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  • [Celsys Inc.] Equipped with smart smoothing that utilizes AI (Deep Learning) technology in CLIP STUDIO PAINT The execution library of AI adopts alia Inc.

[Celsys Inc.] Equipped with smart smoothing that utilizes AI (Deep Learning) technology in CLIP STUDIO PAINT The execution library of AI adopts alia Inc.

Cellsys Corporation CLIP STUDIO PAINT is equipped with smart smoothing that utilizes AI (Deep Learning) technology AI execution library adopts alia Inc. ………………………………………………………………………………………… Celsis has installed “Smart Smoothing” using the technology of AI (Deep Learning) in the latest version Ver 1.9.1 of the illustration, manga and animation production software “CLIP STUDIO PAINT” released on July 17. You can reduce the roughness caused by the change of image resolution and the enlargement of the image and convert it into a beautiful image. Users of CLIP STUDIO PAINT can update to the latest version for free. This function is available as a leading preview function (*) on all platforms of Windows version / macOS version / iPad version and all grades (CLIP STUDIO EX / PRO / DEBUT). [Image 1

Smart smoothing is an AI (Deep Learning) technology that reduces roughness (jaggies) caused by resolution changes and image enlargement, and converts it into a beautiful image. If the low-resolution illustrations and manga drawn for the Web are roughened when changing to print size for publication, or if the lines being drawn are deformed (expanded), the lines become blurry You can use it in cases such as [Image 2

This function is executed with the deep learning framework ailia SDK developed and provided by ax Co., Ltd. and Accel Co., Ltd., an AI module developed by Celsis. Therefore, it was necessary to connect to the Internet and execute on the server of Celsis, each function of “automatic coloring”, “clear tone” and “pose scanner” using AI already installed in CLIP STUDIO PAINT. , “Smart smoothing” can be used without connecting to the Internet. CLIP STUDIO PAINT has been equipped with features such as “automatic coloring”, “clear tone” and “pose scanner” that use AI technology so far, and “smart smoothing” is newly added in this update Yes. Since its founding, Celsis has consistently supported the creation of creators in terms of technology, and is actively working on the introduction of AI as part of that.
▼ Function using AI already installed Automatic coloring: https://www.celsys.co.jp/topic/2018112901 Tone cancellation: https://www.celsys.co.jp/topic/2018112902 Pose Scanner: https://www.celsys.co.jp/topic/20190228
▼ About this update https://www.clip-studio.com/clip_site/csp/v191 * Smart smoothing is released as a preview function. The preliminary preview feature is a quick test of the pre-release feature, and the feature and delivery method may change at the time of the official release. Terms and conditions are here: https://www.celsys.co.jp/information/csp/ [About ax Corporation and Axell Corporation] ax and Accel are sales for AI implementation consulting, learning support, porting to various platforms, etc. in addition to the sale of the originally developed deep learning framework ailia SDK. We provide solutions. ax homepage: axinc.jp/ Axel Website: www.axell.co.jp/
▼ About the ailia SDK The ailia SDK is a deep learning framework that specializes in edge inference. Implementing cross-platform GPU inference achieves the world’s highest level of inference speed. The program can be written in C ++, and porting to the edge of AI is realized. ailia product page: ailia.jp/ [About Cellsys Inc.] Celsis globally supports creators with IT technology through the production, viewing and distribution of graphic content. Providing services supporting creation activities of creators through illustration, manga and animation production tools “CLIP STUDIO PAINT”, Web service “CLIP STUDIO”, and content creation, distribution and viewing of e-book solution “CLIP STUDIO READER” etc. Provide solutions related to Celsis website: www.celsys.co.jp/ CLIP STUDIO twitter: https://twitter.com/clip_celsys (C) CELSYS, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Product names and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. (Note) The contents described in the news release are the information at the time of press release. Please be forewarned that the contents may be changed at the time of viewing. Contact information Celsis Co., Ltd. Public Relations Seiji Masukawa / Mai Furuno マ ー ク 160-0023 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 4-15-7 Pacific Marks Shinjuku Park Side 2F TEL: 03-3373-9919 / e-mail: press@artspark.co.jp Corporate customers are here www.celsys.co.jp/clipsolution/

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