Attention to strong sunshine! [Doctor] what ultraviolet light measures do you think?

Tomoko, Inc. Attention to strong sunshine! [Doctor] what ultraviolet light measures do you think? Reveals the views of health experts, such as the effects of ultraviolet light on eyes that they do not know! ………………………………………………………………………………………… The end of the rainy season is approaching, and the arrival of the full-scale summer event season is approaching. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency’s announcement, the amount of ultraviolet light will be the largest in the year from July to August. Therefore, there may be many people who are concerned about UV protection at this time. Among doctors, 237 doctors who specialize in internal medicine, surgery, dermatology and ophthalmology With your help, we conducted an awareness survey on “UV rays that doctors consider”. Implementation period: June 4-20 June 2019 Reprinted from: Doctor’s blog Is UV protection just fine in summer? Q. When is it better to take UV protection? (N = 658, multiple answers) [Image 1

Not only the summer season, but also the answer that should be done all year round is coming up, It is important to care throughout the year.
Actually it is important! About ultraviolet rays measures of the eyes Q. Where should we take UV protection? (N = 527, multiple answers) [Image 2

Although places such as the face and the body can be covered with sunscreen or clothing, the UV protection of the eyes There are limited options. However, recently, UV cut effect supplements and contact lenses Since the goods which can be started easily etc. are increasing, utilizing such goods How about going ultraviolet rays measures of eyes well? Answer of “Others”: Back of the ear, back of the hand, etc.
About serious influence that ultraviolet rays bring to eyes Q. What do you think is serious about the eye effects that ultraviolet light brings? (N = 252, multiple answers) [Image 3

“Cataract” exceeded 60% of the whole and collected the most number of answers. Responses to “Others”: Dry eye, ultraviolet rays coming from eyes also cause skin stains to deteriorate
Be careful when playing outside! About ultraviolet rays measures of child (12 years old or younger) Q. Should I apply sunscreen cream or spray to children (12 years old and younger)? (N = 237) [Image 4

If a large amount of ultraviolet light is taken from children, it will have serious effects after several years to several decades. It may come out. Therefore, the majority of the responses are “necessary” It was a result. However, on the other hand, considering the relative effect with the drug damage, “it should be used by the year, not the year.” Many answers were also seen. In addition, about the answer that “it is not necessary in particular”, “we take ultraviolet measures with other goods such as clothes” There were a lot of responses, and very few answered that they do not have to take UV protection.
Summary In this survey, the adverse effects of ultraviolet light on the human body were noticeable. However, the effects of ultraviolet light on the human body are not all bad things. The good point of UV radiation is that if you take it in a moderate dose, you will have “the vitamin D production effect in the body”, It is said that there is a “relaxation effect”. The important thing is to control well so as not to be overexposed Is it not? further… In doctors’ blogs, blog-limited survey results not published this time are also being published! If you are interested please take a look.
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