[Agile Media Network Co., Ltd.] Launched new test marketing service utilizing distribution stores

Agile Media Network Co., Ltd. Launched new test marketing service utilizing distribution stores The first is a business tie-up with Minami Kyushu Family Mart. About 400 stores in Kagoshima Miyazaki-Realizing the creation of sales floor linked to sales result analysis and SNS posting- ………………………………………………………………………………………… Agile Media Network Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Atsushi Ueda Teiji Mothers, Inc.) Listing: Securities code 6573 and below AMN) will start offering test marketing services for companies using distribution stores from today. As a first step, South Kyushu FamilyMart Co., Ltd. (Head office: Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Representative Director and President: Takashi Iizuka and below: South Kyushu FamilyMart), which operates familymart stores in Kagoshima and Miyazaki Prefecture areas, is a business alliance with South Kyushu We provide test marketing services that enable companies to analyze sales by creating test sales that use videos within the FamilyMart store and creating sales areas linked to SNS postings. Companies that have conducted test marketing can understand the SNS postings of consumers who have touched products at the time of test sales, and it becomes possible to create sales spaces linked to consumer needs at the time of actual sales.
● Background of cooperation Japan’s product-based EC conversion rate * has been steady while expanding the market size to 6.22% (5.79% last year), but the majority (more than 93%) of product purchases occur in the distribution retail The move to combine experiences in the EC and real stores is considered to be increasingly important for manufacturers to handle distribution retail and invest in effective in-store experiences. On the other hand, the method and platform to conduct effective test marketing in the store has not been developed yet. In addition, there is also a reality that is developing without testing in advance in the over-the-counter sales of new products. Therefore, AMN, which has provided a service that fosters corporate fans by utilizing data on the web such as SNS and blog, can now conduct test marketing linked to SNS and blog review data at distribution stores It is decided to start offering a new service. As the first step, we will work in partnership with Minami Kyushu FamilyMart, and will be able to conduct test marketing at approximately 400 stores in Kagoshima Miyazaki. ※ Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry: Infrastructure development for data-driven society in Japan in fiscal 2020 (market research on electronic commerce)
● Overview of this initiative Through this business alliance, we will develop and provide various test marketing menus for customers visiting Kagoshima Prefecture and Miyazaki Prefecture’s 398 FamilyMart stores (as of the end of June 2019), for which Minami Kyushu FamilyMart is in charge. . So far South Kyushu FamilyMart works with local TV programs and elects popular ramen restaurants in Kagoshima by open vote “Kagoshima Ramen King Decision Match” competes Kagoshima No. 1 and products with ramen of high-ranked prize store as cup ramen We are realizing various fan participation type planning such as Using a tool “Ambassador platform” that can analyze word-of-mouth communication of SNS and blog provided by AMN, while realizing organization and activation of fans in Kagoshima and Miyazaki area, along with fans for manufacturers that want to promote products We plan to develop and provide menus that allow for promotion and product development. [Approach to be deployed] 1. Establishment and operation of an ambassador organization by both companies 2. Development and provision of test marketing menu for manufacturers 3. Promotion menu development and provision utilizing fan organization Figure 1: Overview of Business Alliance [Image 1

● Development and provision of test marketing menu In this service, in addition to surveying sales by selling exclusively in this area before selling new products nationwide, it is possible to take measures such as changing the information provided in each store based on the reviews by fans. This feature is characterized by the fact that it is possible to obtain promotional ideas before full-scale development, such as what kind of customer groups are most effective. [Test marketing service summary] Start date: September 2019 (planned) Offer contents: Test marketing service which can do reaction investigation and sale using POP and video that utilized word of mouth in store [Flow image of implementation] 1. Determination of target product / Confirmation of handling in FamilyMart 2. In-store content production (POP, video, etc.) 3. Product sales contract and delivery 4. Test sales (conducted for a fixed period) 5. Report execution (use for later sales activities) Figure 2: Image of using test marketing measures [Image 2

● Comments from representatives of both companies
● Comments from Mr. Atsushi Ueda Through this initiative, we believe that various manufacturers can contribute to highly accurate in-store marketing and sales / promotion support activities for new product distribution / retail. I also feel great hope and potential to be able to take the first step in providing new value by providing a place where the fans can verify the sales promotion effect of word-of-mouth communication.
● Comments from Takashi Iizuka, President of Minami Kyushu Familymart Now that we have started working with Agile Media Network, we will be forming a business alliance in the form of collaboration. Through this initiative, as a means to convey value not only through mass advertising, but with a new perspective of “comment review”, we will let many people know the local products and customs, food culture, etc. We are greatly expecting that it will be an effort to As a company loved by Kagoshima Prefecture and Miyazaki Prefecture as a local company, I would like to upgrade the version further and try new challenges in the future. ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー
◆ About South Kyushu Family Mart We established the southern Kyushu region (Kagoshima Prefecture and Miyazaki Prefecture) as an expansion area in April 1993. What we have been aiming for since our founding is “Community-based management.” We carry out community-based activities such as product development using local ingredients, the launch of tie-up products with local companies, and active participation in regional events. https://www.mfamily.co.jp/
[Image 3

About Agile Media Network (AMN) With a vision of “accelerating the likes” around the world, AMN has developed a business that supports conversations and communications between fans and companies / brands. We are promoting the Ambassador Program (R), which promotes product and service marketing activities with fans, and CATAPULT, a performance-based test marketing platform, in Japan and overseas. https://agilemedia.jp/ [Image 4

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