Black Mont Blanc, recognition rate 100% in Fukuoka ♪ 12% of the day in Tokyo … !! Losing a Hit !? [Tokyo Metropolitan Area Limited] All Black Los Blanc released!

Takeshita Seika Co., Ltd. Black Mont Blanc, recognition rate 100% in Fukuoka ♪ 12% of the day in Tokyo … !! Losing a Hit !? [Tokyo Metropolitan Area Limited] All Black Los Blanc released! You can enjoy a total of 50 kinds of original content that comes from the illustrator, keigo, multi creator, Pantovisco, BB Goro, etc. ………………………………………………………………………………………… Takeshita Seika Co., Ltd. is a Tokyo-limited “Black Mont Blanc 50th Anniversary Lost Bar Campaign from Monday, July 22, 2019, in order to make the popular ice” Black Mont Blanc “in Kyushu more loved in the metropolitan area. We will carry out the “Don’t let anyone feel sad”. Why don’t you have a bargain campaign? I think many people think that, but to explain the background of this campaign, “Black Mont Blanc”, which has become a popular ice brand that no one knows about our company, will celebrate its 50th anniversary this year Taking this opportunity, we carried out a product recognition survey across the country, and compared with 100% as expected in Fukuoka, it was 12% in Tokyo and 8% in Saitama. In order to be loved more in the metropolitan area, I decided to consider what I should do. In examining, “Mighty, the pole is black Mont Blanc featuring, but people in the city who have pulled the lost pole have been disappointed … … So, everyone is disappointed Don’t beat the campaign! ” From such a thought, this time, with the Tokyo area limited, all sticks will be with a loss, and it will be prepared to have fun original content that will be happy to laugh and squeeze a smile even if you lose the loser. [Image 1

The content you can experience will be added at any time, and it will eventually reach 50 types. It’s silly, but I want to tell someone BB Goro’s “fear and not scary story”, Keigo’s “Summer black one-piece theater” with black jokes, “Shot but it will come back later” Pantovisco’s “panto Bisco disappointing summer diary” There is a lot of original content such as “”. In addition, some lucky ones also come with a summer allowance, so please take a look at the back of the lost bar. ※ Special site: Black Mont Blanc Awareness Survey We investigated whether we know Black Mont Blanc to 1,175 people in a total of 1,175 men and women in their 20s and 50s in each prefecture. As a result, 100% in Fukuoka, 88% in Saga, 96% in Nagasaki and 92% in Kumamoto, the Kyushu area proved to have a high recognition rate as expected. However, looking at the Tokyo metropolitan area, we found that Tokyo and Chiba have a recognition rate of 12% and Saitama about 8%. [Image 2

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■ Title: Black Mont Blanc 50th Anniversary Lost Bar Campaign
■ Special site: 50th / index.html
■ Period: July 22-20 September 2019
■ Sales: 45,000, Tokyo metropolitan area
■ Summary: A special black mont blanc with all missing bars sold in the metropolitan area. Only for those who took a picture of the lost bar and sent it to the Campaign LINE account, Delivering a fun, funny, funny experience. I bought a special Black Mont Blanc at the store and I lost it Apply friend to campaign LINE official account Send photos of lost bars to your official LINE account Original content is sent from the official LINE as a small apology. If you still want to enjoy it, you can experience other content by continuing the conversation.
■ Note: You can not participate in the usual black Mont Blanc’s slipper bar. [Table 8:”>

“It’s a disappointing story, but I can laugh a little.” “I’m stupid, but I would like to tell someone.” “I’m a sur, but I’ll come back later.” We offer various original contents by popular creators on the theme of such a lost stick with a bonus. Also, content will be added at any time, and eventually there will be 50 types. Please look forward to future content. Below, we introduce some content specially! [Image 3

[Image 4

1.keigo A popular illustrator on Instagram and twitter. He is a leader in the “Sorry Alligator” series. Instagram has over 808,000 followers. A book with an illustration called “Keigo-style” is also on sale, and it is very popular in the sea beyond the sea. ★ Example of content “Sorry one piece theater in summer”
[Image 5

[Image 6

2.Pantovisco Very popular multi creator on Instagram. Posting works on Instagram has become a topic, and there are about 500,000 current followers. Typical series include “chaotic picture diary”, “requiem dedicated to shrine maiden” and “Hechitake series”, and the total number of works exceeds 7000 points. Currently, he has a series of eight media such as “smart”, “VOCE”, “ViVi” and “Numero TOKYO”, and has broadened the scope of activities regardless of expression methods. A lot of media are also exposed, and “News of everyone” Fuji TV “Skiky !!” Nippon TV (guest appearance) “Zoom in !! Saturday” Nippon TV (special feature) etc. ★ Example content “Summer vacation sorry diary of Panto Bisco” [Image 7

[Image 8

3. BB Goro “Showa artist who has been late” who can handle multi-tasks from imitations to man-to-man talks and playing guitars. Uncommon adult sexiness, danger, astringency … There is a laugh of an adult who knows only the acidity and sweetness of life. The starting material is Mr. Yuji Inagawa, Hiroshima Toyo Carp players in general, Sawada Kenji, and a wide range of Frieza. Especially, Mr. Yuji Inagawa’s monomanate is a first-class product, and it is a comedian who has appeared on television in large numbers, including “Many thanks to everyone in the Tonnerzu-Doctor and assistant-Monomane Championships that are too detailed to be transmitted”. ★ Content example “BB Goro’s scary and not scary story” [Table 9:”>

[Image 9

~ Black Mont Blanc began with one magnificent delusion / dream. To To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the launch of Black Mont Blanc, a former president of Kotaro Takeshita’s former president, “Grand delusion, dreams,” we will organize a nine-hour live broadcast radio program. Under the theme of “Let’s have a dream come true!”, The program is a program that welcomes Mr. Koyama Tsujido and Mr. Chikori Chris as a navigator, sharing, expanding, and realizing everyone’s delicious dreams. We will also be looking for messages on the theme of “delicious dreams” in advance. ( <

[Image 10

When the former chairman Kotaro Takeshita looked at the highest peak “Mont Blanc” in the Alps before the eyes, it was incorporated into the name of ice cream that “it will be delicious if you eat chocolate over this white mountain” The one is “Black Mont Blanc”. Speaking of ice at that time, most of them were candy-like things that only sweetened with coloring agents in water colored with coloring agents, but they have a high-class feeling of Western-style confectionery such as vanilla ice cream, chocolate and cookie crunch. It seems that children were attracted to “Black Mont Blanc”. [Table 11:”>

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As always, QUO Cards and Book Cards that are held on a regular basis are being implemented as “Takeshita Okudai Presents”. Please enjoy together.

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