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Chatwork releases “Reaction” function according to “World Emoji Day” and adds new Emoji

Chatwork Co., Ltd. Chatwork releases “Reaction” function according to “World Emoji Day” and adds new Emoji “A questionnaire on pictogram use in business communication” was conducted, 66.2% and 61.7% of pictogram usage rates at work answered that “I want my boss to use pictograms” ………………………………………………………………………………………… Chatwork Co., Ltd. (Head office: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture; CEO and CTO: Masayoshi Yamamoto), which provides the business chat “Chatwork” (go.chatwork.com/en/) In addition, we will release “Reaction” function in Chatwork from tomorrow and add new pictograms. At the same time, we conducted a survey on the Questionnaire Concerning Use of Emoticons in Business Communication.
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“World Emoji Day” is the anniversary of Emoji created in 2014 by Emojipedia in order to spread the Emoji culture to the world. This time, according to “World Pictogram Day”, we investigated the actual use of pictograms in business communication from May 27 to June 10, 2019, targeting 3,000 Chatwork users. From the questionnaire results, 66.2% of Chatwork users already use pictograms in their work exchanges as the actual use of pictograms in business communication, and 61.7% of people who use pictograms use pictograms for their superiors I would like you to Also, few people who did not use pictograms were reluctant to use pictograms in their work exchanges.

(Excerpts from the questionnaire results on pictogram use of business communication) Based on the results of these surveys, the “Reaction” function and the new emoji have been developed to have more people use them at work. “Reaction” function is a function that can respond to a post message. By carefully selecting and providing six types of emoticons that are often used in the business scene, people who have not used emoticons at work can feel free to use them beyond the relationship of their superiors and subordinates There is an aim. In the past, Chatwork only had a way to individually reply to messages addressed to all group chat members, and there was a problem that important messages would flow quickly from the timeline. If you use the “Reaction” function, you can feel free to use a single pictograph for messages addressed to everyone. In addition, even if the topic changes in the group chat, you can send “reaction” to the post you want to reply to later. Reactions that show positive reactions such as “OK”, “Thank you”, “Like”, etc., stimulate the activation of business communication.
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(Image of "Reaction" function) In addition, Chatwork has also added seven new emoticons, allowing users to select emoticons that better match their emotions. At Chatwork, we have prepared moving pictograms that can be used in the business scene so that we can convey emotion expressions that can not be compensated by text alone. In addition, important sharing and celebration messages, etc. enable more effective information transmission by embellishing the message with pictographs and visually highlighting it.
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(Emoji added this time) We will promote further facilitation of business communication through devices and functional improvements that allow us to interact easily with emotions.
■ All the answers of “questionnaire about pictograph use in business communication” findings http://link.chat-work.com/pdf_en_research_emoji
■ Chatwork download site * https://go.chatwork.com/en/download/ * The “Reaction” function and the addition of new pictograms will be reflected to all users using Chatwork sequentially from July 17th, but when updating manually, download the latest version from the Chatwork download site. can.
■ About Chatwork Co., Ltd. Chatwork Co., Ltd., whose corporate mission is to make work more enjoyable and creative, is developing its main business as Japan’s largest business chat, Chatwork. “Chatwork” has been introduced to more than 225,000 companies including private companies, educational institutions, and government agencies (as of the end of June 2019), contributing to the improvement of productivity and communication activation of each organization. President and CEO and CTO: Masaki Yamamoto (Masaki Yamamoto) Company establishment: November 11, 2004 Business description: Provision of business chat “Chatwork” Official site: https://corp.chatwork.com/

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