Launched hair dryer “Nano Care” EH-NA0B

Panasonic Launched hair dryer “Nano Care” EH-NA0B …………………………………………………………………………………………

【Nano Care EH-NA0B】
RP · Rouge Pink Panasonic Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “Panasonic”) is equipped with a high penetration “Nano E” device where the amount of water generated by Panasonic’s original particle ion “Nano E” has increased 18 times (* 1) compared to the conventional, and is the highest in “Nano Care” history ※ 2) We will release the hair dryer “Nano Care” EH-NA0B on September 1, 2019 with improved moisture and smoothness of the hair with “Nano E” moisture generation amount. In 2005, Panasonic launched the first Nano Hair Care Hair Dryer that can be used not only to dry hair but also to care. Since that time, in April 2018, we have surpassed the total sales of 10 million units (* 3) in Japan by continuing to meet the needs of customers who want to make their hair beautiful. This product focuses on “Pasatsuki”, which is located at the top (* 4) of women’s hair troubles, with the aim of further enhancing the effect on hair, and develops a new high penetration “Nano E” device to make hair beautiful. did. By adopting the multi-leader discharge method, the amount of moisture generated by Nano E is increased to 18 times (* 1) compared to the conventional product, and the penetration into the hair has been increased, resulting in 1.9 times the amount of moisture increase in hair (※ Achieved 5), improved the moisture and smoothness of the hair. Panasonic conducted a monitor survey (* 6) to 100 “Nanocare” users and 100 professional beauticians. According to it, the overall satisfaction of this product compared to “Nano Care” owned by the user is 99%, and you have realized a high hair effect. In addition, all 100 professional hairdressers answered that they were “satisfied” and “want to recommend to customers”. Until now, the “Nano Care” series had been developed with three models, but we will expand this product to four models as the top model, and will further strengthen the hair care proposal with a dryer. 1. Newly developed high-penetration “Nano E” device, the highest in nanocare history (* 2), 18 times (* 1) the conventional level “Nano E” moisture generation amount 2. The high penetration “Nano E” improves the moisture and smoothness by increasing the amount of hair moisture 1.9 times (* 5)
[Product name]
Hair dryer
[Part number]
nano care
【Manufacturer suggested retail price】
Open price
【Release date】
September 1, 2019
【Monthly production】
15,000 ※ 1 Comparison of “Nano E” with high penetration “Nano E” (Panasonic investigation) ※ 2 Comparison with hair dryer nanocare deployment device after the 2005 release ※ 3 As of April 10, 2018 ※ 4 2013 Questionnaire Survey n = 2 517 (Panasonic Survey) ※ 5 Panasonic conventional product 2018 released EH-NA9A ratio ※ 6 June 2019 Hair dryer Nano care (2014-2018 release) Conducted to 100 users and 100 beauticians (Panasonic survey)
【Contact from the media staff】
Panasonic Corporation Appliances Company Consumer Marketing Japan Division Public Relations Division Telephone: 03-5781-4183 (directly)
【Contact Us】
Panasonic Beauty and health products consultation counter Toll-free number: 0120-878-697 (from 9:00 to 18:00) See the press release below for the full text.

[Press Release]
Launched Hair Dryer “Nano Care” EH-NA0B (July 23, 2019) ・ Panasonic beauty appliance “Panasonic beauty”

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