[CBC TV Co., Ltd.] 11:45 broadcast “BACKSTAGE” according to Sunday, July 14th, this theme is “Close to” branded goods “purchase & repair”

CBC Television Inc. 11:45 broadcast “BACKSTAGE” from July 14 (Sun), this theme is “Close to ‘branded goods’ buying and repairing” ………………………………………………………………………………………… [Image 1

11:30 broadcast by Sunday, July 14, 2019 “BACKSTAGE” There are people who support Japan on the other side of everyday life, what kind of work do you do when we do not know? Through important missions in work, we will highlight “technology”, “stickiness”, and “working motive force”. “BACKSTAGE” [Image 2

An estimated 7,600 billion yen worth of items that were lost in Japan for one year. We adhere to repair shop clerks who use a shop shop to evaluate and buy branded goods, furniture, and sundries that sleep at home without being used, and important branded goods that the customer used and to restore them beautifully and restore them beautifully . [Image 3

Clothes, shoes, bags, home appliances, dishes, accessories, etc. A recycling shop with 186 stores nationwide, with approximately 20,000 items lined up in the store. A store clerk who assesses things brought in such as popular towels, rare sneakers, and brand bags, with a focus on customers who want to “buy as little as possible and sell as cheap as possible”. The customer’s reaction is … if the purchase price is determined and presented carefully while referring carefully to the market price of the auction site and the purchase results of the store. [Image 4

On the other hand, it is a newcomer who studies under the charisma of the brand repair studio located in Futako Tamagawa, Tokyo, where requests are flooded from overseas. We calculate color from the kind and damage condition of the leather of the brand bag that has been discolored due to aging deterioration, and challenge the creation and repair of the color that does not differ from the real thing. [Image 5

[BACKSTAGE 7/14 (Sun) OA “Close to” branded goods “repair & purchase” Advertising video] [Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?t=youtube&url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vOdKJRqjU8] [Broadcast day] July 14, 2019 (Sunday) 【Time】 by 11:45 [Worker supporter] Naomi Matsushima [Theme] “Close to” branded products “repair & purchase” 【Program HP】 hicbc.com/tv/backstage/ CBC TV production / TBS system 28 stations nationwide

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