[Farm Note HD, Sony Engineering] Regarding asset transfer contract for “False (R)?”

Farmnote Holdings Co., Ltd. Regarding the asset transfer contract for the difficulty in standing up of the fattening cow “Ushire (R)?” -Farm notebook enters into solution for fattening producers- ………………………………………………………………………………………… Farmnote Co., Ltd. (head office: Hokkaido Obihiro City, representative director Kobayashi Shinya: Farmnote Inc.), which provides IoT (* 1) solutions for dairy and livestock, is Sony Engineering Corporation (Head office: Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President and Representative Director) Koichi Ogawa Signed an asset transfer contract for a sensor device “Hirase (R)?” That detects and notifies difficult standing conditions (* 3) of fattening cattle (* 2) developed and manufactured by Sony Engineering) I will inform you of what I did. [Image 1

[Image 2

Background to the conclusion of the asset transfer contract Sony Engineering, which develops video, audio, information processing, communication equipment, etc. at Sony Group, uses radio communication technology that it specializes in, and causes fatal accidents due to the difficulty in raising fatting cows that fattening producers manage and train in-house We have developed and manufactured a product “Ushire (R)?” To prevent The Farmnote is a pioneer in IoT introduction to dairy and livestock fields that have social issues in terms of productivity and work methods, support for fostering new farmers, visualizing the intuition of skilled workers, dramatically improving work efficiency, and cow health We have developed and provided an innovative system that collectively manages By transferring the main body of the “U Shise (R)?” Business from Sony Engineering to the Farmnote, we will further develop the “U Shise (R)?” And sell and provide services to a wide range of fattening producers. We have entered into an asset transfer agreement with the aim of The development assets and know-how accumulated by Sony Engineering will be carried over to the farm note, and all customers using “Ushire (R)?” Will continue to provide services and more than ever. We aim to provide value and improve service levels.
■ Issues surrounding the fattening industry At the end of the fattening period, the cow may not be able to get up from lying down, and if it is left in such a state that it is difficult to stand up, the lungs may be compressed and the cow may be asphyxialized. It is said that about 1 to 2% of deaths due to difficulty in standing up fattening cows occur annually, and the amount of damage per cow is about 1 million yen, which is recognized as a major issue for producers. In addition, many producers cope with roundabouts of barn to prevent accident in the present situation, and night barn patrol is a factor to lower labor productivity because burden is large physically and mentally .
■ “Sorry (R)?” Product Overview A sensor device attached to the cow’s jaw detects the cow’s lying position and sends information to the cloud system through the base station installed in the cowshed. In the event of difficulty in standing up, it is intended to notify your smartphone app of a warning. In the research, with the cooperation of JA All Farmers (National Association of Agricultural Cooperatives), we repeat the demonstration experiment on the farm repeatedly and verify the detection accuracy. It is a product that Sony Engineering has been providing since April 2018 as a sensor device specialized for detecting the standing up of cows. When the cow falls into a lying position for a certain period of time, the app installed on your smartphone will sound an alert and display an alert screen. When the difficulty in standing up is resolved, the cancellation status is also notified, and it is possible to take measures to reduce the possibility of missing an accident even at night or when away from the barn. [Image 3

■ The transfer destination of support to customers using “U Shise (R)?” Farmnote Customer Desk TEL: 0155-67-6911 (weekdays: 10: 00-18: 00) Email: cs@farmnote.jp
■ About the farm note Farmnote is an agricultural IoT solution company based on the principle of “creating the brain of global agriculture.” We aim to promote dairy and livestock productivity improvement and efficiency with cutting-edge technology, and contribute to Japan’s strong agriculture and sustainable global richness, and better people’s “lives”. The activities up to this point have been evaluated, and in 2019 the 17th “Japan Innovator Award, Nikkei Business Raise Award (sponsored by Nikkei BP)” and the 5th “Japan Venture Award, the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award (sponsored by: Economic Industry Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Open Innovation Venture Creation Council). Company name: Farmnote Inc. / Farmnote Inc. Established: November 2013 Head office location: Hokkaido Obihiro Koen Higashicho 1-chome 3-14 Representative: Representative director Atsushi Kobayashi Capital: 116.4 million yen Company HP: https://farmnote.jp/
■ About Sony Engineering Company Name: Sony Engineering Corporation / Sony Engineering Corporation Established: April 11, 1989 Head office location: 251-0042 Kanagawa Prefecture Fujisawa City Shindo Shincho 3-3-1 Representative: Representative director Koichi Ogawa Capital: 100 million yen (Sony Corporation 100% stake) Company HP: https://www.sonyengineering.co.jp/ (* 1) Internet of Things. The concept of enabling monitoring and control by connecting everything to the Internet (※ 2) Refers to cattle raised for meat. (* 3) We will report a lying condition for a certain period of time as a rising difficulty alert.

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