Three printing immediately! The book “Ukeru” is the strongest business skill. “

Ltd. I Three printing immediately! The book “Ukeru” is the strongest business skill. ” An author with a unique career of [Image 1

The book “Ukeru” is the strongest business skill.中, Nakakita found a job at a HR consulting company after six years of entertaining life, but felt that “organizational issues often arise from lack of communication” as opposed to over 500 personnel and management personnel Can’t we solve it by using the laughter mechanism? It is a book that makes it possible for anyone to learn the contents of “comedy”, a company training that was born out of thinking about it. This applies to working people (whether in age or position) or corporate training personnel who are having trouble communicating with the organization. This book won first place in the Amazon Business Utility Book (June 3, 2019) before it was released, and was ranked 10th in the Amazon Ranking (Category: Business Utility Books) (June 27, 2019). Day). After the release, many bookstores across the country have purchased it.
■ Microsoft’s top presenter Sawa Yen, “Speak in a minute” author Yoichi Ito, etc., voices of feedback from various places one after another!
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“The mechanism of laughter, laughter and psychological safety, the correct way to do it, the communication, etc. I read in a while while laughing, etc. The figure and illustrations are also interesting! I recommend it! Takashi Maeno (Chair, Professor, Graduate School of System Design and Management, Keio University. His book “The Mechanism of Happiness-Introduction to Happiness Studies”, etc.) “It’s a new communication trick that changes life with ‘laughs’. It has tips to enrich your business and everyday life!” Mr. Koji Fujita (Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Peatix Japan Co., Ltd.) “The next movement is” comedy “! Strong organizations have” comedy “alive!” Mr. Chikako Morimoto (Morich, Inc. Representative Director and All Rounder Agent (Social Investment Partners, after-school NPO after-school director. In the book, “The Perfect Guide for Serious Career Change”) “Apollo in the business book! No doubt the eye drops from the eyes.” (40-year-old male manager) “I was drawn into the story. I would like to read back the commentary many times. I understood why laughter is effective in business and what to do specifically.” (20’s female manager)
■ Book Overview Book name: “Uke-ru” is the strongest business skill. Author: Nakakita Yoshihiro Published: June 21, 2019 Fixed price: 1500 yen + tax Publisher: Nihon Keizai Shimbun Publisher Amazon: Sold at other online bookstores and bookstores nationwide.
■ Author profile
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I Co., Ltd. Representative director Yoshihiro Nakakita Born in 1984. Entered NSC Tokyo and Yoshimoto General Performing Arts Academy and transferred to Asai Planning. I experienced about 100 stages a year. After six years of entertainer life, she moved to Shake Co., Ltd. Engaged in HR consulting and training instructors for 5 years and met more than 500 personnel and managers. In the sales results of new products, MVP for two consecutive years, SME consulting results No. 1 won. After that, he received a stake in the Concord Executive Group after being responsible for personnel affairs at Huber Co., Ltd., and established me in 2018. Twitter: @ CEO 10941147 Nikkei Electronic Edition NIKKEI STYLE series “Learning entertainer” loved dialogue technique “”:
■ I Corporation Company name: I Location: 9-3 Nibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0084 THE BASE Kashiwacho Date of establishment: February 9, 2018 Representative Director: Yoshihiro Nakakita Description of the business: A career change service from comedians Company training “comedy” that utilizes the mechanism of comedy Company URL: Facebook:
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