【Ponta】 Please support me! Buffaloes Ponta Day “Ponta’s Team” August 3, 2019 (Saturday) Let’s raise the “B pose” Ponta of victory! First-come present for Oriho Mini Poster

To the press Loyalty Marketing Co., Ltd. Emergency support! Buffaloes Ponta Day “Ponta’s Team” August 3, 2019 (Saturday) Let’s raise the “B pose” Ponta of victory! First-come present for Oriho Mini This year’s collaboration menu comes with the “Original Trading Card”! Goods new products also appeared ………………………………………………………………………………………… Loyalty Marketing Co., Ltd. (head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Takeshi Hasegawa, “LM” below), which operates the common point service “Ponta”, will be held on August 3, 2019 (Sat) We will inform you about the plan contents of “Buffaloes Ponta Day”. ※ LM is a 2019 uniform pants sponsor. [Image 1

This year’s Buffalos Ponta Day is also a match for the annual Orix Buffalo’s summer event “Bs Summer 2019”, so we are planning a project based on the concept of “Ponta’s team”. In the photo spot, we will wear a matching “Summer Party” uniform with the player and a panel of Ponta with “B pose” for Orix Buffaloes’ victory. In addition, we will present “Can Badge” and “Oriho Mini Poster” to the first 15,000 people as an admission privilege. The “Can batch” has a pontaor with a dignified expression, and the “Oriho Mini Poster” has a B pose with both hands, and a ponta with a lot of tears of delight while making her eyes shine. The annual collaboration menu sells 8 types including the new noodle “Pon-chan-men”. We present “original trading card” as purchase privilege. We will randomly deliver one of Ponta’s design 8 patterns, which are passionate for victory in the “Summer camp” uniform. There are “Ponta Photo Session Participation Tickets” attached to the limited 10-course “Boiled seafood Ponta”. In addition, new products of Buffalo Ponta original goods also appear. The buffaloes ponta also rushes to the stadium on the day to cheer up fans and Orix buffaloes. Admission benefits First arrival 15,000 people [Image 2

Limited collaboration menu (tax included) “Original Trading Card” is presented to those who purchase limited collaboration menu! [Image 3

New item original goods One example (tax included) [Image 4

[2019 Buffaloes Ponta Day Overview] Match: Orix Buffaloes vs Saitama Seibu Lions Date: August 3, 2019 (Sat) Open: 12 o’clock / Start of the game: 14 o’clock Venue: Kyocera Dome Osaka Venue Access: www.buffaloes.co.jp/stadium/osaka.php Ticket inquiry: www.buffaloes.co.jp/ticket/ Twitter account “Buffaloes Ponta”: https://twitter.com/bs_ponta

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