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I am surprised at the offer from “Zexy”! Robert Baba tells love recipes that couples get along well 授 is a cooking class! Mr. Akiyama’s “Remember the story at that time”

Recruit Marketing Partners Co., Ltd. The person is surprised at the appearance offer from “Zexy”! Robert Baba tells love recipes that couples get along well 授 is a cooking class! Mr. Akiyama’s “Remember the story at that time” “Zexy” September issue is a special supplement to “Good friend couple recipe BOOK” that Robert Baba thinks ………………………………………………………………………………………… Marriage information service “Zexy” planned and produced by Recruit Marketing Partners Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Michio Shibamura) is the September issue (released on July 23, 2019 ※ except for some areas) Come on, I’m going to release the “Good Friend Couple Recipe BOOK” devised by Mr. Hiroyuki Baba from Comedy Trio Robert as a separate volume supplement to the booklet, so I will give an overview. In this appendix, “Good friends couple recipe BOOK”, Mr. Robert Baba, who is well known for cooking, developed a recipe that makes the couple get along well through cooking. The theme is that not only she does her best, but “the recipe made by the” two “, he gave a total of 10 dishes, such as” the cooking recipe that he excels “and” the cooking recipe that she makes crisp “. It is an article that you can feel the happiness of the newly married couple standing in the kitchen. In the interview after filming, I told you about the love of cooking that does not stop and the future story.
■ Sexy offers to single me !? Not Akiyama and Yamamoto !?
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When I first heard about Zexy’s offer, Mr. Baba was surprised, “Hmm, I am? I am a parenting picture diary, neither Yamamoto nor Akiyama, I am a single man?” “I thought it was a marriage planning for a single man, but I was relieved because it was a cooking project (laughs)” and told me the impression that led to this appearance.
■ It was cooked to a partner and it was also scolded as “Remember the news before that!” On the day of shooting, Mr. Baba will complete the dishes one after another with a professional level. He also knows the favorite food of two people, “Akiyama is soft and sweet. If you put sweet things, I won’t complain.” “Yamamoto is a leaf. However, for the comedy of the main business, “I rely on 100% Akiyama”. I am thankful for such a situation, and it seems that I have been careful to offer food to Mr. Akiyama, but he taught me “I’ve been late recently since I was scolded as” Remember the material before that! ” It was
■ “We will continue cooking even if we get married” In the future, the dream of cooking school management will be Mr. Baba says she does not have a lover at present, but asks if she will be able to cook even if you get married, saying, “If you get married, I think you will cook for children if you have children,” already saying good husband・ One piece of dad is there. “Everyone needs it, but there is a preference for it. If you make it, you can cook it while imagining that person or not. I think the process will make you more affectionate,” for the couple. He talked about the importance of cooking. About children who haven’t seen yet, he taught me Baba Jr.’s plan to become a gourmet, saying, “I would like to cook dishes that have been taken from children when I was little” and have a good tongue. Also, in the future, it would be ideal to live in a house with a kitchen studio, and there are concrete plans such as “Cooking classes on the 1st and 2nd floors and living space on the 3rd floor”. Mr. Baba’s cooking school may not be far away.
■ Other cut
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■ Profile Hiroyuki Baba In 1998, he formed the comedy trio “Robert” with Hiroshi Yamamoto and Ryuji Akiyama. As an individual, in recent years, as a cook boy, a large number of media appearances.
■ “Zexy” September issue (July 23 release) information
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【Appendix information】
・ Love love is too much?
[Mickey & Minnie]
Hot pot grasp ・ Hot pot 2 points SET A kitchen item with a big success in newly-married life, “Napot grasp & Hot pot”, was made with Mickey & Minnie’s Love Love Design!
【Separate volume appendix】
・ Pink marriage registration ・ Super easy to understand! Procedure notification notice of marriage BOOK ・ It is safe to know! Common sense manners BOOK of marriage ・ The strongest production BOOK of the wedding which should be done absolutely

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