About 30,000 visitors in 3 days open! Hot topic “Every day to the shop Tokyo Main Store” 7/13 Grand opening! Produced by Dairyo Curry “Local Curry Catcher” and “Curry Hunter Direct Delivery Curry Catcher” in a long line

Curry Research Institute, Inc. About 30,000 visitors in 3 days open! Hot topic “Every day to the shop Tokyo Main Store” 7/13 Grand opening! Produced by Dairyo Curry “Local Curry Catcher” and “Curry Hunter Direct Delivery Curry Catcher” in a long line ………………………………………………………………………………………… Curry Research Institute, Inc. (representative: Takehisa Inoue / Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), the only consulting company specialized in curry specializing in Japan, is operating Curry Daisuke Co., Ltd., while Toyo Co. (representative: Nakamura Hideo / Saitama Prefecture) Produced the curry corner “Today’s curry catcher”, which is the largest in the industry, at the world’s largest crane game center “Everyday Tokiya yahonhonhonten” managed by Kitamoto City, and opened it on July 13 (Saturday) . We will report the situation. In commemoration of the establishment of the industry’s largest scale “local curry catcher”, Niche Law ‘and Mana of curry Otsu Entertainment Department appeared in the opening ceremony! ! <World's No. 1 crane game specialty store exceeding Guinness “Everyday Tonichiya Tokyo Main Store” Opening Ceremony Report[Image 1

Crane game-specialized amusement arcade “Everyday to Nikiya Tokyo head office”, which is the world’s highest peak exceeding the Guinness record, will be grandly opened on July 13 (Saturday). In commemoration of the corner plan produced “local curry catcher” and “curry hunter direct delivery curry catcher”, the curiosity entertainment department Nani Lo ‘of a mannequin entertainer and Mana of a gravure idol appeared in the opening ceremony from the entertainment department. Is it a rainy season too? The blue sky spreads everywhere. The weather seems to bless the store opening. The special space in front of the store is a large procession of customers. What a wonderful wait for up to 3 hours! By the time the opening ceremony began, a long line of customers who had been waiting to open outside the store space had grown. [Image 2

Opening ceremony at 10 o’clock starts. It was introduced to the presenter and guest Niche Lo ‘and Mana appeared. We will enliven the hall with commentary of curry corner “local curry catcher” and hot talk for curry. [Image 3

◆ Curry hunter appointment ceremony
◆ Nichiro ‘and Mana are appointed as curry hunters who select and send the curry of attention all over Japan to the whole country. We received a certificate of appointment from the representative of Nakamura, Inc., who operates the store. I’m looking forward to discovering what kind of curry products to discover in the future. [Image 4

The first curry hunter selection product “Nice row ‘and Mana who hotly talk about the ingredients of curry that eats a black pig deliciously.” This curry is a specially made caleru that can bring out the characteristics of the taste of Kagoshima’s famous “Black Pig”. [Image 5

A photo session with Goemon-kun, the main character of the store main character of Everyday. Niche Lo ‘has a firm pose. [Image 6

Now it’s finally opening. Niche Law, who has been appointed as “Curry Hunter”, and Mana also welcome customers at the entrance. ‘Niche low’ welcomes you with a touch. Mana is also a nice smile. Both are very popular. [Image 7

The “Everyday Tokiya Tokyo Main Store” has 448 crane games, 5,000 premium items, and a sales floor area of ​​2,100 square meters! It is about twice as large as the number of crane games installed records that the Guinness accredited store “Everyday Yoda Store” has until then! It is an odd digit. [Image 8

◆ Various crane games and various free gift variations full of tricks!
◆ The picture below is a “collect and catcher”. You can get fresh vegetables collected from Saitama and Yashio! Onions, potatoes, carrots … If this is curry ingredients? It may be good to make curry with the fresh vegetables that you got in the “collecting catcher” as you did in the “curry catcher”. [Image 9

There are also various prize crane games such as jewel catchers, Japanese miscellaneous goods catchers, and 1 play 10 yen catchers. A crane game master advisor who has acquired a crane game master certification 2 grade or higher is stationed at the same store that prides itself on the best prizes in Japan. You will be able to enjoy with confidence even the beginners of the game, as they will give careful advice on how to take prizes and tips.
◆ Curry catcher corner produced by Dairy Curry
◆ Only six curry catchers are installed. The largest in the industry. Premium curry (retort curry, carreru) is also an excellent selection of carefully selected from around the country! ! [Image 10

[Image 11

★ “Your local curry catcher” is an everyday curry project where you can obtain famous local curries from all over the country that are difficult to obtain. The first product is 7 items of this-Hokkaido representative Sorachi / soup curry ingredients-Tohoku representative Carreru to receive the blessing of Toriumisan-Kanto representative JA Tokyo Musashi vegetables curry-Central part representative Maruman / grilled salmon trellis keima Curry ・ Kansai representative Kenmin Food / Chinatown ・ Kyushu representative Kawachi Genichiro store / Amarishu curry And India representative IICA Chicken Koruma Curry All are curry professionals specialties carefully selected and obtained from special routes! ! [Image 12

“Curry hunter direct delivery catcher” is a plan to uncover and directly send the curry delicacies that the curry hunter selected by the curry captain recognized the curry delicacies all over the country, and to make it a prize immediately. You can get rare curry from all over Japan carefully selected by curry experts! ! ★ The first choice of “Curry Hunter Direct Delivery Catcher” is here! ! “Eat of curry that eats black pork deliciously” It is Karelu that housing maker Shichiro construction of Kagoshima developed. [Image 13

Why is a housing maker curry …? ? Shichiro Construction is a housing maker that values ​​”family groups” and has made it a motto “building a family that strengthens bonds”. It is said that the company’s desire to make and eat curry with the family for the development and release of this karellow is to have the family be satisfied. So it’s not a retort but a carreru! No chemical seasoning, synthetic coloring, etc. Curry is safe for children. Only “Everyday and a shop” can be obtained outside the hometown of Kagoshima Prefecture. [Image 20

Niche low ‘challenge’ curry hunter direct delivery catcher ‘ [Image 15

Get amazing! ! Applause from the customer takes place, and a niche low of a proud expression. The curry catcher corner is a great success. [Image 16

Mana challenges “local curry catcher”. It is not easy to pick it up and it’s in trouble. I am serious. The crane part of the curry catcher is a spoon. Detailed production is everywhere! [Image 17

★ Eat-in corner is installed beside curry catcher, and spoon and microwave oven are always prepared for plate. “Sato’s rice” is … for a prize at the curry catcher corner. This is … if … [Image 18

Yes, you can make curry rice that you got at “Everyday To Nichiya Tokyo Main Store” and eat it on the spot! [Image 19

[Image 20

[Image 21

Niche low ‘and Mana who decide the pose in front of curry catcher. It was two people who enjoyed the curry catcher. Everyone, please come to “Everyday Tokiya Tokyo Main Store”! !
■ Store name: Everyday Tokiya shop Tokyo Main Store https://everyday-cranegame-world.com/
■ Address: Saitama Prefecture Yashio City Oita Kamibaba 460-1
■ Access: Take Tobu Isezaki Line “Soka Station” get off, taxi 10 minutes, bus 13 minutes Get off at JR Tsukuba Express “Yashio Station”, taxi 10 minutes, bus 11 minutes 5 minutes from Metropolitan Expressway No. 6 “Yashio Minami IC” 15 minutes from Outer Ring Expressway “Soka IC”
■ Business hours Weekday 12: 00-24: 00 Sat-Sun Holiday 10: 00-23: 00
■ Overview: Crane game installation number: 448 Number of prize items: 5000 items Crane Game Master Advisor Number of registered members: 25 <Corner outline 1【Concept】 Famous local curry from all over the country difficult to obtain (Retort curry, Karelu) can be obtained without going by plane or Shinkansen. Furthermore, curry is carefully selected by professionals in curry and obtained from special routes. [Contents] You can not buy unless you go to various places in Japan. It is not easy to buy with limited quantities, Even if it is difficult to obtain retort curry all over Japan, it can be taken without going to the whole country! ※ Everyday curry plan available outside the hometown! [Goods] India Representative IICA Chicken Colum Curry etc. (Refer to the next page) 【Produce】 Curry Daisuke <Corner outline 2[Concept] Curry hunters across the country select and send curry items of interest all over Japan! We can take curry of rare thing of various parts of Japan that curry expert selected carefully! [Contents] Specialist "curry hunter" of curry selection that Dairy Curry has certified recognized famous curry of hidden curry all over the country Excavate and send directly, quickly become a prize! (Selected from all over Japan! Curry products will be introduced soon from supermarkets, convenience stores and specialty stores!) 【Produce】 Curry Daisuke Over 28,000 visitors over 3 days! An amazing customer draw at the Crane Game Center! (Breakdown) July 13 (Sat) 10000 people July 14 (Fri) 10000 people July 15 (Mon) 8000 people

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