Three days full of T-shirts! andMade Festival “T-shirt is WOW!” August 2nd (Fri)-August 4th (Sun) andMade held in North Approach!

andMade Three days full of T-shirts! andMade Festival “T-shirt is WOW!” August 2nd (Fri)-August 4th (Sun) andMade held in North Approach! Over 40 brands from all occupations and industries, over 200 T-shirts in all! ………………………………………………………………………………………… AndMade is an atelier space that specializes in making clothes. From August 2 (Fri) to 4 (Sun), 2019, 40 brands with various backgrounds from all over Japan, A total of more than 200 T-shirts will be lined in andMade, and we will hold “T-shirt is WOW!” For 3 days full of T-shirts. You can fully enjoy the space where T-shirts are displayed, enough to fill the entire floor of about 200 square meters of andMade. Furthermore, all T-shirts sold are originals for each exhibitor, and one item is also planned to be sold. It’s a perfect event to watch, hit, buy and wear this summer even more fun. [Image 1

【Special guest regardless of occupation / industry! ] In andMade 1F, T-shirts gather from various occupations and industries as special guests. Not only T-shirts, but also special guest works and sales of select products will be held on the day! Special Guest [Image 2

Illustrator “Nisemi Miyuka” An illustrator who lives in Tokyo. Various illustrations such as practical clothes diary based on daily life are published in his own Instagram, making use of designer experience of textile and fashion. As an illustrator, he works as a caricature drawing event, cosmetics package, advertisement, fashion magazine, etc. [Image 3

Graphic designer “fontdesuka” The person inside is a serious and healthy graphic designer called Kuroiwa Misakura. Suddenly thinking about September 2018, “What day is it today?” I have found it every day with the iPad drawing software on the iPad and I’m oystering. [Image 4

EN-PA General Master “Otani Yoshiteru” The art “glyph art” of YOSHI, Yoshiteru Otani, which draws combining kanji and words and figures of Japanese culture. The new school “EN-PA (Empa)” is transmitted to the world. Between 2013 and 2015, we hold SNOOPY JAPANESQUE exhibitions that collaborated with traditional Japanese crafts of Snoopy and collect topics. Special exhibition of book art “Rekazu” with Otani-san, Miki Ando and Norinobu Kawakami et al. ! [Image 5

[Image 6

[Image 7

Shinjuku long-established coffee shop “Sasai Takeshi” A long-established coffee shop founded in 1964, in which the Tokyo Olympics, which continues to pursue “the goodness without change”, is held. There are various age groups of customers from young people to elderly people, such as high-rise crabs and oversized parfait! At the event, Sakai Seibu original T-shirts and original cups used in stores with limited quantities are also sold! ! [Image 8

Tokyo Olympics “again” is held for Sakai Seibu! ! Starting from 1964, we will meet the time of 2020, and connect it to that point … Put that thought into the original cup and saucer, and make it! This is also a special sale! ! [Image 9

Typography brand “TYPO [Typo]” Typography brand that specializes in design that beautifully blends shapes and characters. The concept is “redesigning the name like a logo.” The brand-named custom-made hand-held “TYPO” ( records 3,000 net sales only via web sales. In the future, we plan to introduce new designs and develop items based on the TYPO design. [Image 10

Odabashi Financier specialty store “Buttermaster” Buttermaster is a popular store that sells the finest financiers by hand, one by one, with the concept of “reliable, safe = the best spice”. This time, to commemorate the event participation, produce and sell Buttermaster’s original T-shirt with andMade! ! Of course we will also sell the financials! ! [Image 11

Illustrator “Rooo Lou” He is working in a wide range of fields, focusing on human figures that feel emotions and individuality, but with minimal expression and color. [Image 12

Koenji old clothes shop “gaijin” A must-go old-fashioned clothing store in Koenji, a sacred place for old clothes that has old clothes that don’t fade away any time, cute old clothes that you want to wear right now, and old clothes that are standard. [Image 13

Designer “Nukeme” After graduating from high school, he entered S-mode Japon Osaka school. In 2008, started the brand Nukeme triggered by the graduation production that performed the first collaboration with the poet Yoshinori Hyeguchi. Representative works, such as “Nukeme cap” embroidered by prosecution by the side port, “Glitch embroidery” series selected as the recommended work of the jury committee at the Media Arts Festival of the Cultural Agency, etc. [Many other brands exhibited! ] 5/25 / Belleemeral / Fonds & I / HACCI MOCK / HANITA / have on herb / heki / IDEA SWAM / kiroku / mio / No Rain No Rainbow / nu: no / OLD TIME WIND / OneDrop / Panic Junkie / roguish / SAKO.T / sills / The monotone & co / Tomomi Simiz / UNCREDITED YOUR SERVICES / UNIQE, NEW, ORIGINAL, / VIRUS PANIC / Uyashi Yutaro / Piyopiyorio / Yajimaru / breast meat spine T-shirt shop * Partially unlisted. andMade Festival “T-shirt is WOW!” Date: August 2 (Fri) to 4 (Sun), 2019 11:30-21:00 Free admission Place: andMade Kitasando (3-3-4 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) Content: T-shirt work sale and display by each exhibitor Inquiry: 03-6434-5573 Official site: (

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