[Libeiro Co., Ltd.] Now with the topic of cleanser powder “Summer production too, do you really do style up?” “delscut” (Delscut)

Libeiro Co., Ltd. With the topical cleanse powder, “Would you like to improve your style in summer?” [New Release] “delscut” Libeiro Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative director: Yusuke Sasaki) will release slim-up cleanse powder “delscut” (Delscut) on August 05, 2019. [Image 1

URL: http://ur2.link/CGUV
■ Product features Delscut is a next-generation slim-up cleanser powder that works with W [Adsorption Cleanse] x [Melamel Support]. The super food “Psylium husk” and carnitine, which swells about 70 times, is blended with it, and it supports styling by drinking before or during meals. [Image 2

In addition, it is formulated with ingredients that have the ability to maximize the absorption cleanse power, and of course it cleans up the body, roughens the skin, exfoliates and challenges the inner care in a wide range. [Other ingredients] 1. Clean support ingredient Reset lactic acid bacteria (R) ・ Spore-forming lactic acid bacteria ・ Magnesium 2. Nutritional support ingredient Activated enzymes ・ Grain millet (barley, puffs, haze, millet, Takakibi, purple black rice, rice flour) 3. Multifiber component Barley young leaf powder, powdery berry root, glucomannan, inulin, polydextrose, chia seeds, spirulina [Image 3

【New release】 Slim up clean powder Product name: “delscut” Contents: 3g x 30 packets Price: 8,500 yen (excluding tax) ※ Regular course: the first time 980 yen (excluding tax) 5,980 yen (excluding tax) after the second ※ Except for the first time, regular courses will require 3 consecutive conditions. Sales method: Mail order http://ur2.link/CGUV [Image 4

【Company Profile】 Company Name: Libeiro Co., Ltd. Location: 1-3-3 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Green Oak Kayabacho 7F Representative: Yusuke Sasaki Established: May 27, 2016 URL: http://libeiro.co.jp/ Business description: Mail order

For more information about this release(Japanese):
https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000016.00003575.html https://prtimes.jp

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