【Leverage Inc.】 Personal training gym first! “Booty builder platinum” was introduced to D-HEARTS Chiba store on July 1

Leverage Corporation Personal training gym first! “Booty builder platinum” was introduced to D-HEARTS Chiba store on July 1 The latest version of the machine that trains the buttocks. If you train your buttocks, this one is all OK! ………………………………………………………………………………………… From now on, we have a summer production and it is a season where any gym is crowded. With a personal training gym, you can make the most of the benefits of being able to use the machines you want to use on a charter basis. With the D-HEARTS Chiba store (concierge.diet/area/chiba/d-hearts/), you have the chance to occupy the latest machine! [Image 1

Although the weather is still rainy from the rainy season, the summer production is about to end when the clouds are gone. It is the fitness club, the machine gym, and the personal training gym that gets so busy then. Such a personal training gym, D-HEARTS Chiba store (https://concierge.diet/area/chiba/d-hearts/) introduced the latest ass training machine in front of summer. [Image 2

“Booty builder platinum” This machine, the latest version of the ass machine that has been introduced to the famous personal gym in Tokyo. If you train your buttock muscles, you can train yourself with this one! What this machine, Chiba has only introduced D-HEARTS Chiba store! Moreover, it is the machine called the first introduction in the personal training gym. D-HEARTS Chiba store’s strength is the lineup of machines that can not be beaten by the personal gym in Tokyo. I have all the machines I need to get a tight bottom. Adduction abduction to train the inner and outer thighs Squat machine that can operate various squats A lot of popular machines such as! [Image 3

In addition to these various machines, D-HEARTS Chiba store can be full of luxury space. It is a season when any gym is crowded from now on until summer. When it is crowded, fitness machines and training gyms can not easily use popular machines. It also leads to an increase in training time. [Image 4

In fact, training for over 90 minutes promotes the secretion of stress hormones, so it is essential to have a shorter, more focused training in order to build an efficient body. The greatest advantage of personal training is that you can monopolize all the machines by yourself during the time, and you will be able to make the best use of carefully teaching each trainer how to use each machine! Start your training and get all the benefits before it’s summer! [Image 5

◆ Leverage Inc. Location: 16-29 Minamihiradaicho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Green Minamihiradai Building 7F (General Receptionist). 8F Representative Director: Masayuki Soishi Leverage Inc. Website https://www.lev.co.jp/ MARVELOUS https://marvelous.fitness/ MARVELOUS Official Twitter Https://twitter.com/MARVELOUS_fit MARVELOUS Official Instagram Https://www.instagram.com/marvelous_fim/ Company operation media ・ Trainer agency https://www.trainer.agency/ Japan’s largest integrated service for personal trainers ・ Diet Concierge https://concierge.diet/ Japan’s largest personal gym search service Diet Concierge Official Twitter Https://twitter.com/concierge_diet Diet Concierge Official Instagram Https://www.instagram.com/concierge_diet/ Fitness Concierge https://www.concierge.fit/ National version, fitness comprehensive service ・ Stretch navigation http://www.stretchnavi.com/ The only stretch specialty store comprehensive service in Japan Own product ・ THE BOUTE https://theboute.com All-in-one beauty protein for women

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