【SB C & S Co., Ltd.】 Renewal of product information introduction site “IT-EXchange”

SB C & S Corporation Renewed product information introduction site “IT-EXchange” ………………………………………………………………………………………… SB C & S Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Yasuo Mizoguchi) is a site that introduces product information handled by SB C & S to sales partners. “IT-EXchange (IT Exchange)” “(www.it-ex.com/) was renewed on July 12, 2019. [Image 1

“IT-EXchange” top screen SB C & S, which is responsible for the distribution business, which is the SOFTBANK Group’s founding business, will use the “IT-EXchange” to update the latest information of approximately 4,000 suppliers (manufacturers) in Japan and overseas into sales partners of approximately 10,000 at 40,000. It offers. In recent years, new genres such as “AI (Artificial Intelligence)”, “Robotics” and “IoT” have been quickly adopted, and more than 400,000 product information has been posted. With this renewal, SB C & S will continue to be the best distributor for manufacturers, sales partners and users, so it will be enhanced with content such as the latest IT trend information and advanced solutions, and will be easier to understand and use than before・ I aim at the layout. We will continue to add and update content in real time, and evolve into a more convenient site in the rapidly changing IT industry.
■ New logo [Image 2

■ Renewal content 1. Product information Redesigned product information page with a wide range of handling services and solutions. It is easy to search because it is divided into categories. For some products, you can download case studies and product data. 2. Special feature page We will introduce information on ever-changing IT trends, explanations of advanced technologies, and proposal information in line with specific industries. 3. Seminar information You can search seminars and events held by SB C & S. 4. Featured Products Introduces products and details that are recommended by SB C & S. The information is updated as needed, so you can check the latest information. “IT-EXchange” URL https://www.it-ex.com/
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