was excited by valuable talks about Osamu Tezuka, anime and digital art content.
February 7 (Friday). Takeshi Tsuru of talent, Tezuka production director and planning producer Rumiko Tezuka, naked general A talk event entitled “FLOWERS BYNAKED 2020 -Matsuyama / Dogo NIGHT-” was held on the theme of the fusion of animation and digital art with manager Shinsaku Nakagawa. This is the first talk event in Tokyo at the Dogo REBORN project, which is currently collaborating with Tezuka Osamu’s life work called “Firebird”, which is currently being developed at Matsuyama and Dogo Onsen, with the theme of revitalizing Japanese culture. Becomes The special event venue in the hall, which is currently crowded every day, features press, travel agencies, talent and artists. Three people laugh as the hot eyes of about 100 people gathered gathered
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Tsurugi Tsuyoshi who played the role of the leading power and the role of Isaya Nyoya in the second episode of the animation “ Fire Bird Dogo Onsen ”
Tsurugino Tsuyoshi was produced by the Dogo REBORN project, and the original animation “Firebird” Dogo Onsen Hen “”, whose episode 2 was released on February 1, features the main character of Dogo Onsen as the guardian deity of Dogo Onsen and Dogo Onsen Honkan He is the voice actor of the current Meiji renovation, the voice actor of Isawa Nyoya, the first mayor of Dogo Yunomachi, playing two roles. Meanwhile, Rumiko Tezuka is a director of Tezuka Productions, which produces the anime. In fact, Tsuruno Tsuyoshi’s uncle is an illustrator, working as an editor of the magazine “ COM ”, which serialized the early work of “ Firebird ”, and the fact that he interacted with Rumiko Tezuka before his debut. It was revealed that the talk event was booming, not only with the strange connection of firebirds.
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From right, Rumiko Tezuka, Tsuyoshi Tsuru, Shinsaku Nakagawa. The venue was a talk session where valuable topics popped out from beginning to end.
Rumiko Tezuka says he likes hot springs and has visited Dogo Onsen many times before. He visited Dogo Onsen the other day, and expressed his impressions of the Dogo REBORN project while displaying snapshots taken there on a monitor. Regarding the wrapping art of the Dogo Onsen Main Building covering the eastern side of the main building, “The design is wonderful. The energy of regenerating the firebird seems to wrap around the whole main building. It is a big thing, so it can be seen well from Tezuka (Osamu) in heaven. ” He also touched on the original Firebird merchandise at Dogo Shopping Street and said happily, “I bought a lot and returned.”
After that, the main visual of the second project mapping “Dogo Onsen x Naked @ MESSAGE-Shiki and Soseki-“, which starts on the north side of Dogo Onsen Main Building from Friday, February 21, was unveiled. It became a topic about the process. The historical Dogo Onsen Main Building currently employs a method of projecting from inside the building. This is a very unusual production in which the main building itself emits light, with the sliding screens on the second and third floors becoming horizontal screens. Onomatopoeia, an onomatopoeic expression in manga, is also impressively used, and among them, the scene that uses the onomatopoeia, which is the onomatopoeia of Dugoo-Ohne, a scene where a firebird arriving at Dogo Onsen pours energy, Popular as a climax scene for projection mapping, it is also posted as a wall art panel on the north side of Dogo Onsen Main Building. The second projection mapping is more animation
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Dogo Onsen x Naked @ MESSAGE-Shiki and Soseki-starts on the north side of Dogo Onsen Main Building from February 21 (C) TEZUKA PRODUCTIONS At the talk event, a valuable episode about his father, Osamu Tezuka, was seen from the eldest daughter, Rumiko Tezuka.
Rumiko Tezuka grew up looking at Osamu Tezuka’s back at the desk in her study since childhood. He said he would be serious if he had a consultation while he was busy. At that time, he was writing Blackjack, and one of the characters, Pinoko, is said to be a model of Rumiko Tezuka as a kindergarten child. While listening to the vine, he suddenly said, “It’s a real pinoko.” After the death of Osamu Tezuka on February 9, 1989, Rumiko Tezuka started activities to convey Tezuka’s work to the next generation through collaborations with various artists and creators. He introduced that he is still engaged in transmitting many works to the younger generation and the world. As for Tezuka Osamu’s “ Firebird ” drawn as a life work, he said that “ Firebird is a work that depicts eternal life, the work with the largest theme in Tezuka’s work, ” Scattered cultural genes during his lifetime, and the creators passed the baton to the next generation, I think you will get eternal life. Dogo REBORN sees this and thinks that the next generation will try something again. ” After listening to the episode, he said, “I challenge new things and regenerate. I felt that Tezuka-sensei was a firebird.” Also, 126 years have passed since Dogo Onsen became its current form, but “I feel that I am participating in a great project again. The next work is born for the future. What will happen 120 years from now I don’t know, but the time comes when this Dogo REBORN project looks back on the history of Dogo, and at that time, Ms. Yurumiko and Mr. Nakagawa appeared in the story. ” Rumiko Tezuka says, “Firebirds are falling down at places connecting the history of national important cultural properties. There is a spacetime of firebirds that only exists today, so please come and see it. There is a Dogo Onsen that you can only taste right now. ” [Image 4

FLOWERS BY NAKED 2020 -Matsuyama / Dogo DAY-
In a space wrapped up in the fantastic digital art of naked, the talk was developed as if traveling from space to space from the past to the future. The crowd gathered for applause and the 45-minute talk session ended.
□ Dogo REBORN Official Site
□ Dogo Onsen Main Building Projection Mapping
“Dogo Onsen x Naked @ MESSAGE-Shiki and Soseki-”
February 21, 2020 (Fri) START !!
From 18:30 to 21:30 @ held daily on the north side of Dogo Onsen Main Building (free viewing)
Planning Direction / NAKED Inc.
□ “Firebird” Dogo Onsen “” Episode 2 “Shiki and Soseki”
Available (YouTube)

[Voice Cast] Nyoya Isaba, Lord of the Power: Tsuyoshi Tsuruno の Shahikona, Matahachiro Sakamoto: Suzuko Mimori
Shiki Masaoka: Jun Fukuyama Soseki Natsume: Shinnosuke Tachibana Hiko Saruta: Tetsuo Komura
Madonna Narration: Tomochika (“Good, moderate. Matsuyama” cheering leader) Firebird: Nana Mizuki
Animation Production: Tezuka Production Production: Pony Canyon Screenplay: Shoichiro Masumoto 太 Tasuke Nishimura Director: Fumihiro Yoshimura (C) Tezuka Productions / Matsuyama City 2020
□ FLOWERS BY NAKED 2020 -Matsuyama and Dogo DAY- !
At the “FLOWERS BY NAKED 2020 -Sakura-” venue, “Matsuyama Dogo DAY” (sampling event) will be held to promote the appeal of Matsuyama City and Dogo Onsen.
The special PR booth will display a visual photo spot of the second projection mapping of the Dogo Onsen Main Building in a space decorated with the theme of “Dogou Onsen” and “Tsubaki”. If you visit a photo spot and post it on SNS, you will also receive gifts such as tea confectionery offered at Dogo Onsen Annex Asukanoyusen and a limited clear file. Please come and enjoy during this period. [Date]
February 22, 2020 (Sat) 10: 00-20: 00
February 23, 2020 (Fri) 10: 00-18: 00
“FLOWERS BY NAKED 2020 -Sakura-” Foyer
* Developed in the space on the right side of the exit of the main venue. (Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall COREDO Muromachi 1 (fifth floor foyer) The old letters of Tezuka Osamu and Tezuka Production’s mound are official. Please use old letters in printed materials.
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