You who will be pardoned and Sunshine Ikezaki win the Gachi in the Pokemon League! ?

Shogakkan Shueisha Production (ShoPro) You who will be pardoned and Sunshine Ikezaki win the Gachi in the Pokemon League! ? The “Pokemon League Expected and Expected Campaign” is also launched, winning luxury prizes! ! ………………………………………………………………………………………… TV anime “Pokemon Sun & Moon” “Large! Battle Royal 151 !!” broadcast on July 7, 2019! Thank you very much for your continued patronage. The TV anime “Pocket Monster Sun & Moon” on TV Tokyo’s series is on air from 7:00 on the evening of July 7th, 2019 (Sun), “Big Battle! Battle Royal 151 !!” The Pokemon League, the hottest anime battle ever in the anime series “Pokemon” series, has finally begun! The Arora Pokemon League qualifiers will be held for the first time in the Arora region, where 151 pairs of Pokemon and trainers will fight, and the 16 surviving teams will be able to go to the final tournament for a survival match. [Image 1

You are the one and sunshine Ikezaki This Arora Pokémon League is determined to be a popular actor for children, as the voice actors who will be a freaky guy (trainer Hiroki) and sunshine Ikezaki (Zaobo’s sleeper)! You who will be kidding will appear on July 7 (Sun), and Sunshine Ikezaki on July 14 (Sun)! What kind of strategy will you fight against Satoshi, Pikachu, strong rivals! ? Future broadcasts are a must see. [Image 2

Trainer Hiroki [Image 3

Zaobo’s Sleeper (Sunshine Ikezaki) Furthermore, in commemoration of the Pokemon League, the “Pokemon League Expected Campaign” has started! It is a campaign that you can get luxury prizes such as specially made T-shirts and travel to Hawaii when you apply for answers to the expected quiz that will be presented during the anime broadcast. The hot “Arolla Pokemon League” kicks off with a hand in hand! ! We hope that you take this opportunity to consider your referrals.
■ “Pokemon League Winning Campaign” implementation summary [Image 4

Some of the prizes will be a Hawaii pair trip! Who will win the Arora Pokemon League! ? Check out the winning and losing quizzes that will be presented during the anime broadcast and get luxurious prizes!
■ How to apply: Apply by calling the player’s phone number announced during the TV anime broadcast ※ Prizes that can be applied are different every week. ※ For details, check the program HP! [TV anime broadcasting station information] Every Sunday Yugata 6: It is on the air in popular reception in the TV Tokyo series! ※ The broadcast date is different in some areas. (C) Nintendo · Creatures · GAME FREAK · TV Tokyo · ShoPro · JR Kikaku (C) Pokemon

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