[6 curry Co., Ltd.] Curry brand “6 curry” is incorporated. To expand the community, to a new development.

Reporters Six curry Co., Ltd. Curry brand “6curry” is incorporated. To expand the community, to a new development. Following Ebisu, Shibuya store open decision! Launched “food x community” planning and production business for corporations. ………………………………………………………………………………………… Curry brand “6curry”, which was developed as a new business of New Peace Co., Ltd., has become independent as 6curry Co., Ltd. (representative director: Shinpei Takagi). [Image 1

“Curry is better than ramen. Will anyone bring a curry revolution together?” In 2017, “6curry” that began with a representative of representative Shinki Takagi. A curry-like member gathered through SNS launched a team to create the “curry revolution”. It was opened as a ghost restaurant in December 2017, considering the shape and delivery method of the new curry. Cup curry, which has been featured in over 30 media, is one of the new curries we have devised. [Image 2

We started as a ghost restaurant that does not have a store, but in September 2018, we opened a central kitchen “6curryKITCHEN” with private address and membership system. Rather than just eating, it is the most fun when you make curry, eat and get along, and share ideas with each other. I wanted to create a “place where everyone gets together” that gathers with curry. Half a year since 6curryKITCHEN started. The number of members has risen to the right and currently exceeds 280 people. (As of July 28, 2019) [Image 3

We will open our second store in Shibuya this October. When this plan was born, we decided to corporate. Looking back from the beginning up to now, I am convinced again of the possibilities of curry and the community. As 6curry Co., Ltd., we will take on even greater challenges. We will accelerate the concept of “EXPERIENCE THE MIX.” I would like to create a place to embody the world with six people-the next separation. To become a company must be stable economically. However, we do not follow the path of what is called a successful chain restaurant: homogenizing services and increasing turnover. We believe that each person’s ideas and attractiveness are mixed and diverse values ​​are nurtured each day, and in the future era, a globally accepted brand will be created ahead of such local accumulation. And above all, we want to enjoy such places and times. The things you cherish don’t change, but the size and seriousness of the feelings you put on change. I have to change it. Be able to become the next generation curry brand like Blue Bottle for Starbucks and Shake Shack for McDonald’s. More challenging, bold and with more love than ever before. [Image 4

By the way, the establishment date is June 1 for 6curry! … I wanted to, but May 30th. “I want to make it in a hurry” and it is the result of the day because I was proceeding the procedure. It is such a thing. June 1 Eve Day … Everyone, please remember. Finally We are a curry shop when we see from the world. However, I think that what is slightly different from ordinary curry shops is that they are gathering “friends” rather than “customers”. Pay money and eat curry. The relationship between us and 6curry members is not only that. Friends who met with curry and mixed life time. This co-creation is our economy. From now on, I would like to meet many people, mix them, and become friends. I would like to create such an experience with my friends like curry that mixes any ingredients and makes it delicious. EXPERIENCE THE MIX. At the end We are also looking for event production planning for companies, event planning at 6curryKITCHEN, etc from management. Most recently, I planned and produced events for Shiseido Co., Ltd. and WORLD Co., Ltd. Please let me know if you have a suggestion for communication based on food. We look forward to hearing from you! (Serious) [Image 5

◆ Contact 6curry Co., Ltd. E-mail address: info@6curry.com WEB site: https://6curry.com

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