[Tokushima Prefecture Aoa ナ ル Naruto Resort]
日 July 24 Tokumashima 藍 Day 特別 ~ Special time to be healed by ~ Awa 藍 room and “I eat a moth” AwaAi French Kaiseki

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[Tokushima Prefecture Aoa ナ ル Naruto Resort]
日 July 24 Tokumashima 藍 Day 特別 ~ Special time to be healed by ~ Awa 藍 room and “I eat a moth” AwaAi French Kaiseki ………………………………………………………………………………………… Ao A. Naruto Resort (Senior Manager in Naruto, Tokushima Prefecture: Yuji Takahashi aoawo-naruto.com) sells a special plan that touches the charm of the acupuncture at the “Awa Yui Room x Awa Ai Dinner” until the end of March 2020 It is inside.
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【Chamber 602: Misako Kondo, Mieko Fujimori】
Theme “Awa Odori Nami” The persimmon leaf and fruit that are the raw materials of persimmon dyeing are also described in ancient documents as medicinal herbs from the Heian period, and it is said that “the persimmon craftsman is ill-known”. In addition, recent research at Shikoku University has revealed that it contains antimicrobial substances such as polyphenols and triptansulin, and food dishes are attracting attention. Please savor the world of unknown eating pots with French Kaiseki of Naruto salmon, Awaji beef, Naruto Kintomi, chef Ami vegetables and other seafood delicacies served with delicious seafood. It has been adopted for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics official emblem and is re-evaluated from within and outside Japan. How about visiting the deep roots in Tokushima Prefecture, which boasts the largest production of firewood in Japan.
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■ French Kaiseki “AwaAi Dinner” (example menu from June to August) Restaurant “Four Season”
Scallop Pouche with salmon-like soup de poisson jule
Rose Galician-style vinaigrette sauce Branmanje foie gras of baked sweet corn
Awao chicken conso méjé
Tokushima Prefecture Flat and Omar Shrimp with Roasted Summer Vegetables and Saffron Sauce Flavor
Persimmon Granite
Low-temperature cooked Awa beef loin with lamb back pork and foie gras with barotine quail flavored quiche
[Avant Desser]
Tomato panna cotta and white wine jelly orange sauce
[Grand Dessert]
Coconut Mousse Exotic Spheration Strawberry Ice Cream
[Cafe ou The]
coffee or tea
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* The picture is an image * The contents of the dish may be changed depending on the stock situation of the salmon
■ Awa Tei Room (62 square meters) 4 rooms From the middle of the Edo period to the Meiji period, it is said that Tokushima’s cape is said to have covered the heavens with amber and safflowers of Yamagata. The Awa Tei room is finished in a room full of design beauty, with the theme of “Awa Odori” and “Vordo”, the four “Takumi no Takumi” representing Tokushima that conveys their traditional techniques to the present Yes. “Awa” means the natural cocoon dye “Sukumo” made by fermenting the dried leaves of cocoons grown in Tokushima, which is a plant of the family Tadeaceae. It keeps making while. We dye using technique which is transmitted from Edo period called “natural dyeing by natural wort fermentation construction” using this valuable “sukumo” and give to part of building materials and cocoons (furan) between floors, and setting of textile dyeing accessories . It is a truly “Awa Tei Gallery” where you can see, take in your hand, and experience the goodness of a real whale carefully with the five senses. Relax in the deep colors and worldview that are unique to Awa, and spend a good time.
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【Room 502 / Yano Hidehide】
Theme “Noruto Whirlpools, Waves, Aominami”
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【Room 509 / Koji Kouki】
Theme “No”
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【Room 609 / Hokkaido Political Rule】
The theme “Month (sphere)”
[Cooperation / supervision]
Tokushima Prefecture Tourism Policy Division, Awajima attraction creation dispatch project, creative Tokushima cooperative
Awaji tea and Awa candy, Honshu dyed bamboo cups, book “Awaji” (by Kawahito Miyoko), Otani Yakiyu, a color yukata to be selected by women, seasonal single cut, Wi-Fi complete, 60 type 4K LCD TV, humidified air purifier, mineral water, domestic and foreign phone calls free smartphone handy.
Awa’s beauty esthetic, soothing in the spa on the top floor, and amber dyed soap and amber dye stalls are sold at original shops.
■ “Awa room × French Kaiseki Awa Ai dinner” accommodation plan
Until March 31, 2020 (exception date)
One night evening, breakfast included / 25,500 yen per person (one room for two people) * The day before the holiday: 5,500 yen-UP. Including tax · bath tax 150 yen separately. * Check in 15 o’clock / out 11 o’clock
Awada Room (4 rooms / 2 people capacity) Hospitality of the “Awa-dori Gallery where you can produce four Awa-dori craftsmen”
◆ Awa Te and Awa sweets
◆ Honshu dyed bamboo cups
◆ Book “Awa Tei” (by Kawahito Miyoko)
◆ Otani Yaki Yu tea
◆ Women’s choice of colors Yukata
◆ Seasonal single cut
◆ Wi-Fi complete
◆ 60 type 4 K liquid crystal television
◆ Humidified air purifier
◆ Mineral water
◆ Free domestic and foreign calls free smartphone handy
French Kaiseki “AwaAi Dinner” (restaurant “Four Season” 18:00-21:30)
Japanese and Western buffet (restaurant “Awa local cuisine Aya”)
Mon, Wed, Fri breakfast is invited to “Awa premium breakfast” The main egg dish is a premium selection that offers a blend of 12 different nutrients and “high-eared eggs” produced by chickens grown in a stress-free environment. * Choice of 4 kinds including Egg Benedict such as rich egg flavor “Tatami dyeing experience” in the country of Awa * Once per person * From 6/15 to 8/31 will be changed to the local sweet “Naruto Kintoki tart” For women Aroma & Thalassotherapy salon “Awa’s beauty beauty salon healing with acupuncture” various 20% OFF
7 days before and after the wedding anniversary ・ birthday celebration (3 days advance reservation) for staying in the long stay moon for 7 days, “Club Savvy” benefits such as free lunch during stay “Hotel Overview”
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■ AoA ナ ル Naruto Resort (Tokushima Prefecture, Naruto City) 20 minutes from Tokushima Airport, 90 minutes from Kobe by car, Ocean View Hotel in Seto Inland Sea National Park. It overlooks the morning sun and moon trail from the rooms and the natural hot spring. Enjoy the deliciousness of Awa Tokushima from a variety of restaurants, such as Akasanbi, Akasanyaki, French kaiseki, and Japanese-style seating. Programs such as Naruto Strait Cruising and Fishing Hori, Boiled Rice Class, Otani Squirrel Painting, Indigo Dyeing Experience, Awa Odori Live (Daily 20: 45-Free), and a local beauty salon are also provided. There are also many tourist attractions in the area, such as the whirlpool, the Otsuka Museum of Art, and the Ichibanbo.
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■ French cuisine “Four Season” Main Tower 8F / 70 seats We will welcome you to the entrance colored with light wall with calm stone floor and antique style glass. Elegant food spaces such as stone walls and chandeliers based on the concept of old French castles, interiors reminiscent of Mediterranean fruits and sparkling sunshine, and the wine rouge and olive green rugs.

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