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  • [Mr. Terukoya Co., Ltd.] “Miffy Forest’s Kitchin” will open at Yufuin on October 31 (Thursday) Grand Opening! The second installment of a bakery with a theme of “Mori x Miffy”

[Mr. Terukoya Co., Ltd.] “Miffy Forest’s Kitchin” will open at Yufuin on October 31 (Thursday) Grand Opening! The second installment of a bakery with a theme of “Mori x Miffy”

Terakoya Co., Ltd. “Miff’s Forest” is the grand opening of Yufuin on October 31st (Thursday)! The second installment of a bakery with a theme of “Mori x Miffy” ………………………………………………………………………………………… Terakoya Co., Ltd. (Kyoto Ukyo-ku, Representative Director, Kaizo Kohei) is licensed with Dick Bruna Japan, Inc. (Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative Director, Shogo Shibata), who cherish traditional Japanese culture through the sale of souvenirs. Based on the contract, following the Kyoto-Arashiyama Miff-Sakura Kitchin, we will open an additional shop “Miff-Mori in the woods” with the theme “Mori x Miffy” in Oita, Yufuin. [Image 1

A shop based on the concept of “Miffy, Forest and Kitchen”, “Miffy Forest’s Kitchin” is on October 31, 2019 on “Yunotsubo Dori,” a popular tourist destination in Yufuin surrounded by nature. Grand opening on Sunday (Thursday). Miffy goods are sold in the warm store with limited items such as popular Japanese goods and kitchen goods even in Kyoto “Miff 桜 Sakura Kicchin”, and the “Miff べ 併 設 べ 併 設 併 設 併 設In addition to the popular Miffy Anpan and other character breads, Kari also has a take-out menu for soft cream and drinks. There will also be a photogenic eat-in space on the second floor of the store, where you can make memories at Yufuin while eating the bread you bought.
[Image 2

[Image 3

Furthermore, Boris who is Miffy’s friend is also very active this time! We are planning to sell Boris’s limited goods and limited bread, which you can only buy in the woods, so everyone are looking forward to it. [Image 4

▼ Store information Name: Yufuin Miffy Mori no Kitchin / Miffy Mori No Vary Address: Sakai 879-5102 Yufu City Yufu City Kawakami Sonoda 1503-8, Yufu City Business hours: 9:30 to 17:30 (planned) Phone number: To be determined Regular holiday: all year round Opening date: October 31, 2019 (Thu) For publication, please check the manuscript. In addition, please write the following copyright. [Image 5

▼ Reference: Miffy Miffy is a little rabbit girl. The main character of the picture book drawn by Dutch picture book writer and graphic designer Dick Bruna. The first picture book was published in the Netherlands in 1955, and in Japan in 1964, “Chisaana Usako-chan” (the Gospel Bookstore) was published. Since then, it has been popular for three generations. An honest, honest, courageous, always new and intriguing miffy, family and friend warm story, continues to be loved by people all over the world.
▼ Related URL: Miffy Cherry Kitten official site http://www.miffy-sakurakitchen.jp Facebook page https://twitter.com/Miffy_kitchen Twitter page https://www.facebook.com/Miffykitchen.B/ Instagram account https://www.instagram.com/miffy_kitchen/ Japan’s Miffy Information Site http://www.dickbruna.jp/ Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/miffyjapan/ Twitter page https://twitter.com/miffy_japan Instagram account https://www.instagram.com/miffy_jp/
▼ About Terakoya Co., Ltd. It is a company that inherits traditional Japanese culture through the sale of souvenirs, mainly in sightseeing areas. The unique development proposal full of uniqueness that can not be imitated by other companies, always providing new and nostalgic products and proposals, and developing products that make use of the skills of the artisan through 145 directly managed stores in Japan, using approximately 8 million customers annually We have received. Terakoya Co., Ltd. Head office: 〒 615-0801, 7 Kyoto-ku, Kyoto-ku, 7 Representative: President and Representative Director Kohei Kaito Established: November 1980 Phone number: 075-325-3535 (representative) URL: http://www.telacoya.co.jp Business Description: ・ Operation of concept shop ・ Planning, production and sales of original products ・ Confectionery production sale ·Mail order ・ Store interior design construction Such 【Contact for general people】 Company name: Terakoya, Inc. Customer consultation room Name of person in charge: Toshiya Takai Rena Asada TEL: 0120-975-316 Email: info@telacoya.co.jp

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