Plus and Benefit One work together Selling benefit station “Benefit Station” to kindergartens and nursery schools

Pasona Group Inc. Plus and Benefit One work together Selling benefit station “Benefit Station” to kindergartens and nursery schools Backing up “smart school” customers nationwide with benefits ………………………………………………………………………………………… Plus Co., Ltd. (Minato Ward, Tokyo, President and Representative Director, Koji Imaizumi, below Plus) and Pasona Group’s Benefit One, Inc. (Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, President and Representative Director Tokuo Shiraishi, Below Benefits One) work together, plus offers For the kindergarten, nursery school, child institution that uses catalog mail order “smart school” for schools and childcare sites, and their management companies, benefit service “benefits station” at a special price, July 2019 today I will sell it from 18th. In recent years, it has been difficult to recruit due to chronic shortage of childcare workers at childcare sites, and there are many cases where there are problems in securing human resources. Plus operates a “smart school” delivery service for approximately 27,000 parks and 70% of kindergartens, nursery schools and children’s gardens nationwide. Benefit One offers the “Benefit Station Academic Tok Plan” that supports one-stop support for corporate welfare, health management, and education and training. In “Welfare”, you can use “Benefit Station”, a membership benefit service that offers approximately 1.4 million services at accommodation prices, including accommodation facilities, restaurants, leisure facilities, and nursing and childcare services. The two companies will work together to sell Benefit Station at a special price for users of Smart School. If you join “benefit station” through “smart school”, the admission fee is free, and the monthly fee is also available at 280 yen per person (excluding tax). Through this initiative, by supporting kindergartens, nursery schools, children’s parks and their operating companies that wish to improve the welfare system and working environment, plus is expanding services to customers further, Benefit One is a new customer We will try to cultivate.
■ Service outline start date: Thursday, July 18, 2019 Target: National kindergartens, nursery schools, children’s gardens, and their operating companies Fees: Admission fee / Free Monthly fee / 280 yen per person (excluding tax) Contents: Through Benefits Benefit Station, a member benefit service provided by Benefit One, you can use approximately 1.4 million services at accommodation and restaurants, leisure facilities, care and childcare services, etc. at preferential prices. ※ You need to register for “Smart School” (free of charge) to apply for the service. URL: Remarks: “Smart School” is operated by a positive in-house company, Jointex Managed by Plustex Company, Jointex. The “smart school” is a delivery service with catalog sales for elementary and junior high schools and children’s parks, which started in 1997, with full-time sales support. By collaborating with educational materials stores and stationery and office supplies stores throughout the country, approximately 25,000 items listed in catalogs focusing on school supplies, nursery supplies and stationery and office supplies directly on the day after ordering by fax or the Internet We deliver to schools and nursery schools. Primary and secondary schools have a registration rate of more than 95%, and at kindergartens, nursery schools and children’s gardens, 70% of the total, about 27,000, are used. Benefits services provided by Benefit One. About 1.41 million services, including accommodation facilities, restaurants, leisure facilities, nursing care and childcare services, are provided to approximately 10,217 companies and groups in Japan and approximately 761 million members (as of April 2019, including individual members) We offer at a special price.
◆ Reference Company Profile <Plus Corporation Jointtex Company (> We develop wholesale business of stationery, office furniture and various services. Delivery service “Smart Office” with full-time sales support in catalog mail order, “Smart school” for school and childcare market, “Smart care” for nursing care and welfare market, Furniture layout proposal by customer designer, purchasing cost reduction And “JeSS,” which offers proposals for environmental purchasing, and other proprietary services that help improve office productivity. location: 2-13-10 Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 13th floor Prudential Tower Representative: Company President Tadahisa Imaizumi (Executive Managing Director, Plus Inc.) Main sales bases: Sapporo, Sendai, Gunma, Saitama, Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka Delivery center: Tohoku Center (Miyagi Prefecture), East Japan Center (Saitama Prefecture) Chubu Center (Aichi Prefecture), West Japan Center (Osaka Prefecture), Kyushu Center (Fukuoka Prefecture) <Benefit One Corporation (> Established: March 15, 1996 Representative: President Tokuo Shiraishi Business Description: Benefit and Welfare Business / Incentive Business / Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Business / Healthcare Business / Personal Business / Purchasing / Settlement Agent Business / Travel Business / Payroll Business * Company names and product names in the text are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. * The information in this press release is the information as of the announcement date. Please note in advance that it may change without notice.

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