[Sankei Studio Co., Ltd.] From “leave” to “gift” photos. We started offering bridal photo new rate plan.

Sankei Studio Co., Ltd. From “leave” to “gift” photos. We started offering bridal photo new rate plan. For those living in the Doto area, bridal photos can be made more “familiar” ………………………………………………………………………………………… Bridal photo studio “photo studio paret Obihiro store” of Tokachi area, Obihiro starts offer of popular plan “data & album plan-Light-” on sale in Sapporo area from July. [Image 1

Tokachi’s bridal photo studio “Photo Studio Paret Obihiro Store” has taken many bridal photos. Demands for bridal photos that are not limited to the presence of weddings, such as recent “reporting on SNS” and “making memories at travel destinations” are increasing in various needs. With the aim of making wedding photos more accessible, and to be a family with you and your parents, we hope to keep important memories together, and we are now offering a new rate plan. The “Data & Album Plan-Light-“, which will be provided this time, is a “designed original album” for two people who shoot bridal photos, and a “cardboard” that will be a gift for each other’s parents who will be family members We will sell a set of A4 photos. Emphasis not only on leaving photos at hand, but also on giving gifts to family members from now on “Data” format product correspondence corresponding to marriage report in SNS With cheap and affordable plan content, we can offer a second bridal such as a separate shot of the wedding [Image 2

We have established a plan that you can use as a special commemorative photo of the whole family by leaving photos with an album and a mount as it is with highly customizable costume settings such as “Japanese dress + Western clothes combination” unique to PARET. We offer products with significantly lower prices than existing plans, so that they can be purchased by many people because they are products and plans with high needs. The products included in the set plan are as follows.
■ “Original album with design (20 cuts included)” [Image 3

After arriving at hand, it is a timeless design that you would like to decorate in the space of the two and take over again. On the in-page, our designer creates an original template based on the photo. Only two, leaving one of the world’s one album firmly leaving the irreplaceable memories of the two.
■ A4 photo recording (with pasteboard) [Image 4

Two A4 photos. You can also record photos of two people, as well as family photos. As a gift for parents, we will prepare a photo with a mount that firmly retains the photos of the two people. Two books are included in the set contents in advance to be distributed to both families.
■ All cut data taken (CD-R) [Image 5

You can take pictures of around 100 cuts taken on the same day all on the data CD and take them home. Currently, it is widely used in marriage reports on SNS, writing of pre-bride experience reports, and venue movies at weddings. When you include photos in your album, you can take them with you all the photos you couldn’t choose. [Image 6

As well as Obihiro, our shop which has many visits from Kushiro, Kitami, Abashiri Nemuro area, as a bridal photo studio representing the Doto area from the height of the regionality, make a happy moment of more people in photos We aim to fit. As we will develop our own unique photo studio to be selected from Hokkaido and abroad as well as the Tokachi and Doto areas in the future, we hope that more people will be able to recognize this project. Thank you for your cooperation. Photography studio Paret Obihiro Address: Hokkaido Obihiro Nishi 17 Article South 3-chome 43-15 Phone: 0155-67-8008 Shooting item: Wedding photo / adult photo Hundred Day Commemorative Photo / Half Bass Day / 1st Birthday / 753 Commemorative Photo / Entrance Commemorative Photo Pet: Entry is possible (only small size. Please be sure to put in the gauge please visit) Access: 10 minutes by car from Obihiro Station 帯 Obihiro Store Special Advertising Page http://www.studio-palette.com/obihiro_info 写真 photo studio paret http://www.studio-palette.com/

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