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  • 【Social Tech Co., Ltd.】 【Asia’s No. 1 thin hair country】 Are you sensitive to “thin hair” in your 40s <20s? ! "The problem of too low awareness of thin hair in the 40s" is barely …

【Social Tech Co., Ltd.】 【Asia’s No. 1 thin hair country】 Are you sensitive to “thin hair” in your 40s <20s? ! "The problem of too low awareness of thin hair in the 40s" is barely …

Social Tech Inc. [Asia’s No. 1 thin hair large country] What is sensitive to “thin hair” 40s <20s? ! "The problem of too low awareness of thin hair in the 40s" is barely … In the result that "the low sense of thin hair" of 40s is exposed ………………………………………………………………………………………… Do you know "the country with the least hair in Asia"? According to a certain survey, in fact, "Japan" is the country with the highest proportion of thinning hair in Asia. I do not know if this story is true or not, but according to one theory, it is said that the rate of thinning hair tends to be higher as in developed countries. There may be a lot of people who think, "In developed countries, technology should be developed, but why?", But because they are developed countries, Japan's salaried workers work hard every day and have various stresses. It is also a fact. Certainly, “work stress” and “irregular eating habits,” which are said to be the cause of thinning hair, are also problems that everyone in Japan's office workers feels. "Because I work as a office worker in Japan, thinning hair is no longer fate …?" Of course, there is no such thing. With proper measures, you can go on a life that has nothing to do with thinning hair. This time, based on the result of the awareness survey on "thin hair measures" conducted by Social Tech Inc. (socialtech.co.jp/), we will teach you the best thin hair measures to be started from now . A middle-aged you, who feels that “the thinning hair is already standing out …”, “You are still young because it is okay,” you are out there while you read, by all means read this article to the end, from now on Please put it into action. [Investigation summary: Attitude survey on “thin hair measures”]
◆ Survey date: May 8, 2019 (Wed)-May 10, 2019 (Fri)
◆ Survey method: Internet survey
◆ Number of survey people: 1,020
◆ Survey target: Men in their 20s and 40s nationwide
◆ Monitor provided by: General Research Is it really 40’s <20's who is highly conscious of thinning hair? ! Twenties who have not yet taken measures, hurry … …! [Image 1

First of all, when I asked, “When do you think that thin hair measures should be started from?”, Although both generations got the most votes in “from the 40s”, the ratio is astonishing Yes. Wow, compared to the percentage of those who think that “should start taking measures against thinning hair in the 20’s and 30’s”, the 40’s is less than 60% of the whole, while the 20’s is more than 70% of the whole It is the result! From this, it can be inferred that modern twenties are more aware of thinning hair than their forties, and that many of them are already young and have already begun to take measures. If you are in your twenties, look at your own father or a pale man in the world and feel that “I don’t want to be like that” or “I think that measures from early will be future thinning prevention” and may be transferred to action I will. In other words, if you are in your 20s who are reading this article and are not thinking about measures against thin hair, you should be on the go. My friends and colleagues around me may be starting to take measures against thinning hair. By age! Thoroughly investigate the proportion of people who are taking measures against thinning hair! For those in their 40s … I’m sorry …. [Image 2

Then, when I asked the question “Do you currently take measures for thinning hair?”, Surprisingly, in the 20’s and 40’s, the ratio of those who are taking measures is almost the same. People in their 40s who should be conscious of thinning hair should be intimidated by the fact that their proportion is almost the same as in their 20s. Also, when I asked, “What kind of measures do you take (multiple answers allowed)”, it can be understood that many people are taking care of thinning hair in various ways. Above all, items of “scalp shampoo”, “scalp massage” and “hair restorer” seem to be popular among all generations. Such measures were not limited to one, but it was characteristic that there were many who used it together. You can see that you wash the scalp with Scalp Shampoo and massage, and nourishes with a hair restorer. Based on the results of the previous section, you can see that today’s young people have a high awareness of thinning hair early on, and that they are taking measures well. Well, for those in their 40s who are looking at this result, what are you thinking now? “Useless things …” “It’s hard to be young …” “From the beginning!” If you are in your 40s thinking about this, you may want to change your mind. As the word “highly aware boys” became popular several years ago, the current generation of young people in their 20s is also highly aware of thinning hair. However, if you can notice at this stage, it is still in time. You should start even today. Above all, you, who have unfounded self-confidence, say, “Because I am a little worried but I am still okay”, and “Because there are no people who are familyly hairy …”, you need to take special measures. It’s okay now, but it’s late after you start to be aware of thinning hair, and by the time you notice you are a member of thinning hair at once. Even if you are interested, there are many people who think that AGA clinics and the like are expensive and the risk of side effects is considered “it’s hard to get out of the hand”. If you are wondering what to do with thinning hair, we recommend that you start with something easy and easy (hair restorer, massage, etc.). Investigate emphasis points when choosing measures against thin hair in your 20s and 40s! What is the difference between generations? [Image 3

Lastly, we asked people who are taking measures against thinning hair, “What is the place that places importance on choosing thinning measures?”, While those in their 20s have the most word-of-mouth communication-38.1%, As for the 40s, “price”-32.8% became the result that was the most. From this, in the twenties carefully decide what suits you by looking at the opinion of a third party, and conversely in the 40s you want to choose a good one that is good for cospa = you want to immediately realize the effect without spending It can be said that there are many. How was it? The effect of thinning hair measures will be maximized by doing it early. And, it was found that what can be easily started easily that the evaluation is high in word-of-mouth, and cospa is effective for measures. If you are concerned about thinning hair, or worrying about the future, why not start today? It is easy to get started early, and measures for early thinning with “CHAP UP hair growth lotion” that is high in word-of-mouth evaluation
[Image 4

“CHAP UP hair growth lotion (sales name: Medicinal Chap-up-02)” handled by Social Tech (https://socialtech.co.jp/) ・ Monde Selection 3rd consecutive gold award ・ Popularity survey No. 1 ※ 1 · Feeling satisfaction 99.1% ※ 2 ・ April 2017-March 2018 No.1 ※ 3 of sales of hair restorer developed mainly on web ・ Hydrogen evaluation rating # 1 ※ 4 It is a credible hair restorer with a proven track record that has won more than five crowns. The important thing in thinning measures is natural scalp care that does not rely on extra ingredients. Realized with 15 kinds of amino acids and 55 kinds of natural ingredients including 3 kinds of active ingredients, “CHAP UP hair growth lotion”, which firstly considered keeping healthy scalp environment, is young to be able to convince thin hair measures Let’s start at home! What’s called a “hair growth agent” for pharmaceuticals is where you worry about the hurdle of purchasing and the two side effects. That’s why why don’t you try full-scale hair growth with “CHAP UP hair growth lotion” that you can start easily? It is recommended for beginners as it has a money back guarantee. If you have not started thin hair measures in your 20s, who are suffering from thin hair in your 40s, get started with “CHAP UP Hair Growth Lotion” that is easy to get started with life that is unrelated to thin hair. ※ 1 … November 29, 2017 to December 8 Japan Trend Map Research Institute investigation contents (question about hair restorer) The number of the respondents: 658 people (310 men, 348 women) ※ 2 … Questionnaire about feeling of use April, 2018 neo-marketing investigation Investigation number of people: 164 people (110 men 54 women) ※ 3 … April 2019 mail order newspaper investigation ※ 4 … Survey commission: General Research May 2018 Survey target number: 109 men and women CHAP UP LAB (Chapp Up Lab) [Image 5

CHAP UP LAB (Chappup Lab) is a doctor-supervised hair growth information site that supports hair problems such as hair loss and thinning hair. Chap-up making products related to scalp such as hair restorer, shampoo, treatment, hair oil, etc., sends the latest information from the cause of your hair trouble to measures. CHAP UP LAB (Chapp Up Lab): https://lab.chapup.jp/ Social Tech Inc. [Image 6

Social Tech Co., Ltd. is engaged in a wide range of businesses, including manufacturing and mail-order sales of health food and quasi-drugs. We offer the best products and services to our customers based on our belief that “If you can spend the day with confidence alone,” we recommend that you consult us if you have problems with thinning hair or scalp.
◆ Social Tech Co., Ltd .: https://socialtech.co.jp/
◆ TEL: 03-5302-1948
◆ Contact Us: https://socialtech.co.jp/contact/

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