~ 2020 WONDER JOURNEY! It will surely be a trip beyond imagination-Kinki Japan Tourist Club Tourism will start accepting lottery sales from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics official watching tour today

KNT-CT HD ~ 2020 WONDER JOURNEY! It will surely be a trip beyond imagination-Kinki Japan Tourist Club Tourism will start accepting lottery sales from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics official watching tour today ………………………………………………………………………………………… Tokyo NT2 2020 Olympics and Paralympic Official Travel Service Partner KNT-CT Holdings Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Akimasa Yoneda, hereafter KNT-CT) is a group company “Kinki Nippon Tourist” and “Club Tourism”. We will start accepting lottery sales of “Tokyo 2020 Olympics Official Watching Tour” (watching tour with packages of tickets, accommodation, transportation, etc.) planned and implemented today from today.
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“Suggested Tour” Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Conquest Series: A proposal-type tour that brings together the ideas and know-how of Kinto Japan Tourist and Club Tourism as a commemorative product of the launch of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Official Tour This tour is a special tour where you can experience not only the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games but also the “5 Wonder Points for a trip beyond imagination”. In addition to the above, Kinki Nippon Tourist will watch two competitions by combining one of judo, swimming, gymnastics, and baseball and one competition held in the Tokyo Bay Zone. “Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Combo Series” The club tourism will be a lottery sale of a safe tour with attendants of arrivals and departures from all over the country where watching games, lodgings, transportation, etc. have become a set. About the details of each course and reception method etc. Tokyo 2020 support site https://www.knt.co.jp/tokyo2020/ Please refer to it.
■ 2020 WONDER JOURNEY! Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Conquest Series
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Photo (image): Afro 298,000 yen-2,020,000 yen (one person, two people use one room) The lineup is all six courses. In addition to watching the competition, we will support the “walk around Tokyo” unique to the event, such as rules and history of the competition, knowledge of players, skills, etc., encounters with new competitions and events, events at competition venues and various places. It is characterized by 5 Wonder points.
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【Conquered Series: ‘5 Wonder Points’】
1. “Everyone’s competition experience” using advanced technology such as VR fencing 2. “Symposium commentary seminar” such as rules of the competition and attention points 3. Go and try using it, convenient “original watching goods” 4. “Original Tokyo town walk goods” to enjoy during Tokyo 2020 period 5. “Help service” to make your trip comfortable, including home delivery and bathing tickets
■ Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Combo Series Combo 3-Day Course 93,000 yen to 213,000 yen (for one or two persons in one room) Planning and implementation: Kinki Japan Tourist Metropolitan Area Plan of 2 nights and 3 days with tickets for 2 games, including 1 game out of 4 popular events (Judo, gymnastics, swimming, baseball) expected to win medals in Japan and 1 game held in Tokyo Bay Zone is. The watching game on the third day is determined by the departure date. ※ The trip price includes: tickets for competition, accommodation, KNT-CT original “5 Wonder points”. ※ Travel fee per person, one room for two people. ※ Date: Day 1: Home ……….. Hotel (night) Day 2: Hotel … watching games … hotel (night) Day 3: Hotel … watching the game … home (Moving is a customer burden)
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Other than Judo combo course, Baseball Combo Course (98,000 yen to 182,000 yen) “Gymmetry (gymnastics) combo course” (104,000 yen to 156,000 yen), “Swimming (competition) combo course” (134,000 yen to 213,000 yen), There is. (Each course has a course for watching the qualifying and a course for watching the medal game)
[Combo series target: ‘5 Wonder points’]

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Photo (image): Afro 1. Commitment to the popular Olympic Games! 2. “Everyone’s competition experience” using advanced technology such as VR fencing 3. Competition rules and attention points such as “Highlight Commentary Seminar” 4. Convenient “original goods” to enjoy Tokyo 2020 period 5. Before check-in and after check-out keep luggage, “Continuous night at a good location hotel”
■ A safe tour accompanied by a coach 21,500 yen to 1,030,000 yen Planning and implementation: Club Tourism Co., Ltd. A tour of peace of mind accompanied by attendants by arrivals and departures all over the country where watching games, lodging and transportation were set We will prepare. Watching from Osaka on “Asuka II Charter Cruise” There is also a tour. <One example of course from each part1.
【From Sapporo】
Women's softball final match / award ceremony third place decision match 3 days 125,000 yen to 170,000 yen (A, C, D seats) 2.
【From Sendai】
Don't miss the finals, etc. Rugby men watching and Asakusa 2 days 76,000 yen to 94,000 yen (A, B, C, D seats) 3.
【From Tokyo】
Volleyball women's semifinals and baseball men 3rd place match match 202,000 yen-252,000 yen (A, B, D seats) 4.
【From Osaka】

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Asuka II (shooting: Atsushi Nakamura) July 31 Osaka Port, August 3 Yokohama Port Arrival “Asuka II” charter cruise 3 nights 4 days course. As a basic plan, there will be a ticket for watching one game (the competition, the day of the game, and the seat type can not be specified). In addition, we will be accepting additional competitions (lottery) from baseball, tennis, swimming (dropping), gymnastics, table tennis, badminton, wrestling, fencing, basketball, and athletics as a game ticket selection plan. 320,000 yen to 1,030,000 yen (basic plan) 5.
【From Nagoya and Osaka】
Soccer men’s final match / award ceremony 2 days From Nagoya 143,000 yen (seat D) From Osaka 149,000 yen (seat D)
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Photo (image): Afro 6.
【From Nagoya and Osaka】
Women’s high jump final and artistic swimming 3 days From Nagoya: 290,000 yen (C seat), 315,000 yen (A seat) From Osaka: 299,000 yen (C seat), 324,000 yen (A seat) 7.
【From Hiroshima】
Track 4 x 100 m final and baseball final match viewing plan 3 days 200,000 to 700,000 yen (A, D, E seats) 8.
【From Fukuoka】
Let’s go watching the popular game on weekends 1 night 2 days! Olympista Jiam · Athletics 2 days 198,000 yen to 348,000 yen (A, D, E seats) It will be just one year on July 24 until the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be held. We will do our best to promote the Olympic Movement as an official travel service partner so that many people can look forward to the Tokyo 2020 Games. In addition, KNT-CT is a brand slogan for Tokyo 2020 “2020 WONDER JOURNEY! We will provide various forms of tours and services so that you can experience the charm and enjoyment of sports in depth, making use of the travel know-how we have accumulated over the years, with the aim of becoming a trip beyond the imagination. You Product information, etc. about Tokyo 2020 will be released from time to time on the Tokyo 2020 Support Site at https://www.knt.co.jp/tokyo2020/.
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