[Marantz new product] Network CD receiver M-CR612

D & M Holdings Inc. [Marantz new product] Network CD receiver M-CR612 To all who love music. Standard all-in-one music system remodeled ………………………………………………………………………………………… Marantz will release the network CD receiver “M-CR612” in late April 2019. Since the “M-CR502” released in 2008, up to the “M-CR611” released in 2015, which is the 4th generation, the design and sound quality have been refined with each generation, and the latest network functions have been installed. The M-CR series will finally evolve into the 5th generation.

Product Name: Network CD Receiver Product number: M-CR612 Color: Silver Gold / Black Recommended retail price: 70,000 yen (excluding tax) JAN Code: 49-51035-06797-0 (Silver Gold: MCR612FN) / 49-51035-06800-7 (Black: MCR612FB) Release date: late April 2019

M-CR612 Black atmosphere The M-CR612 supports basic sources such as CD, FM / AM radio, Bluetooth (R), etc. following the previous model. And it has greatly enhanced the most important networking features for the modern all-in-one music system. The addition of HEOS technology supports music streaming services such as Amazon Prime Music / Amazon Music Unlimited, AWA, Spotify
*. Setup and operation can be done comfortably with the HEOS app. In addition, if you add HEOS speakers such as “HEOS 1” and “HEOS 3” to the system, you can easily build a wireless multi-room environment and enjoy your favorite music in any room. 5.6MHz DSD, 192kHz / 24bit PCM (File playback from music server such as PC or NAS and USB memory) Supports WAV / FLAC / Apple Lossless). In addition, it has a rich set of functions to enjoy various music content such as Internet radio, AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth (R). It also supports voice control by Amazon Alexa.
※ A paid plan account is required to enjoy Amazon Music, AWA, and Spotify on M-CR612.

M-CR612_Ultra-low_Jitter_Clock In terms of sound quality, the ultra-low phase noise clock similar to that of the super audio CD player “SA-12” has been introduced to realize more accurate operation of the digital circuit. In addition, the peripheral circuits of the power amplifier were renewed using the know-how accumulated in the development process of premium Hi-Fi amplifiers such as “PM-10” and “PM-12”. The power supply circuit shared with other circuits was dedicated to the power amplifier, and noise from the power supply was greatly reduced.

M-CR612_Powe_Amplifier The 4ch speaker output which can carry out a bi-amplifier drive and 2 speaker switching can be continued. The M-CR612 has a new “parallel BTL drive” function so that high-quality playback is possible even when using speakers that do not support bi-wire connection. With a parallel BTL drive, it is now possible to drive the speaker using all four sets of amplifiers while maintaining a single wire connection. As a result, the damping factor, which is an indicator of the speaker driving power of the amplifier, is about twice as high as that of a normal BTL drive. We realized low tone reproduction that balanced the volume and tightness of middle and low range. A high-quality sound is achieved by introducing a HDAM (R) -SA type discrete high-speed current buffer amplifier to the headphone amplifier. Furthermore, the gain switching function of three steps was also equipped. It also has a number of features that improve ease of use, such as a 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz dual band Wi-Fi with MIMO, an organic EL display compatible with Japanese language, and a clock & alarm function.

About the Marantz brand “Marantz” was established in 1953 as a brand that develops, manufactures and sells premium audio products in the United States. We have introduced to the world a number of products that have been admired from the market, including pre-amp model 7 and power amplifier model 9. The world’s first CD player, CD-63, was released in 1982. With its 60th anniversary, Marantz is recognized worldwide as a premium brand of home entertainment devices. Technology is evolving every day at the same time as it becomes more complex, but the spirit of Seoul B. Marantz since its inception that it exceeds the expectations of sharp enthusiastic music lovers is always reflected in Marantz products You Please see www.marantz.jp for details.
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