【CCC Frontier】 【Brand Novelty Present】 UNiCASE (Unicase) Membership registration number 650,000 breakthrough commemorative campaign ☆

CCC Frontier Ltd. [Brand novelty present] UNiCASE (unicase) member registration number 650,000 breakthrough memory campaign ☆ ~ SPECIAL SALE is also underway ~ ………………………………………………………………………………………… CCC Frontier Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo / Representative director: Kenichiro Kaneko), one of Japan’s largest smartphone accessory specialty store and EC site business, registered 650,000 members of the smartphone accessory specialty store UNiCASE operated by the company. In order to commemorate the breakthrough, we will present novelties to customers who purchase the products from July 26 (Fri) 11:00 to August 8 (Thu) 17:00. Great deals are also being implemented! Please use this opportunity. [Image 1

Thank you for always using UNiCASE. UNiCASE is currently carrying out a special campaign to commemorate the 650,000 membership mark. Many customers are already using SPECIAL SALE. Furthermore, we will present a novelty to customers who purchase the target product for a limited time from July 26 (Fri). Continue to enjoy shopping at UNiCASE! ★ The campaign details are here https https://unicase.jp/article/5620_181425.html Amber Brand Novelty Presents If you purchase the target product at UNiCASE, you will receive a novelty on a first-come-first-served basis! It will end as soon as it disappears. Don’t miss this opportunity! ! [Target] If you purchased adidas Originals, adidas performance [First-come-order purchase bonus novelty] ・ UNiCASE online store adidas Originals either carabiner / sticker ・ UNiCASE each store adidas Originals tote bag / carabiner / sticker either [Image 2

[Image 3

[Image 4

★ adidas novelty target product is this ⇒ https://unicase.jp/feature/286.html?input_order=1 [Target] Case-Mate If you purchased the product [First-come-order purchase bonus novelty] ・ UNiCASE online store Case-Mate smartphone ring and other fall prevention items [Image 5

[Image 6

[Image 7

[Image 8

★ Case-Mate novelty target product is here https https://unicase.jp/feature/287.html?input_order=1 ※ You can not choose novelty. Please note. ※ Novelty is different in online store and store. ※ Tote bag excludes some stores. ※ Novelty will end as soon as it disappears. SPEC Continue to carry out SPECIAL SALE! Sale period: July 19 (Fri) 11:00 to August 8 (Thu) 17:00 Products targeted for sale are here https https://unicase.jp/feature/285.html?input_order=1 A new product excitingly in stock! At UNiCASE, a wide range of items such as simple clear cases that take advantage of the design of the iPhone itself, items of popular characters such as Disney, original iPhone cases collaborating with fashionable brands, cute designs, cool designs, and gender / generation We are aligned. Please use it. iPhone XS Case https://unicase.jp/iphone/iPhoneXS/case/?input_order=1 iPhone XS protective film https://unicase.jp/iphone/iPhoneXS/film/?input_order=1 iPhone XS Max Case https://unicase.jp/iphone/iPhoneXS%20Max/case/?input_order=1 iPhone XS Max Protective Film https://unicase.jp/iphone/iPhoneXS%20Max/film/?input_order=1 iPhone XR Case https://unicase.jp/iphone/iPhoneXR/case/?input_order=1 iPhone XR protective film https://unicase.jp/iphone/iPhoneXR/film/?input_order=1 iPhone X Case https://unicase.jp/iphone/iPhoneX/case/?input_order=1 iPhone X film https://unicase.jp/iphone/iPhoneX/film/?input_order=1 iPhone 8 Case https://unicase.jp/iphone/iPhone8/case/?input_order=1 iPhone 8 protective film https://unicase.jp/iphone/iPhone8/film/?input_order=1 iPhone 8 Plus Case https://unicase.jp/iphone/iPhone8%20Plus/case/?input_order=1 iPhone 8 Plus Protective Film https://unicase.jp/iphone/iPhone8%20Plus/film/?input_order=1 UN “UNiCASE” online store ⇒ https://unicase.jp 一 覧 “UNiCASE” store list https https://unicase.jp//info/store_list.html ┃UNiCASE (Unicase) concept “UNiCASE (Unicase)” is a smartphone accessories specialty store that offers a wide selection of unique and carefully selected related items so that many customers can enjoy mobile life more than ever. With UNiCASE (Unicase), you can offer a variety of stylish, originality-related sensitivities, personalities, and related products that perfectly match your preferences for users of mobile devices such as iPhones, smartphones and iPads. We have prepared a lineup. From now on, planning and sales with the concept of “interesting, original, cute, trend, convenient” such as “original items never seen before” or “limited items that can not be selected in other stores” I will do it. We “UNiCASE (Unicase)” will provide a space where you can be satisfied with this further service and product lineup. UN “UNiCASE” online store ⇒ https://unicase.jp 一 覧 “UNiCASE” store list https https://unicase.jp//info/store_list.html Copyright notice Copyright (C) 2018 UNicASE All Rights Reserved. ┃ service name notation Service Name: UNiCASE (Unicase) Service logo: [Image 9

※ “UNiCASE (Unicase)” is a registered trademark of CCC Frontier Ltd. Sakai CCC Frontier Ltd. Overview Established: June 18, 2004 Capital: 422,020,000 yen President and CEO: Kenichiro Kaneko Number of employees: 85 Head office location: -10 17-10 Sakaura-cho Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150- 0033 Daikanyama Art Village 2F URL: https://www.cccfrontier.co.jp/ Business description: Mail-order business, retail business, wholesale business, content service business, software development business, advertising business, design business [Contact for this release] CCC Frontier Ltd. Contact person: Takeshita, Soma TEL: 03-6455-0681 FAX: 03-6455-0682 E-mail: support@cccfrontier.co.jp

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