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“Young Sheldon” depicting the origin of “Big Bang Theory” landed on July 26 for the first time in Japan! Jim Parsons also performs

U-NEXT Inc. “Young Sheldon” depicting the origin of “Big Bang Theory” landed on July 26 for the first time in Japan! Jim Parsons also performs ………………………………………………………………………………………… Video distribution service “U-NEXT” operated by US-NEXT GROUP’s U-NEXT Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Tenshin) is an enthusiastic fan from July 26 (Fri) Japan’s first exclusive distribution of “Young Sheldon” that draws the origin of the overseas comedy drama “Big Bang Theory” that gathers. Also, along with this, the trailer has also been released for the first time from today.
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Production of season 4 has already been decided in the US. Comedy drama in the smash hit Popular overseas drama “Big Bang Theory” which reached the final season while being embarrassed in May 2019. A heartful comedy depicting the childhood of Sheldon Cooper, who is unusual among the main four nerd boys. Enrolled at university at age 11, received a Ph.D. at age 16, Seddon Cooper, a doctorate of physics at the California Institute of Technology and a proud genius of IQ 187, is a fan of viewers despite the fact that he is extremely upset and weird It is also true that there are many. Why was this “loved weird guy” Sheldon Cooper born? It is full of stories that have greatly influenced Sheldon’s personality formation. Chuck Lory and the “Big Bang Theory” production team are working on it, so of course its quality is guaranteed. The audience rating of season 1 in the home country America is No. 1 * in the new drama broadcasted on CBS that year. From its popularity for the first time, it is a highly watched work that has already been decided to produce up to season 4.
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The adult version Sheldon and Jim Parsons also appear in voice! The play of Sheldon Cooper’s childhood is the hopeful nova Ian Armitage. It has a reputation for being sassy but not giving up, and has already received acclaim from “Big Bang Theory” fans. Also, after all, I’m glad that the adult version Sheldon and Jim Persons appeared in voice. It is a reputation to be able to enliven the story with a unique narrative and to see “Big Bang Theory” again. In addition, “the person” and “the item” that influenced Sheldon appeared one after another. If it is a fan, it is nailed to many small neta.
【Special page】
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■ “Big Bang Theory” Sitcom was launched on the US CBS network in 2007, and the last season (Season 12) was broadcasted in May 2019. We have many enthusiastic fans in Japan who have won the top 10 ever Emmy awards (52 nominations for 9 consecutive years of wonders) and the Golden Globe Award for Best Performance in the CBS Network. It is a popular longevity drama. Doctor physicist Leonard and his roommate Sheldon, their two best friends, Howard and Rage, are a good four person group who loves science fiction and comics. One day, a waitress pennies moved to the room opposite the Leonards, hoping to be an actress. Leonard fell in love with her at first sight …. Will spring come to four of the herbivorous nerd boys who are profound to women? A must-see film that makes you laugh at the cross-cultural exchange between the four people who are off the world and ordinary people. U-NEXT is available for unlimited viewing until season 9. * Nielsen investigation
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Young Sheldon Season 1
【Delivery start date】
Scheduled for midnight on July 26, 2019 * Scheduled to deliver 11 episodes in the first half on July 26 (Fri) and 11 episodes in the second half on August 9 (Fri) (total 22 episodes)
【Distribution form】
Unlimited viewing 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper is a super genius of IQ187. He lives in a noisy but peaceful manner with his brother George and his two sister sister Missy, who were raised in reverse. Sheldon decided to fly one day and fly over to a high school. Ten years after the inception of “Big Bang Theory”, the quirky genius Sheldon Cooper, the main character of the drama, appeared as a nine-year-old figure when he was in eastern Texas. Draw his days of innocent and clumsy hope before you grow up. (C) Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. About U-NEXT U-NEXT is Japan’s largest video distribution service where you can enjoy over 20,000 rental works, including the latest works just released and broadcast, in addition to over 130,000 unlimited-view works. You can see more than 150,000 full lineup from a total of 11 diverse genres such as movies, dramas, and animations with your favorite devices such as smartphones and TVs. U-NEXT: https://video.unext.jp

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