【AIG Japan Holdings Co., Ltd.】 Launched “How NOT to Drive in Japan” project to support mutual understanding between foreign travelers and Japan

AIG Japan Holdings Co., Ltd. Launch of the “How NOT to Drive in Japan” project to support mutual understanding between foreign travelers and Japan With the world’s most celebrated rugby festival, the world’s strongest All Blacks appearance videos also released ………………………………………………………………………………………… AIG Japan Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as AIG Japan) will support Japan’s growing number of foreign travelers in preparation for the international festival of rugby held in Japan this fall. The “How NOT to Drive in Japan” project will be launched to understand the differences between the rules and support a more comfortable, safe and secure stay in Japan and rich interaction. This project was born from the thought that AIG Japan, which has a long history in Japan as a foreign-owned company, would be able to support the exchange between the two sides. [Image 1

In “How not to Drive in Japan”, we will start three initiatives. The first is a special video “How NOT to Drive in Japan” featuring a team of the world’s strongest rugby team All Blacks, with whom AIG is a global partner, to convey humorous Japanese travel rules to foreign travelers. It is public. This video is the third in a series of videos featuring All Blacks set in Japan, and the past two works have also been a big topic. The second is the provision of an item “How NOT to Card” that supports foreigners’ smooth communication with employees of restaurants, accommodation facilities, and retail stores across language barriers. The third is to understand how much the Japanese understand the difference between Japanese and foreign rules and manners, to understand the gap, and to learn the know-how for “YOKOSO (Welcome)” to foreign customers. It is the start of possible website certification “YOKOSO certification”. In addition, AIG Japan, together with the local governments, companies and influencers who agreed to the purpose of this project, formed “TEAM YOKOSO” to welcome customers from abroad with “YOKOSO! (Welcome!)”. The members of TEAM YOKOSO are as follows. [Image 2

From the left Former All Blacks captain Richie Mako Beppu Mayor Nagano Ryo Ginza Kyube third generation Kiyohisa Imada Actress Sumire Comedian and video creator Mr. Yabatan Mr. Dominique Walton France, Embassy of New Zealand Embassy in Japan (In random order) Through the “How not to Drive in Japan” project, AIG Japan will support hospitality through smooth communication between foreign travelers and Japan by understanding the differences between each other’s cultures and rules. . —————- Three approaches to “How not to Drive in Japan” 1. Special video of All Blacks telling Japanese traffic rules “How not to Drive in Japan” released URL: TackleTheRisk.jp/film (https://tackletherisk.jp/film) “How not to Drive in Japan” is that all Blacks athletes will prevent the foreign travelers who are likely to get into a traffic accident without knowing the traffic rules in Japan, and convey the correct traffic rules. It is a humorous video. AIG Japan supports safe and secure stay in Japan by having foreign travelers learn Japanese traffic rules through this video. 1. Japan is on the left Foreigner who learns his own traffic rules and travels on the right. The All Blacks player will use his strong tackle to change his car to the left lane and prevent an accident at a glance. [Image 3

2. Motorcycles are required to wear a helmet Foreigner traveling on a motorcycle without wearing a helmet. An All Blacks player who detected the danger kicks the helmet with an exquisite kick and puts it on the rider’s head. [Image 4

3. Red inverted triangle is a stop sign Unlike home countries, cars driven by foreign travelers who can not read Japanese signs are likely to enter intersections without noticing “temporary stop”. In front of the pedestrian crossing, a strong All Blacks player stops the car, gently protects the children, and prevents accidents. [Image 5

In addition, all blacks players introduce all eight traffic rules with plenty of humor. 2. “How NOT to Card” URL: TackleTheRisk.jp (https://tackletherisk.jp/) “How NOT to Card” is a card that helps employees of restaurants, lodging facilities, retail stores, etc. and foreign travelers to take basic communication smoothly by just showing the card. The card has a phrase according to the scene, such as confirmation of food allergy and telling that the tip is unnecessary. We plan to distribute 30,000 sets to restaurants, lodging facilities, retail stores, etc. all over the country, and you can download them from the above website. [Image 6

3. “YOKOSO test” URL: TackleTheRisk.jp (https://tackletherisk.jp/) By answering the questions on the website, we know how much the Japanese understands the differences between Japanese and foreign rules and manners, understand the gap, and “YOKOSO (Welcome)” from the foreign customers. It is a website test “YOKOSO test” that can learn the know-how to do it. [Image 7

—————- The AIG Group is a leader in the global insurance industry, serving customers in more than 80 countries and territories. Based on our 100 years of experience, we now offer a wide range of general insurance, life insurance, retirement benefits and other financial services. The wide range of support through products and services of the AIG group protects the assets of corporate and individual customers, delivering risk management and solid retirement security. Holding company AIG, Inc. is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In Japan, AIG General Insurance Co., Ltd., American Home Medical & General Insurance Co., Ltd., JAI Injury Fire Insurance Co., Ltd., AIG Partners Co., Ltd., Techmark Japan Co., Ltd., etc. are developing their businesses.

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