【Tokyo News Service Co., Ltd.】 Eri Oishi First Photo Book Released! “A feeling like traveling with a lover” presented a semi-nude “This is a photo with the smallest area of ​​the first cloth so far”

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Eishi Oishi First Photo Album Released! “A feeling like traveling with a lover” presented a semi-nude “This is a photo with the smallest area of ​​the first cloth so far” “Eishi Oishi First Photo Album (provisional)” September 27, 2019 (Friday) release decision & reservation start from today!

You can make reservations at our TOKYO NEWS magazine & mook (zasshi.tv/) as well as bookstores and net bookstores across the country.

“Eishi Oishi First Photo Album (provisional)” (Tokyo News News)

She regularly appears on the popular variety program “What’s wrong with HowMuch?” And she is determined to release the first photo book by Eri Oishi, who is also active as a fashion magazine model.
On the stage of my favorite Hong Kong that I often visit myself, I expressed the image of the girl who is sharing time with a favorite person.
In addition, while challenging to semi-nude while taking a first photo collection.
With a seemingly involuntary expression, she is proudly showing her plump beauty bust and hip that can not be imagined from her skin with fair skin, beautiful legs, and such tight legs.

“Eishi Oishi First Photo Album (provisional)” (Tokyo News News) [Eri Oishi comment]

It was a dream after entering the entertainment world to put out a photo book.

I felt like I was traveling with my lover, and I shot with two photographers.
I think you just took me as it is.
I was exposed to the idea that I wanted to show my heart and to show me everything now, so it would be great if I could see a lot of people.
By the way, it is a photo with the smallest cloth area so far (laughs).

【profile】 Eri Oishi December 22, 1993 Born in Tokyo.

A type.

She is currently appearing on a variety program, “How Much of a Fuckable Story ~ ~ Bad Legal Consultation ~” (TV Asahi).
In addition to acting as a talent center on variety programs, he is also widely active as a model in fashion magazines and collections.
A photo book release commemorative event will be held! Details will be announced on TOKYO NEWS magazine & mook (zasshi.tv/) as soon as it is decided.
Amazon limited cover version, release decision! If you purchase ”

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[Product information] Eri Oishi First Photo Album (provisional) -Release date: September 27, 2019 (Fri)

* Some areas have different release dates
● Price: Body 2,778 yen + tax Shooting
●: Koichi Sato
● Publisher: Tokyo News Agency You can book at bookstores nationwide, online bookstores, and our TOKYO NEWS magazine & mook (zasshi.tv/).

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