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Ares Krabote, a cosmetics and skin care product with the aim of offering easyuse parts care for the topthe-line EMS training equipment “CATCH i”, has started handling.

Whom it may concern Ares Krabote Co., Ltd. Ares Krabote, which develops cosmetics and skin care products that are aiming for easy-to-use parts care, has begun handling the eye-catching EMS training equipment “CATCH i”, a hot topic. Intensive stimulation of the eye muscles with a machine! Eye muscle treatment + neck and shoulder treatment for only 15 minutes ………………………………………………………………………………………… Ares Krabote Co., Ltd. (Head office: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture) (allesklarbeaute.co.jp), a beauty material wholesaler and OEM contractor, has begun handling the eye-catching EMS training equipment “CATCH i” . What is “CATCH i”
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“CATCH i” is a training machine for the eye muscles (external eye muscle and the ring and eye muscle) by the unique EMS (low frequency) technology. Eye fatigue symptoms are said to be muscle fatigue in the muscles of the eye (6 muscles around the eyeball) and the muscles with adjustable thickness of the lens (ciliary muscle), and “corrosion of muscles around the eyes”. By treating the muscles of the eye, it is thought to be effective to promote circulation of these muscles and to stretch and loosen tension muscles at special low frequencies. The original shape of the miru wave adhesive pad is specially developed for CATCH i, and it stretches six extraocular muscles in the eyeball. In addition, since EMS can be generated from the back of the body, it is possible to approach the shoulder and waist at the same time as the eye muscles training.
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Eye muscle treatment <KIN mode<RAN mode<ROU modeNeck and shoulder treatment <TTK mode<MOM mode
● Also as a customer attraction tool as a new menu.
● Simultaneous treatment of leaving time of salon-like perm color is also possible.
● For employee welfare
● In addition to the beauty industry, it has been introduced in various places, such as golf clubs and driving ranges, sports associations, and bus drivers.
■ The number of people suffering from Japanese eyes is increasing rapidly (market market expansion)
■ Introductory expenses can usually be paid in about one month
■ You can impress customers in just 15 minutes (leading to repeat / introduction)
■ We do not take place (effective use of dead space which does not produce profit)
■ It does not take time (only putting and leaving a pad)
■ We are relieved by pure domestic apparatus
■ It is easy to continue because you can feel it in a short time treatment
■ Can also be treated for customers after LASIK
■ It is also possible over-the-counter sales
● Price: 178,000 yen (excluding tax) ※ Wholesale price separately
● Body content: CATCH i body (size W205 x D50 x H50), 2 pad cords, AC adapter, miruwave adhesive pad (4 sheets), multi beauty gel 200g, instruction manual
● Body material: ABS resin, acrylic resin, SUS, others (made in Japan) Body weight
●: 210g
● Output adjustment: 10 stages maximum power consumption 20 W
● Input: AC100V 240V 50 / 60Hz 0.4A
● Output: DC12V 1.6A
● Category: Beauty equipment, made in Japan
● Outer box size: W 5 92 x D 4 55 x H 290 Weight 1 3.82 kg Sales site is here https://allesklar.thebase.in/items/22116103
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Ares Krabote Co., Ltd. TEL: 06-7507-1003 Time: 10: 00-16: 00 (except weekends and holidays) order@allesklarbeaute.co.jp
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Ares Krabote Co., Ltd. TEL: 06-7507-1003 Time: 10: 00-16: 00 (except weekends and holidays) info@allesklarbeaute.co.jp

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