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-Designing an environment that maximizes the ability of each family member-Itoki strengthens product development to support “work style reform” and “learning style reform”

Itoki Co., Ltd. -Designing an environment that maximizes the ability of each family-Itoki strengthens product development to support “work style reform” and “learning style reform” The first is a collapsible work desk jointly developed with Kamakura Living Lab ………………………………………………………………………………………… Itoki Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo President: Hirao Hirai) is based on the concept of “designing an environment that maximizes the ability of each family member”, and responds to diversifying ways of working and ways of learning We will strengthen the development of design furniture and peripheral products. And today, as the first product of “Shigoto Lab”, we will release “ONOFF (Onoff)”, a collapsible work desk for working in living, through joint research with Kamakura Living Lab.
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In 1962, when it was common to study at “Chabudai”, Itoki developed “Itoki Learning Desk” exclusively for children whose height can be adjusted according to the growth of the body based on the office desk. Released. At that time, this product attracted attention as a family necessities of the high economic growth period, and since that time, the learning desk has continued to evolve for more than half a century while accurately grasping the changing times and needs of the times. However, in recent years children’s learning environment has largely changed from a children’s room to a living room due to the spread of ICT devices such as smartphones and tablet terminals, and the increase in double-income households, and so on. You On the other hand, among workers, with the background of the aging society with low birth rates and population concentration in urban areas, “working style reform” is being promoted, which recommends various working styles such as telework according to life events and individual circumstances. . Therefore, in Itouki, the concept for “working environment” in telework is named “Work Lab”, and the concept for “learning environment” of a family centered on children is named “Can Lab.” By strengthening the creation of products and services that support people’s reforms and reforms in learning, we wanted to support an environment where children and all their families could continue to grow together. Going forward, we will create the functional and beautiful lifestyle environment by making the most of the planning, product design development and customer interaction experiences we have cultivated over the years in our office environment and learning environment business.
■ The first product of “Shigoto Lab” About the collapsible work desk “ONOFF (Onoff)” jointly developed with Kamakura Living Lab
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“ONOFF (onoff)” was born from an initiative with the Kamakura Living Lab, which works to solve social and regional issues in collaboration with the Kamakura City Hall, the University of Tokyo, local residents and Itoki. With regard to telework, we developed while incorporating the needs of consumers who want to switch on and off between work and life and want to do work. Characteristics of “ONOFF (Onoff)” It is designed to be easy to switch between work time (ON) and normal life (OFF) by closing and opening the desk. As we can easily take out desk, it is easy to change to work mode, and when we fold desk, we fit in approximately 240mm (stabilizer is approximately 350mm), and living space can be spared. When you go to the desk, the door surface acts as a wall, and it looks like your own small private room. Also, because the door surface is just high enough to block your eyes when you sit down, you can stretch your spine to see the children and their families. You can purchase from the Itouki Online Shop (https://eshop.itoki.jp/).
[About Itouki’s Personal Environment Business]
Other than furniture for children such as learning desk that made “the creation of environment of learning to extend child” in concept, furniture for study / SOHO corresponding to at-home work increasing by promotion of working style reform, living, dining of family share A lineup of products tailored to various lifestyles, such as furniture. Unique products that color personal spaces contribute to the improvement of customers’ living value.
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