Bushiroad Co., Ltd. Fight starts from this deck. Vanguard trial deck “ Chronojet ” “ Altmile ” “ Ahsha ” to be released on March 27 (Fri.) !!


Bushiroad Co., Ltd. From this deck, the fight begins. Vanguard trial deck `` Chronojet '' `` Altmile '' `` Ahsha…


Bushiroad Co., Ltd.
From this deck, the fight begins. Vanguard trial deck “ Chronojet ” “ Altmile ” “ Ahsha ” to be released on March 27 (Fri.) !! ………………………………………………………………………
Bushiroad Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Yoshihashi Hashimoto) will launch the Card Fight !! Vanguard series latest products, trial decks “Chronojet”, “Altmile” and “Altmile” tomorrow, March 27 (Fri). Ahsha ”will be released. We hope that you will be able to use this content in magazines and web articles. Product information
[Image 1

【Product name】
Trial deck “Chronojet” / “Altmile” / “Ahsha”
[Recording clan]
Gear Chronicle / Royal Paladin / Neo Nectar
【Suggested retail price】
1,500 yen + tax
【Release date】
March 27, 2020 (Fri)
■ TV commercial being aired
From this deck, the fight begins.
Three trial decks that allow you to enjoy a full-fledged fight with this product!
The recording clans are “Gear Chronicle”, “Royal Paladin”, and “Neo Nectar”! Start Vanguard from this deck!
[Image 2

You can enjoy a technical fight where you control the space-time and ride while riding a grade 4!
Triple drive and transcendental movements are accurately reproduced in the standard version!
[Image 3

In addition to having the ability to turn adversity into an
opportunity (effective if all damage zones are behind), it features a simple & strong tactic to call units from the deck!
[Image 4

A new “Asha Flower Fairy Token” that copies the power and crit of Vanguard has appeared, and you can experience the overwhelming power!
■ A new card type “Order”!
New card type “Order” is included from this product!
Fights are easier to enjoy with the “quick shield” that can be obtained by the subsequent attacker riding the first vanguard! Master “order” as a leader of units!
[Image 5

[Image 6

“Trial Trial Deck Simultaneous Purchase Campaign” Held!
“Chronojet”, “Altmile”, and “Ahsha” campaigns are held to purchase 3 types of PR packs at the same time!
Each PR pack includes one RR-specified “Flash Shield Isolde”, “Steam Guard Kash Terrier”, and “Maiden of Blossom Rain”!
[Image 7

■ Click here for more information on the “3 trial deck simultaneous purchase campaign”!
* The “Trial Trial Deck Simultaneous Purchase Campaign” will end as soon as the “PR Pack” runs out.
Related products that make fighting even more fun and more fashionable! Recommended for fighters who get a trial deck! “I used my precious cards carefully for a long time and fashioned it …” In response to such a voice, a special Bushiroad card supply appeared.
Upgrade your deck cool!
In addition, on April 10 (Fri), the 14th extra booster “The Next Stage” will be released!
Please get it together!
■ Card sleeve mini
■ Suggested retail price: 740 yen + tax
[Product Information] Released on March 27 (Fri.)
(From left) vol.456 “Chronojet Dragon”, vol.457 “Blue Knight Altmile”, vol.458 “Ranunculus Flower Maiden Asha”
[Image 8

■ Deck Holder Collection V2
■ Suggested retail price: 600 yen + tax
▼ vol.1015 “Chrono Jet Dragon”
[Image 9

▼ vol.1016 “The Knight of Blue Sky Altmile”
[Image 10

▼ Vol.1017 “Ranunculus Flower Maiden Asha”
[Image 11

■ Fighters rubber play mat Suggested retail price: 2,200 yen + tax (From left) vol.24 “Chrono Jet Dragon”, vol.25 “Blue Sky Knight Altmile”, vol.26 “Ranunculus Flower Maiden Asha”
[Image 12

■ The 14th Extra Booster “The Next Stage”
Included clan: Gear Chronicle, Royal Paladin, Neo Nectar
[Product Information] Released on April 10 (Fri.)
[Image 13

★ Vanguard project related website
[“Card Fight !! Vanguard” Official Portal Site] [Anime Official]
[Vanguard ZERO formula]
[Vanguard ch]
[Anime “Bermuda Triangle-Colorful Pastorale” Official Website]
★ Official Twitter
[Card Fight !! Vanguard advertising] @cfvanguard_PR
[Vanguard ZERO formula] @vanguard_zero_
[Anime “Bermuda Triangle-Colorful Pastorale” Official] @colopale

For more information about this release(Japanese):

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