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  • 【Joint company Rinko Planning Office】 Transformed into a family (pet)!? Super real pet mask “My Family (My family)”

【Joint company Rinko Planning Office】 Transformed into a family (pet)!? Super real pet mask “My Family (My family)”

Mitsui Shindo Masayoshi Planning Office Transformed into a family (pet)!? Super real pet mask “My Family (My family)” Supernova real mask made by a special modeling artist! Full-scale reception starts from today!


Masayoshi Shindo Masaki Planning Office (Reading: Gadgetsu san Tsunoda Michi Kakushikujisusho, Head Office: Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo; Representative: Munaka Shindo) is a super real creature mask, We started accepting and producing “My Family” which can transform into a pet from today.

In the super real creature mask ‘it’s me’ series that started from April 2018, we have provided a variety of orangutans and white rhinoceroses produced here. In “My Family” which can easily transform into a pet of your own house, I will make it fully custom made and reproduce the family’s patterns and habits of your own family.

This time, I made Ryi-kun of a Bengali cat who lives in Kyoto. It was a type of nose even among usual Bengali cats. Unlike conventional wearing masks, you can stick to the child from the framework and make it! Perfect custom made, why not make your own pet mask?

【1】 Fully Order Made! Your own original mask

【2】 All-you-can-eat all-you-can-eat! SNS shine!

【3】 Compact storage

【1】 Fully Order Made! Your own original mask We are responsible for making requests from the planning, designing and creating are done by a special modeling artist. I also reproduced the pattern of Rui-kun that I made this time while watching various angle photos!

【2】 All-you-can-eat photo taking! SNS shine! You can take pictures with your pet and family! The moving Rui-kun mask can be checked on Youtube [Nekuteru TV]!

■ Video site URL www.youtube.com/channel/UCh2VkuPKjJ2iJUyPtxS0Jbw?sub_confirmation=1

【3】 Compact storage For making like a side, the back side is made into cloth, so it can be stored compactly. As a result, it is easy to carry around, making it easy to use in various situations. ※ It is a picture on the back of the mask

[Order location] · Joint company Rinka Shinko project planning affairs inquiry form www.shindo-office.tokyo/%E3%81%8A%E5%95%8F%E3%81%84%E5%90%88%E3%82%8F%E3%81%9B /

[price] 300,000 yen (excluding tax) ~ + postage ※ Some pets may not be accepted

■ “it’s me” “My Family” (My family) Overview The original creature mask which the special shaped artist of about 14 years stuck to every single wrinkle of this road is making. In ‘it’s me’, switching to lot production, realistic creature mask can be enjoyed at relatively low price. In “My Family (My Family)”, I started producing masks that can turn real into my own family (pet). It contains a wish that you can feel free to transform into animals with a real mask and make your life more exciting than usual, to be fun.

【Production Company】 · Company name: Special modeling workshop 91 (Que) · Representative’s name: Masatoshi Asai URL: 9191.tokyo/

■ Joint company Rinko Rinko Planning office Company profile Established in 2017, it is incorporated into the company in 2018. Creator, craftsman’s activities for the purpose of supporting activities. The content of the activity is product development and planning using technology of creators and craftsmen. Or planning seminars for proposing and improving necessary knowledge other than technical side.
· Company name: Mitsui Shindo Rinka Planning Office
· Location: 5-12-17 Nakanobe, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 142-0053
· Business description: Creators
· craftsmen’s support project
· Representative name: Mr. Shindo URL: www.shindo-office.tokyo/

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