Hiroki Ando, ​​President of UN WFP Association, Foreign Minister’s Commendation

UN WFP Hiroki Ando, ​​President of UN WFP Association, Foreign Minister’s Commendation ………………………………………………………………………………………… Mr. Hiroki Ando, ​​Chairman and CEO of Nisshin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd., a certified NPO corporation WFP Association, received an award from the Minister of Foreign Affairs for the first year of Riwa. As a reason for the award, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is promoting the fundraising activities and cooperative relationships with companies and organizations with the aim of achieving goal 2 of “sustaining development goals (SDGs)” “zero hunger” as Ando as chairman of the association. , Through public relations, contributed to raising awareness of the UN WFP activities in Japan. Ando has been actively promoting donations from individuals and companies since he became chairman of the company in 2010, greatly increasing the amount of donations, and launched the “Red Cup Campaign” in 2011, allowing consumers to receive red cups By purchasing products with a mark, we promoted an effort to use part of the sales to support the school lunch service of the United Nations World Food Program (WFP). Ando said, “I am very happy to receive this award. It is an award that I received as an individual, but I think that this is also the result of the cooperation of many people. We will make an effort to spread the circle of support for zero hunger among the people and companies. ” Naoki Yakeya, representative of the United Nations WFP Japan office, said, “The award recognizes that President Ando’s achievements over the years have been widely recognized. To promote UN WFP’s activities aimed at solving the problem of hunger It is essential for us to support Japanese individuals and private companies, and we will honor the efforts of President Ando, ​​and wish him every success. ” [What is the United Nations WFP Association] Non-profit organization United Nations World Food Program WFP Association (Certified NPO WFP Association) is the official support window in Japan of WFP United Nations World Food Programme, which is the UN’s only food support organization whose mission is to eliminate hunger. is. We support the activities of the WFP UN World Food Program through fundraising, collaboration with companies and organizations, and public relations. www.wfp.org/jp The UN WFP, as the UN’s only food support organization, is working to achieve the second goal of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), “to eliminate hunger”.

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