FP Satellite Co., Ltd. Partnered with and family Co., Ltd. as a partner of the “Work-care balance” support platform


FP Satellite Co., Ltd. Partnered with and family Co., Ltd. as a partner of the "Work-care balance" support platform ……………………………………………………………………………


FP Satellite Co., Ltd.
Partnered with and family Co., Ltd. as a partner of the “Work-care balance” support platform
A financial planner (FP) company that does not sell insurance, FP Satellite Co., Ltd. (Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Moe Machida) is a business game-type company training program to experience the effects of nursing care on life and work. And Family Inc. (Nihonbashi Koamicho, Chuo-ku, Representative Director Masato Sasaki), a company that deals with “The Encounter (R)”, has formed a business alliance in the area of ​​”support for balancing work and nursing care”.
[Image 1

Background of the business alliance
Japan entered the “super-aged society” in 2007, and in 2025 the so-called “2025 problem”, in which the baby-boom generation will be older than 75 years old, is imminent.
There is a gap of about 10 years between the average life expectancy and healthy life expectancy. In Japan where everyone needs some kind of nursing care, if they face the “2025 problem” as they are, they will be the child generation of baby boomers People in their prime in their forties may face “care” and face situations where they want to work but cannot work.
In such a situation, “balancing work and nursing care” is
indispensable not only for working people but also for supporting colleagues and family around them, the company to which they belong, and the foundation of the nation itself.
Supporting “balancing work and nursing care” is recognized as being indispensable as a company that wants people to work with peace of mind, but it has been established that systems are established, that it is recognized, and that a workplace where consultation can be provided. It is still in the middle of the road.
[Image 2

Against this background, visualizing the anxiety of those who have “nursing care” in the future and providing a solution to solve that “anxiety” is the only way to achieve “balancing work and nursing care”. The two companies agreed on the ability to do so, leading to a business alliance.
What you can do with a partnership
[Image 3

Alliance image
The risk that employees will not be able to work because they will be able to start concrete preparations at an early stage by encouraging consultation about the most imaginable “money” when they become aware of “care”-anxiety- And companies can reduce the risk of sudden withdrawal or separation of employees.
[Okane’s health room, counseling counter for work and nursing care by FP Satellite Co., Ltd.]
◆ Money Health Room

“Okane’s Health Office” is a welfare service that connects the company and employees.
FP, a money professional, offers consultation on concerns about employees’ life plans, such as “balancing work and nursing care,” “changes in working styles due to the environment,” and “anxiety about the future.” We support the creation of a comfortable working environment.
◆ Consultation counter for work and nursing care

“Work and care balancing support consultation window” is a welfare service that specializes in consulting for nursing care money with a monthly fee of 0 yen.
If you lose an important employee one day due to nursing care leave. Have you calculated the business loss at that time?
Companies who want to secure excellent human resources and employees who want to work with peace of mind. I want both to know.
An unprecedented new welfare service from a financial expert, a financial planner.
[Kemono Encounter (R) Workshop by and family Inc.]
9It is said that 90% of companies are worried about “balancing work and nursing care” in the future.
There are mainly two reasons.
Employees are “not interested” in systems and training
There is an atmosphere in which people with nursing care do not consult or are difficult to consult in personnel and workplaces For this reason, companies that want to create a workplace where employees in prime of life can work with peace of mind are working on “ improving awareness ” of various support systems and “ creating an atmosphere ” that can use the system, but it is not going well . Therefore, in the industry’s first (according to our company) business game-type company training “Encounter of Kego (R)”
・ Simulate the impact of “care” that is difficult to imagine on life and work ・ Simulate the experience of talking about what happened at the workplace ・ A common language for “care” is created among the participants We will solve this issue through workshop-type training through a “sharing experience” that gives you a sense of experience.
Atama-not only understand, but also through the “sharing experience” -the bodily sensation allows each other to naturally perform team building including self-disclosure.
“Jibungoto” → Acquisition of knowledge
Can be implemented as a more effective training.
~ Featured in Nikkei Health Up ~
Https:// [FP Satellite Co., Ltd.]
Company name: FP Satellite Co., Ltd.
Location: 5th Floor, Ginza Fugetsudo Building, 6-6-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Representative: Moe Machida, Representative Director (The youngest independent CFP (R) certified person in Tokyo *)
Founder: November 2016
Established: April 2018
Affiliated FPs: 24
Business Description ①: Various business related to financial planner 相 談 Consultation of household budget and life planning
支援 Accounting and financial consulting and management innovation support organization
Money article writing, content production, supervision
Money lecturer / seminar planning etc.
* As of March 24, 2020, this is the youngest financial planner among Tokyo CFP (R) certified persons registered in the Japan FP Association CFP (R) certified person search system.
[About and family]
Company name: and family Inc.
Location: 8-2 Koamicho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Representative Director Masato Sasaki々
Established: March 15, 2019
Business: Integrate and integrate “work” and “life”
実 現 Realize “Work-Life Integration”
Providing business game-type company training on the theme of -workplace creation-
[Inquiries regarding this release]
FP Satellite Co., Ltd.


And and family Co., Ltd.
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