[Tohoku Shinsha Co., Ltd.] Parents and children can enjoy together! Recommended for the summer of 2019 The latest “Sheep of Sheep” outing spots & goods

Tohoku Shinsha Co., Ltd. Parents and children can enjoy together! Recommended for the summer of 2019 The latest “Sheep of Sheep” outing spots & goods ………………………………………………………………………………………… Clay animation “The Sheep’s Sean” made by Ardman Animations of the United Kingdom will be the first Japanese open room “Shitsune’s Shaun” outdoor permanent facility “The Sheep’s Sean Farm Garden” to open in March, Friday, December 13 With the release of “The Movie’s Shaun UFO Fever!” Released this year, keep an eye on the sheep Shaun this year! Therefore, we will introduce outing spots and goods information of the latest “Shame of Sheep” that parents and children can enjoy in summer vacation.
■ With shaun of the sheep Clay animation made by Ardman Animations of England. Sean is the character of the sheep that first appeared in the blockbuster comedy “Wallace and Gromit, Crisis Closer!” (1995 / UK) by the inventor Wallace and the loyal dog Gromit. As a spin-off work with the popular Shaun as the main character, “The Sheep of the Sheep” (2007 / UK) was born. It is a slapstick comedy with a humorous story that Shaun and his companion animals bring about on a ranch. One of the charms is that there are many unique characters, and it is a popular work that is now beloved in 170 countries and regions around the world.
■ “Shaun of sheep” to enjoy in parent and child outing spot “The Sheep’s Shaun Farm Garden” / ENGLISH GARDEN Rosenberry Tawada (Shiga) The popular character Naughty Pig has joined the group this summer in Japan’s first “Shaps of Shaun” outdoor permanent facility “Shaps of Shaun Farm Garden” opened in March 2019. This force of human size! Please enjoy the world of “Shaun of sheep” that can only meet here. [Image 1

(C) Aardman Animations Ltd 2019 There is also a hands-on BBQ facility where you can pick seasonal vegetables grown lovingly from the field yourself, cook them freshly prepared, and enjoy them in the wild. Both children and adults can enjoy watching, experiencing, learning and eating. Please check early for popular BBQ because there are full days. [Image 2

Image of vegetable harvest of BBQ [Image 3

“Domestic premium plan” menu photo
In addition, “sheep of sheep” which we installed in five places in the garden and stamp rally which can collect keywords and can get out of original! ※ Period: July 20 (Sat)-August 25 (Sun), fee: 300 yen (admission fee is not included) [Image 4

(C) Aardman Animations Ltd 2019 “Shitsune’s Shaun Family Farm” / Shonan branch, Sendai Nagamachi branch, Expo City branch, Onahama branch A summer-limited shawn summer stage is held at the shawn family farm of the sheep! You can enjoy dancing and playing games with Shaun. ※ The date and time will differ from store to store. In addition, the limited event of the third Saturday every month! Children in the birth month will receive a 30-minute free initial park fee. Please come to our store to commemorate your birthday. [Image 5

(C) Aardman Animations Ltd 2019 “The Sheep Shaun Cafe with Sunday Brunch” / Kichijoji Parco (Tokyo) The “Shaps of Shaun Cafe with Sunday Branch” is a permanent cafe in Kichijoji Parco, which was opened to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the “Shaps of Shaping” series. We hold workshop every month that parent and child can make delicious sweets and special menu together! There are plenty of picture books and toys! Parents should enjoy their meals in the kids’ space (90 minutes system) In addition, baby food is prepared free of charge until 1 meal. [Image 6

(C) Aardman Animations Ltd 2019 Shaun’s Summer Plate [Image 7

(C) Aardman Animations Ltd 2019 Spicy tomato pasta with bacon and summer vegetables & moist sunshine cream muffin with sean Price: 1,480 yen + tax Hot day is also crazy for Shaun [Image 8

(C) Aardman Animations Ltd 2019 Sweet and sour pitaya & orange squash topped with white chocolate flakes, soft cream and sunflower cream crazy Price: 1,200 yen + tax “Shadow of sheep sheep farm cafe” / prime tree Akaike store (Aichi) It is a cafe where you can enjoy cute sweets, drinks, etc. on the theme of “The Sheep Shaun” in Shaun’s world view. Sean’s Ranch Tour in Okinawa Taco Rice and Sata Andagie Plate (Limited to 200 meals) ※ With mini tote bag of farm cafe limitation [Image 9

(C) Aardman Animations Ltd 2019 I went to a farm in Okinawa, and I learned how to make the famous Taco rice and Sata Andagi. We hope you enjoy Okinawa gourmet plate made by Shaun! Price: 1,680 yen + tax Timmy’s Schwashwa Ocean Cider [Image 10

Timmy floating in the sea of ​​Cider looks so much fun! A fruity summery drink. Price: 750 yen + tax In addition, children’s space is fully equipped in shaun farm cafe of sheep! Kids’ spaces are popular with children, as they can dine slowly. We also have a kids’ menu for children. Timmy’s Kids Curry and Chicken Nuggets with Juice [Image 11

(C) Aardman Animations Ltd 2019 It is a cute plate that Timmy collected a menu that children love. Price: 780 yen + tax There is a lot of kids space with shauns of sheep [Image 12

(C) Aardman Animations Ltd 2019
■ Not just cute! Recommended practical goods according to scenes such as summer outings and outdoors! We introduce “Shaun of sheep” goods that go out with parent and child more fun that combines cuteness and practicality that is perfect for summer vacation outings and outdoor scenes. ★ It is a children’s suitcase that you can play and play 1 role 2 role. Inside the shawn you can go out with luggage and a cute shawn. And with the castors, you can play on Shaun’s back. [Image 13

(C) Aardman Animations Ltd 2019 Product Name: Shaun Suitcase Release date: On sale Price: 6,463 yen + tax Sales channel: Uny shawn shop ★ There are 11 pockets in all! Light and easy to use mom bag! [Image 14

(C) Aardman Animations Ltd 2019 Product Name: Shaun Mom Bag ・ NV / BK Release date: August 2019 Price: 3,999 yen + tax Market: Toys Raz Original ★ The length of the string can be adjusted and adults can also use it! [Image 15

(C) Aardman Animations Ltd 2019 Product Name: Shiun Shaun Stuffed Rucksack Release date: On sale Price: 2,500 yen + tax Market: Shaun Family Farm, Village Vanguard, Online Store ★ It is a rucksack for children whose face is cute! [Image 16

(C) Aardman Animations Ltd 2019 Product Name: Kids Rucksack Shaun Round Release date: Scheduled for late July 2019 Price: 2800 yen + tax Market: Don Quijote, Village Vanguard, Kiddy Land, Small Planet Retail ★ It is a backpack for children. Timmy always with his favorite bear! [Image 17

(C) Aardman Animations Ltd 2019 Product Name: TT Timmy Backpack Release date: On sale Price: 3,800 yen + tax Sales channel: Family farm, Rosenberry Tawada, NHK character shop, Antorex shop ★ A plastic beach bag that is resistant to water. [Image 18

(C) Aardman Animations Ltd 2019 Product Name: Lesson Bag Pink, Lesson Bag Blue Release date: On sale Price: 980 yen + tax Market: Shaun Family Farm, Village Vanguard, Online Store ★ It is cute to carry ♪ Travel item toothpaste set that is useful for travel etc! [Image 19

(C) Aardman Animations Ltd 2019 Product Name: Sheep Shaun Toothpaste Set (Face) Release date: On sale Price: 680 yen + tax Sales channel: Village vanguard, fancy goods specialty store, etc. ★ It can be used as a night light for living rooms, bedrooms and children’s rooms! It is 2WAY specification that the lid part can be attached to both the upper and lower sides. You can also illuminate the entire area directly below the light when hanging down. [Image 20

(C) Aardman Animations Ltd 2019 Product Name: Sheep Shaun Carentan (Face) Release date: On sale Price: 1,280 yen + tax Sales channel: Village vanguard, family farm, other fancy goods specialty stores, etc. ※ When using this release image, please be sure to mark the following copyright. (C) Aardman Animations Ltd 2019

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