[Softfront Holdings Co., Ltd.] Softmeet Japan’s telmee upgrades, adds new value for SMS distribution and anonymous phone functions

Softfront Holdings Inc. Softfront Japan’s telmee upgrades, adds new added value for SMS delivery and anonymous phone functions -Compatible with various business styles and communication styles- …………………………………………………………………………………………… Softfront Japan, Inc. (Address: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Noda; hereinafter, Softfront Holdings) is a subsidiary of Softfront Japan, Inc. (Address: Chiyoda, Tokyo, President: Eiji Takasu, Softfront Japan) is pleased to announce that the cloud telephony service platform “telmee” has been upgraded and added SMS (Short Message Service) delivery function and anonymous telephone function value-added functions. [Image 1

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Softfront Japan’s “telmee” is a cloud telephony service that realizes automation and unmanned telephone operations by “programming telephones”, and contributes to improving productivity and operational efficiency of conversation services including call centers. The service lineup is as follows. “Telmee Moshi Moshi”: Used mainly for local governments for “safety confirmation” and “gathering staff” “Telmee script call”: Used mainly for “auto call (automatic call / auto answer)” for outbound call centers In this version upgrade, we have expanded the functions to cope with diversifying business styles and communication styles, and added 1. SMS distribution function and 2. Anonymous telephone function. Each feature is as follows. 1. SMS delivery function You can specify a sender number of up to 11 alphanumeric characters, and you can send SMS to mobile phones and smartphones at any time during “telmee” automatic call / response. In general, SMS notifications have an opening rate of about 90%, which is overwhelmingly higher than the DM (direct mail) opening rate, so it has recently become a powerful information distribution method for companies. It is viewed. 2. Anonymous phone function This is a function that enables business use with the mobile phone number of the person in charge concealed via a specific 050 number. By associating the mobile phone number of the person in charge with a specific 050 number from the management screen of “telmee”, even the person in charge of the person in charge can use it immediately for business. Since call history is always recorded on the cloud and can be recorded as needed, privacy protection and business management efficiency in BYOD (Bring your own device) can be achieved. In the future, “telmee” will continue to expand its services with the aim of realizing value through a new communication style, in addition to work efficiency solutions such as automation and unmanned telephone operations.
▼ About telmee ⇒ https://en.telmee.net/ [About Softfront Japan Co., Ltd.] Since its establishment in August 2016 as a subsidiary of Softfront Holdings, Softfront Japan has been providing a variety of products and services centered on real-time communication through calls, video chats, and messages as a communication platform that is rich and expressive. doing. Recently, based on voice transmission technology that has been cultivated over many years, AI and automation technology have also been adopted, and the cloud telephony service platform “telmee” and the natural conversation AI platform “commubo” have been developed to automate telephone operations. Creating a new communication business. ⇒ softfront-japan.co.jp/ [Inquiries about telmee] Softfront Japan Co., Ltd. Communication Platform Business Headquarters Wakabayashi TEL: 03-6550-9930 FAX: 03-6550-9296 E-mail: sales@softfront-japan.co.jp 【Inquiry about release】 Softfront Holdings Inc. Group Business Promotion Office Igarashi TEL: 03-6550-9270 FAX: 03-6550-9296 E-mail: press@softfront.co.jp * This press release can be downloaded from the following. www.softfront.co.jp/library/2019/08/PR_20190805.pdf

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