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  • [ITO Itoh Co., Ltd.] Launched Yumeki Lock “Separate Diary (2020 version).” The 9th year of the renewal will change the weekly planned page to a 5mm grid note. Manage diverse plans and records smoothly

[ITO Itoh Co., Ltd.]
Launched Yumeki Lock “Separate Diary (2020 version).” The 9th year of the renewal will change the weekly planned page to a 5mm grid note. Manage diverse plans and records smoothly

Ito Notebook Co., Ltd. Released YUMEKI ROCK “Separate Diary (2020)”. The 9th year of the renewal will change the weekly planned page to a 5mm grid note. Smoothly manage diversified schedules and records 70,000 volumes have been sold since its release, with the support that the page splits up and down in the middle of the notebook …………………………………………………………………………………………… Ito Datebook Co., Ltd. (Head office: Nagoya City: President and Representative Director: Yoshihito Ito), who has been working on notebook manufacturing and OEM, is September 2 for the advance booking of the 2020 edition of the notebook separate diary, which is divided into two stages above and below its own brand Yumeki Lock. Start from the day. The official sale is scheduled for September 27th. The 2020 version separate diary has been redesigned for the first time in nine years, changing the specification from “Lines” to “Weekly & Monthly” to the 5 mm square note page. This will not only fill in the schedule, but it will also allow you to use a wide range of usage such as writing ideas, illustrations and pictorialized notes, making it possible to visualize the schedule and what to do for a week. In addition, it has evolved into a notebook for those who want to manage complicated schedules and records that arise from diversified work styles without fail.

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Fill in the notes and notes to the upper level. Schedule management is performed in the lower row. The photograph is a usage example of a businessman
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Appearance of separate diary “Weekly & Monthly Edition”. You can enter the monthly schedule in the top row. The background of changing specifications after 9 years The separate diary “Weekly & Monthly Edition” is a specification that manages the monthly schedule and daily schedule in the upper row, and manages the weekly schedule in the lower row. It has been supported that it is convenient to be able to plan what to do on the day while checking the schedule. However, customer requests such as “I want to fill in more details on TODO” and “I want to write memos in figures” have been increasing year by year. The social background is considered to be a diversity of working styles such as “the need to work efficiently in time due to work style reform” and “the number of things to be done by balancing work and family is increasing” . For this reason, the specification for the daily schedule page has been changed from a ruled line to a grid memo format since the 2020 edition. We have a desire unique to the notebook manufacturer that they want people who use the notebook to use without stress and want to keep using it every year. Future prospects An increasing number of companies are introducing telework to host the Olympics. In addition, it is assumed that the number of companies that will lift the side job will increase in the future, and the “schedule” and “records of things to do” will be more complicated. Ito’s handbook carries out activities to enlighten the significance and methods of managing them with a handbook, and is working to realize stress-free time management. What is a separate diary? The center of the notebook is divided into upper and lower parts. Monthly, weekly, daily, and Gantt charts have independent pages in the upper and lower tiers. The desired information can be displayed on the top and bottom, so you can use it as if you were using a stem notebook without having to search for the information while turning the notebook. Approximately 70,000 volumes have been sold since its release in 2011. 2020 separate diary lineup ・ Weekly & Monthly version for those who place importance on weekly schedule management ・ Daily & Monthly version for those who place importance on managing the schedule of the day ・ Monthly & Monthly version for those who focus on managing monthly schedules
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Daily & Monthly edition

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Monthly & Monthly edition
Separate diary specifications comparison list by type
[Table 3: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/31231/table/11_1.jpg”>

Product Summary
[Table 4: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/31231/table/11_2.jpg”>

All the production methods are thread-bound binding that opens 180 degrees flat. * Tochigi Leather Company Full Vegetable Tanning Leather Notebook Cover (New Product) 5 colors Camel red black gray brown

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Tochigi Leather Company Full vegetable tanning leather (new product)
Release place
Yumeki Rock direct management store https://www.yumekirock.com/ Yumeki Rock Rakuten Market Branch https://www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/yumekirock/ Yumeki Rock Amazon Store https://www.amazon.co.jp/stores/node/3907886051 Yumeki Rock Yahoo Store https://shopping.geocities.jp/yumekirock/

[Retail store]
Release time varies depending on each store. Ginza Itoya Main Store, Tokyu Hands Ginza Store, Nagoya Store, ANNEX Store, Umeda Store * Leather notebook cover is sold only on the EC site.
■ Contact information for inquiries Company name: Ito Notebook Co., Ltd. Phone number: TEL: 052-936-2363
■ Company Profile Trade name: Ito Notebook Co., Ltd. Representative: Representative Director Ryojin Ito Location: 3-42 Buzencho, Higashi-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture 461-0034, Japan Established: February 1954 Business: Manufacture and sale of various notebooks, general books, and vinyl products Capital: 10,000,000 yen Ito notebook official site www.ito-techo.co.jp/ Yumeki Rock Separate Diary Site: www.yumekirock.com/ Yumeki Rock Official Blog: techonomikata.jp/

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