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Running shoes “INTERVAL” which appeared in 1996 is the first reprint Original model including stars and stripes color which swept the whole world around the world for sale year, July 19th, 2019 in the whole world limited in 19 J

Reebok Adidas Group Running shoes “INTERVAL” that appeared in 1996 are the first reprint Original model including stars and stripes color that swept the whole world Launched July 19, 2019 (Friday) in 1996 limited edition for the year ………………………………………………………………………………………… The global fitness brand Reebok (location: 1-9-10, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo) is a running line in the Reebok casual line “Reebok CLASSIC (Reebok Classic)” that revolves around successive masterpieces as a running shoe in 1996 Popular model “INTERVAL (interval)” which appeared and swept the world with “vector logo” of the color of the stars and stripes, in connection with 1996 of the year of sale, in the world 1996 limited on July 19, 2019 (Friday) The first reprint and release.
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■ About “INTERVAL”
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“INTERVAL” appeared as a part of Reebok’s approach to international sports in the summer of 1996, and it is a model that made a major break among top athletes and general consumers from its functionality and competition results. In the next year of the release, a variety of variations such as upper models of smooth leather and rich color combinations were added one after another and became representative models in Reebok’s running category. In addition, the performance scene, as well as being frequently featured in street fashion magazines, gained popularity as a fashion item. The popularity of INTERVAL, not only as a running shoe, but also as a fashion item, has led to a wide range of popularity of the running shoes “DMX RUN 10 (Dem X Run 10)” released at the time of the same year. .
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The design is characterized by an eye-catching and vivid color scheme of the stars and stripes, and the “vector logo” used by Reebok in the 90’s is boldly applied. While embodying the aggressive spirit of the 90’s, it is designed to have no sense of age even today. In terms of functions, it combines an outsole with excellent grip and flexibility, and in addition, in this reprint, by incorporating the latest “Hexalite Technology” as a unique lightweight cushioning material, the 90s We realize lighter than model at the time. Through the model and Reebok attitude that does not stop this evolution, we will affect many sneaker fans. Product Summary
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Name: INTERVAL OG (Interval OG)
● Item number / color: (from the left)
White / College Royal / Scarlet
White / College Navy / Dark Green
White / College Royal / LGH Solid Gray Size
●: 23.0 cm ~ 30.0 cm (Unisex)
● Own store sales price: ¥ 9, 169 (tax included) -Release date: July 19 2019 (Fri)
● Release store: ・ Reebok Online Shop (reebok.jp/classic/interval/) ・ Reebok Classic Store (Harajuku, HEP FIVE, Diversity Tokyo, Abeno’s HOOP, Tachikawa Tachibi, Yokohama Vivre, Nagoya Minato aculus) · ZOZOTOWN (zozo.jp/shop/reebok/) · ​​atmos Blue Omotesando / atmos Shibuya / atmos Shibuya / atmos Shinjuku / KICKS LAB.
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