[Plaza style] New bear birth! In commemoration of the original painting exhibition, a new companion “Karebear (TM)” “Sparkle Heart Bear (TM)” is born!

Plaza style New Bear Birth! In commemoration of the original painting exhibition, a new companion “Karebear (TM)” “Sparkle Heart Bear (TM)” is born! August 8th (Thursday) to 26th (Mon), 2019 Care Bears (TM) Exhibition-Colorful World- ………………………………………………………………………………………… Styling Life Holdings Co., Ltd., which develops lifestyle stores “PLAZA” and “MINiPLA”, is the first character “Care Bears (TM) (Care Bear (TM))” licensed by Plaza Style Company (Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo) A large-scale original painting exhibition will be held in Matsuya Ginza from August 8 (Thu) to 26 (Mon) on 2019. And in commemoration of this original painting exhibition, new bear “sparkle heart bear (TM)” is born. Two types of stuffed toy and mascot with key ring will be released at the venue’s first release. [Image 1

Sparkle Heart Bear (TM) From the left Stuffed toy S 2,000 yen, Mascot with key ring 1,400 yen The first large-scale original art exhibition “Karebear (TM)”-“Karebear (TM) Exhibition-Mentally Bright Colorful World-” which is the first popular character “Legated with Care”, held by Plaza Style’s license, will be held on August 8th, 2019 (Matsuya Ginza 8th floor event) It will be held in the square. This exhibition, with the full cooperation of the original rights holder of the United States, brings together about 200 valuable illustration originals of greeting cards from the birth of Carebear (TM) to the present, and is published. Inside the venue, there will also be photo spots that express the world of Carebear (TM), which is colorful and full of happiness. [Image 2

At the goods section, the original products will be presented at the Care Bear (TM) exhibition’s original goods, as well as the goods for the new bear “Sparkle Heart Bear (TM)” created to commemorate the holding of the original picture exhibition. The Sparkle Heart Bear (TM) trademark is Heart and Diamond. Like people who embrace people with a kindness like a heart, and keep the brilliance of people around the world firmly like a diamond that emits an eternal glow. Get started quickly at the Care Bear (TM) exhibition! Care Bears (TM) Exhibition-A heartwarming colorful world- [Image 3

Period: August 8th (Thursday) to 26th (Mon), 2019 * Open all day Time: 10: 00-20: 00 ※ August 12 (Sun), 18 (Sun), 25 (Sun) is closed at 19:30. ※ Closed at 17:00 on the last day. ※ Admission is 30 minutes before closing time. Place: Matsuya Ginza 8F Event Square Organized by: Care Bear (TM) Exhibition Executive Committee Entrance fee: General 800 yen (600 yen), high school student 600 yen (500 yen), elementary and junior high school student 400 yen (300 yen) ※ () is a pre-sale fee. ※ Advance tickets will be sold through Yahoo! Pass Market and Lawson Tickets until Wednesday, August 7.
● For details, please visit Matsuya Ginza’s website. http://www.matsuya.com/m_ginza/exhib_gal/details/20190808_carebear_8es.html
● For more information on Care Bears (TM), please see here. https://www.plazastyle.com/charapla/carebear/ [Image 4

※ Price is body price (tax-excluded). ※ Please write copyright when you use the image. Care Bears (TM) and related trademarks: TM & (C) 2019 Those Characters From Cleveland, LLC ※ Please be sure to put (TM) after the name of Care Bears, Care Bears, each bear.

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