【Ragnarok Masters】 New content “Siege Battle” implementation decision! “Summer! Ragmus! Adventurer Support Festival” is also held!

GungHo Online Entertainment Ltd. 【Ragnarok Masters】 New content “Siege Battle” implementation decision! “Summer! Ragmus! Adventurer Support Festival” is also held! ………………………………………………………………………………………… RPG “Ragnarok Masters (common name, Ragmouth)” to play with everyone will implement a new content “Siege Battle” this summer. [Image 1

This summer “Siege Battle” implementation! [Page URL] ragnarokm.gungho.jp/member/event/gvg_upd/ The “Siege Battle” is a multiplayer match-type event where guilds collide with each other over the ownership of “Sakai”. A total battle where members of the guild cooperate with each other, such as those who embark on the battlefield into the battlefield, those who become shields of guild members, and those who support with various skills such as attack magic and recovery magic from behind. In order to win the “Siege Battle”, tactics, operations, and teamwork that outweigh other guilds that block the suppression of “Sakai” will be important. You can capture various items that are useful for adventure, such as materials of the top class armor tool ‘Jinku’ series, to the coffin that occupied the ‘Tsubaki’. In the “Siege Battle”, even beginners and solo players can join the guild and cooperate with other players, so that the breadth of the game can be expanded and it is possible to obtain luxurious loot, etc. You can enjoy the “Siege Battle” more. Also, various guilds are looking for members, from guilds just formed to high-level guilds. Find and join the guild that was in your own play at this opportunity. The “Siege Battle” with guild victory and glory, and gorgeous loot will be implemented this summer. Please look forward to it. The limited time event “Summer! Ragmus! Adventurer Support Festival” will be held for a limited time when Daily Quest rewards etc. will be doubled! [Image 2

“Adventurer Support Festival” [Page URL] ragnarokm.gungho.jp/member/event/adventurer_fes_201907.html [Image 3

“Leading constellations” At the “Summer! Ragmus! Adventurer Support Festival”, we hold a variety of great events. If you hold hands with the party members and challenge Prontera’s NPC “Berdandy” fortune-telling event “Guide to fortune telling / constellations”, you can get “Cuppet bags of Sapphire”. You can get “Souvenirs of couplers, sapphires” such as “Nore’s recipe for dripping” (men and women) and “Mastera seeds”. [Image 4

“A lucky bag and ruby ​​for a coupler” In addition to doubling the achievement fee for the “Request board” and “Training place”, “Warehousing service” and “Transfer service (warp)” provided by the coupler company all have advantageous events such as becoming “Zeny”. It’s a good idea. In addition, MINIBOSS monsters ran wild in “Labyrinth Forest” in the west of Prontera. Various MINIBOSS will appear, such as “Eclipse”, “Rotor Gyro” and “Master Ring”. Take this opportunity to defeat the MINI BOSS monster and achieve your adventure notebook’s achievements. For details on each event, please check the “Ragmouth” special site.
▼ “It’s summer! It’s Ragmus! Adventurer Support Festival” Thursday, July 11, 2019-5:00 to Thursday, July 25, 2019 4:59 [Image 5

There is no charge for the warehouse and transfer service of the coupler company [Image 6

A runaway of MINI BOSS monsters in the labyrinth forest! ? [Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/25063/table/680_1.jpg”>

[Image 7

App icon ==== ‘Ragnarok Masters’ Basic Information = === Title: “Ragnarok Masters” Genre: RPG to play with everyone Compatible models: -IOS 10.0 or later: Supported devices: iPhone 6s equivalent or later (RAM 2GB or more terminals) -Android 4.4 or later: RAM required: 1.5GB or more ※ Some models may not operate even if the above conditions are met. Official site: https://ragnarokm.gungho.jp/ Feature: The world is crazy! Everyone’s RPG! Let’s go on an adventure journey as a protagonist in this gently connected world! Copyright notation: (C) Gravity Co., Ltd. & Lee MyoungJin (studio DTDS). All rights reserved. (C) GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved. * Android (TM) and Google Play (TM) are trademarks or registered trademarks of Google LLC. ※ App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. ※ Company names, product names and service names mentioned in this material are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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