[Mogic Co., Ltd.] The e-Learning system “LearnO” is the lowest price in the industry, and full-fledged test functions can be used!

Mogic Corporation The e-Learning system “LearnO” is the lowest price in the industry, and full-fledged test functions can also be used! We cope with a wide range of learning needs for ~ 100 ID monthly basis 9,800 yen … ………………………………………………………………………………………… Mogic Co., Ltd. (Location: Nerima-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yoichi Yamane) has substantially upgraded the test function of the Cloud e-Learning system “LearnO”. The launch of this function is scheduled for mid-August 2019. [Image

With this version upgrade, it is possible to create a variety of questions in the form of questions, and it has become possible to support a wide range of education. Industry-low price easy-to-introduce price (9,800 yen / month tax excluding) remains as it is, full-scale test function is available. The main features upgraded are as follows. a) One question and one answer form The question-by-question format, in which the graded results are displayed for each question, allows you to deepen your understanding for each question. Also, as usual, after answering all questions, it is possible to put together and answer together. b) Large and small questions You can set multiple questions for one big question. This allows you to check the degree of understanding from various angles for one theme. c) Completion test format By introducing a completion test format that limits the number of exams to one, you can use it as a final test such as qualification acquisition. The ability to create a variety of test questions will enable you to quantitatively identify complex knowledge. Especially, information updated every year, such as security and compliance, can raise the awareness of students by conducting tests in various ways. Going forward, we will continue to incorporate customer needs and make improvements to expand the added value generated by IT education to the maximum extent. Please feel free to contact us.
▼ The explanation page of e-learning system LearnO is here http://learno.jp/
▼ Contact page is here https://inquiry.learno.jp/inquiry/
▼ For e-Learning sales promotion items To Design Studio coffca Ltd. coffca Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Mogic Ltd., provides services that drive business in design. We will create promotional materials related to LearnO, such as logos and posters, including a certificate of completion for LearnO users only. If you are interested in a slightly unusual design, please feel free to contact us.
▼ coffca official site is here http://coffca.jp/ [About Mogic Corporation] Head office: 〒 177- 0041 3-31-3, Ishigami-machi, Nerima-ku, Tokyo, Monodekoru Ishigami Park 1F-4F Representative: Representative director Yoichi Yamane Established: December 19, 2009 Capital: 20,000,000 yen Tel: 03-3997-7408 Fax: 03-5923-9230 URL: www.mogic.jp Business Description: (1) Planning, production, development and operation of IT education services (2) Internet service consulting services (3) Media service operation

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