[OKANO] Hakata Ori announces the first Hakata Ori’s kimono

Okano Corporation [OKANO] Hakata Ori announces the first Hakata Ori’s kimono Hakata Ori at the adult ceremony ………………………………………………………………………………………… OKANO (Okano Co., Ltd., Nakagawa, Fukuoka Prefecture President and Representative Director Hirokazu Okano) has developed Hakata Ori’s first ever-traditional kimono for new adults in 2020. Important intangible cultural property held at Fukuoka Mitsukoshi (Tenjin 2-1-1, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City), 9th floor, special event period from July 10 (Wed) to July 15 (July 2019) Presented at the “Jonjyo Hakata Ori” exhibition by technology holder, Kizaba Ogawa. It will be released as a limited edition, and will be available for sale next year. Hakata-ori is believed to have originated in 1241, and at the beginning it was not a obi but a kimono, and the fact that the obi became famous is not well known. In 2011, Hakata-ori kimono was designated as an additional traditional craft. However, since Hakata-ori’s kimono was not present until now in the adult ceremony, I felt the problem was that we had a few opportunities for young people to know and touch Hakata-ori. [Image 1

OKANO_ kimono For example, based on the idea of ​​local production for local consumption in Oshima area in Kagoshima prefecture, Amami Oshima area association which is the home place of Oshima area mainly carries out a survey on the rate of wearing Oshima area in adult ceremonies, etc. Is raising. As Hakata Orimoto OKANO developed the first Hakata Ori’s fleece band about 50 years ago, we developed Hakata Ori’s kimono as a new appeal method for the future of traditional crafts. We will present two designs based on the image of Sakai, a character that symbolizes the brand of Hakata Ori and the character of OKANO. I hope that the people of Fukuoka Prefecture, who will receive adulthood in 2020, will wear Hakata-ori’s kimono, and will continue to cherish the traditional culture of the local area, and create a new custom that is reminiscent. Special contribution (Donyu flower plate pattern) [Image 2

?Phoenix [Image 3

OKANO Founded in 1897, OKANO is a kimono factory with traditional handicrafts and Hakata-ori as its roots. We will convey Japanese craftsmanship, cherishing tradition and adventure. I think that the humble folk costumes are peace clothes and are essential to a culturally rich world. As well as kimonos, I also work on stalls and neckties. We are developing directly-managed stores (Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture) in GINZASIX (Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) and Hakata Riverain. http://okano1897.jp/ 【About Hakata-ori】 (Traditional Crafts Hakata-ori) Country-designed traditional crafts. It originates in 1241 and has more than 700 years of history. Hakata Ori, a representative of Hakata Ori, which was later presented to the Edo Shogunate and called “Pedestrian,” has meaning such as abduction, purification, filial piety, prosperity, etc., and is said to have good fortune. [About the donation theme] (Dong Jade plate pattern = donation theme) After Heisei 5 years (1600 years) Kuroda Nagamasa came to possess Chikuzen, he chose Hakata Ori as an elaboration to the Shogunate, and began to publish Obi Jiten and fresh silk Mikasa every March . The pattern was fixed at a rating with a stripe between the bonding pattern of the Buddha fixture ‘Dondon’ and ‘Hana plate’. What used to be simply loneliness, 皿 and 以前, has since been called “donation”. [Image 4

OKANO_ contribution
■ parent and child stripe There is a meaning that “parent protects child” by stripes arranged so that thick stripes put thin stripes. It expresses charity and prosperity. [Image 5

OKANO_ parent and child stripe
■ Doctrine Buddha tools and law instruments that are said to break the trouble. Amulet and determination ※ Originally the world’s strongest weapon that is also crushed the diamond that Indra God has. He traveled to China and turned into the strongest Teishin weapon, which guards Buddha. Appeared in the self-portrait such as Kukai, in secularism was considered to be a symbol of abolition to break down the trouble. [Image 6

OKANO _ single pattern

■ Takayuki stripes The stripes are arranged in such a way that thin stripes sandwich the thick stripes, meaning that “child crawls the parents”. Represents respect and inheritance. [Image 7

OKANO_ Takayuki stripes

■ Hana plate A dish containing the flowers to be sprayed during the offering of the Buddha. It has the meaning of offering and purification. [Image 8


※ “OKANO_ Furisode” photo is the whole image of the kimono. ※ “OKANO _ Furisode” is all sold separately, except for the kimono. ※ The color will be warm white. Product Name: OKANO Hakata Woven Swing Sleeve Price: 518,400 yen (tax included) Specifications / All materials: 100% silk

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