[Waris Co., Ltd.] Waris, a member of 96% working at telework, participates in “Telework Days 2019”.

Waris Corporation Waris, a member of 96% working at telework, participates in Telework Days 2019. As a telework promotion company, it also transmits know-how and examples. -Join the TDM Telework Executive Committee and plan to conduct joint telework at 23 companies on July 23- ………………………………………………………………………………………… Business Freelance Women’s and Women’s Matching Business “Waris Professional” and Reemployment Support Business for Women “Waris Work Again” through Waris, Inc. to create diverse ways of living and working at Waris, Inc. (Location: Chiyoda, Tokyo Ward, representative director: Fumiyasu Yonekura, Miwa Tanaka, Kyoko Kawa (hereinafter Waris) supports the “Tealwork Days 2019” sponsored by the government and will participate as a working group and a support group.
About activity contents Implementation of telework: ・ As a company that has introduced telework since its establishment in 2013, we will continue to conduct telework for all employees during the telework promotion period “Monday from July 22 (Mon) to September 6 (Fri)”. . ・ On July 22nd (Monday), we will conduct a child-to-child telework trial to verify the effects and issues. ・ We will participate in the “TDM Telework Executive Committee” in which 23 companies with bases in the metropolitan area will jointly participate, and will carry out simultaneous telework with 1,300 target employees on July 23 (Tuesday). The goal is to implement more than 5,000 times during the telework promotion period. Provide know-how: ・ We will disseminate the case and know-how of our company and client company on the Waris blog page as needed. We will send out information (planned) every other week in the telework promotion period, and provide information that will be positive for companies considering and considering telework introduction. [Image

How Waris works (https://waris.co.jp/work) Since its establishment in 2013, Waris proposes a way of working that is agnostic to time and place, with the aim of realizing a society in which everyone can continue to work by taking advantage of their abilities no matter how the environment changes. We adopt a flexible way of working in our company. In addition to teleworking for all members, we have introduced a flextime system with a core time of only 2 hours (10 o’clock to 12 o’clock) and a short-time working system that is not limited to the purpose of childcare and nursing care. Almost all company meetings are held online MTG, and 96% of members use telework, and about 40% of them use full teleworking 5 days a week.
● The effect of telework: According to the internal questionnaire, 60% of the members have been able to streamline their work for more than three hours (July 2019). In addition to simple time cuts, safety security in the event of disasters and bad weather, enhancement of privateness by realization of overseas and home-based accommodation, and a shift from short working hours to full-time career improvement. It spans. We consider telework to be one of the sustainable ways of working for society, companies and workers. For the summer of 2020, we hope to support the reform of working styles by promoting telework introduction.
▼ If you like, please see the blog page “About 70% of the members work at remote work more than half a week! The actual situation of Waris remote work”. https://waris.co.jp/13289.html
● With Telework Days 2019 ・ The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Cabinet Secretariat, and Cabinet Office cooperated with Tokyo and related organizations to start July 24 which marks the opening ceremony of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics from 2017. -A national movement of working style reform that calls it “day” and calls for the simultaneous implementation of telework. In 2019, as a production test before the 2020 Tokyo Convention, approximately one month from July 22nd (Mon) to September 6th (Fri) will be set as the “Telework Days 2019” implementation period. -Telework Days 2019 Official Website: https://teleworkdays.jp/
● What is TDM: Abbreviation for Transportation Demand Management Traffic demand management (TDM) encourages changes in traffic behavior, such as efficient use of cars and conversion to public transport, to adjust traffic demand, such as reducing traffic volume and leveling concentration. By doing, we say approach to ease road traffic congestion.
■ About Waris Inc. (https://waris.co.jp/) Business type freelance Human resources agent that creates diverse ways of living and working through Waris Professional, a matching business between women and companies, and Waris Work Again, a reemployment support business for women. ・ Head office location: 3-chome, 7 Kanda black town, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Kado Kaduchi Building 8F ・ Setting: April 2013 ・ Representative: Representative director Fumi Yonekura, Miwa Tanaka, Kyoko Kawa ・ Business description: Human resources service, ・ Paid job introduction business. Planning, organizing, and organizing seminars, events, etc. on a variety of different ways of living and working, and own media “Cue-The opportunity is her way of life.” Management (https://cue.waris.jp/) The number of registered women is about 12,000 and customer companies are about 1700. (As of July 2019)

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