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Japan’s first! A beauty salon without a payment act is born “PiNCH Minami Aoyama store” Open on Sunday, July 7

PiNCH Corporation Japan’s first! A beauty salon without a payment act is born “PiNCH Minami Aoyama store” Open on Sunday, July 7 Japan’s first-introduction of the industry’s first Payless system- ………………………………………………………………………………………… July 4, 2019 PiNCH Corporation PiNCH Co., Ltd. (President: Akihiro Yoshida), which is developing the industry’s first 24/365 beauty salon in Akasaka, Tokyo, is Japan’s first beauty industry’s first on July 7, 2019 (Sunday) We will open a PiNCH Minami Aoyama store that introduced the “Payless” system. [Image 1

【With Payless System】 This is Japan’s first technology system for the first beauty industry to complete payment payment smoothly when the menu is decided on the spot by counseling at the salon, as there is no payment when leaving the store. We realize unprecedented UX (user experience) customer experience with state-of-the-art technology. With the introduction of the Payless System, customers can spend a day leaving the salon in a state of climax and feeling without being withdrawn to the real world by paying at the cash register after the treatment. Not only the user side but also the store operator side is also aimed to realize how convenient and beautiful the Payless system is. In the development of the payless system, we will realize the payless system without the “paying act” with the cooperation of FIXER Inc., which has the philosophy of “making the new challenges of customers with the most advanced technology”. did. Now, beyond cashless, which has become popular, ahead, Payless will be realized by PiNCH, the first in the industry and the first in Japan. In the future, we will consider the development of introductions to the beauty industry, the medical industry, and the food and beverage industry. [With PiNCH that created 24/7 sales] In 2016, owner stylist Akihiro Yoshida opened in Tokyo, Akasaka, and the beauty salon of a complete reservation system complete private room is “PiNCH” opened 24/7. The word “PiNCH” actually has a meaning that includes many possibilities. Mr. Akihiro Yoshida is named “PiNCH” with the thought that customers want to grab a chance and become positive by coming to this salon. The reason I came up with this concept is also at the same time as the proposal for the Payless System. “When I want to go to the beauty salon, I can not go in time for business hours, I am coming to the beauty salon to relax but other customers and other staff I was aware that there was a lot of demand that I would get nervous. 24 hours a day and 365 days a day, it is completely private room with a complete reservation system. In addition to actually starting business in Akasaka, Tokyo, there is much demand for morning time before going to work from late at night, and face other people There are data that many female customers do not want to match “PiNCH” provides the beauty industry’s first “inspiring customer experience” ever before. We promise “the best experience by Payless”. 【Features of PiNCH Minami Aoyama Store】 [Image 2

■ Payless system introduced With the introduction of the “Payless” system, which eliminates payment when leaving the store, customers can now go to a wonderful place at the moment they are cleaned. 】 Gives customers the best moments and excitement with a user experience that has never been there.
■ Started operation at 6 am Morning “Saikatsu Salon” The beauty industry’s first “morning salon” is open from 6 am when possible. Haircuts and hair sets are available before going to work or before going out.
■ Healing space for adults Inside the salon, it is an adult healing space where you can feel the nature on the basis of the healing effect outstanding green. [Store opening summary]
■ PiNCH Minami Aoyama Store Opening date: July 7, 2019 (Sunday) Residence: 6-4-9 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo San Miyazaki 1F Business hours: 6 to 19 Regular holiday: Monday, Wednesday Access: 7 minutes on foot from Omotesando Station A5 exit Number of seats: 5 set seats, 2 shampoo units [Future development-Yoshida Akihiro’s thoughts that will change the beauty industry that does not change-] We aim to spread the best practices in the beauty and technology integration realized with PiNCH throughout the beauty industry and to transform the beauty industry into DX (digital transformation). In the beauty industry, where it is difficult to start new things, Akihiro Yoshida, who has always said, “I would like to change this regular industry,” has just started with the creation of PiNCH. We will always have the desire to create new products rather than profits and change the industry, and will continue to innovate the beauty industry. [Contact regarding this matter] “PiNCH Corporation” In charge: Negishi, Yoshida (Negishi, Yoshida) TEL & FAX: 03-6886-7738 TEL: 080-4604-2635 pinch.press39@gmail.com

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