The latest form of immersive theater! The new “SHELTER” of “DAZZLE”, opened August 8, 2019!

Corporation DAZZLE The latest form of immersive theater! The new “SHELTER” of “DAZZLE”, opened August 8, 2019! The long-awaited new work “SHELTER” of the dance company “DAZZLE” that has led the immersive theater in Japan. August 8th (Thu)-24th (Sat), all 43 performances! ………………………………………………………………………………………… Since the first performance in Japan of the first full-scale immersive theater “Touch the Dark” ( in 2017, Tokyo One Piece Tower × immersive theater by DAZZLE produced “when the box of time opens” ( DAZZLE that has worked on various types of immersive performances such as and the outdoor immersive “Okazaki Meiji Sakaba” ( in Kyoto, and has attracted much attention. . In “SHELTER”, in order to push the immersive theater to a new stage, it adopts a multi-ending format that changes according to the behavior of the audience. More immersive, more engaging with the work, and an unprecedented experience of forming a story in front of you. “SHELTER”
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Photo Yaki Saki “SHELTER” is set in the entire building. The audience is a part of the work world, sometimes guided by dancers, sometimes moving freely in the building with their own will, and experiencing the performance that can be unfolded in various places with five senses.
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Photo Takahiro Iino The maximum number of audiences is 78 per performance. For a limited, small audience, the various performances produced by more than 25 performers give a luxurious and special experience.
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Photo Takahiro Iino The spectators, as “evacuees who have escaped from the outside world”, come close to the secrets of this facility while being involved in the human relationships inside SHELTER.

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Illustration Mai Ono “NEW! Multi-ending with audience participation” The “SHELTER” adopts a multi-end system with audience participation. The audience’s intentions and actions cause a great deal of divergence, and the end of the story changes. The attraction of immersive theater is that it can be ‘immersed’ in the work, but in SHELTER the audience can not be a bystander. You can participate in the work as a member of SHELTER, build and guide a story, and you will have an unprecedented work experience.
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Photo Takahiro Iino Special plan “SECRET of SHELTER” A man who secretly sends information to the outside from the mysteriously wrapped SHELTER. You can find hints for information and secrets inside SHELTER from his words, which are emitted without knowing whether it has reached anyone or not. @SECRETofSHELTER on twitter “What is immersive theater” A generic term for experience-style theater works that began in London in the 2000s. It breaks away from the conventional form in which the spectators sit in the audience and appreciate the performers on the stage, and the spectators walk with their own intention, live in the same work space as the performers, and participate in the work as part of the story Method is born. As a result, he succeeded in creating new works and audience relationships. A large number of works have been staged in London and New York, and it has been noted as a new movement on the stage by blockbuster works such as “Sleep no more”. In Japan, DAZZLE produces works one after another, spreading the immersive theater and becoming a leader.
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“Performance summary” ・ Performance name DAZZLE Immersive Theater “SHELTER” ·Official site ・ Ticket sale All purchasers need account registration (free) ·period August 8th (Thursday) to August 24th (Sat), 2019 ※ Closed on 18 ・ Place Private (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo) Email notification to ticket purchaser after purchase is complete · Sponsor DAZZLE Co., Ltd. ・ Cooperation SMAG Co., Ltd.
“Date and time, ticket” Schedule All 43 times August 8 (Thu) 21:00 August 9 (Fri) 15: 18: 21 August 10 (Sat) 15: 18: 21 August 11 (Sun) 15:00 18:21 August 12 (Mon) 15: 18: 21 August 13 (Tuesday) 15:00 18:21 August 14 (Wed) 15: 18: 21 Thursday, August 15, 15: 18: 21 August 16 (Fri) 15: 18: 21 August 17 (Sat) 15: 18: 21 Closed day of Sunday, August 18 Monday, August 19 at 18:00 August 20 (Tuesday) 15:00 18:21 August 21 (Wed) 15: 18: 21 August 22 (Thu) 15: 18: 21 August 23 (Fri) 15: 18: 21 August 24 (Sat) 18:00 ※ The above is the opening time. 30 minutes before the opening. ※ The visitors after the show will be waiting for a while for the convenience of the production. ·ticket 9,500 yen including tax (Only 8,000 yen including tax on weekdays 15 o’clock) Available at the following DAZZLE user’s site All Purchaser Account Registration (Free) Required
“What is DAZZLE”
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Photo Takahiro Iino “What is DAZZLE” Founded in 1996. Under the slogan, “A vague glare that belongs to all categories and does not belong” is a dance company that has an unparalleled worldview and continues to produce highly creative works. A unique dance style that combines street dance and contemporary dance, the representative work “Hana Tou” has won many awards at home and abroad, including overseas theater festivals. In 2017, he created “immersion theater” Touch the Dark “which is still a new experience type performance in Japan, and won three performances over two years including the premiere performance including tickets sold out on the same day. In 2018, he produced and appeared in the Tokyo ONE PIECE Tower x Immersive Theater “When the Box of Time Open”, and re-performed in 2019. We continue to provide “new experiences” that can only be created in DAZZLE. Official supporters club (charged) (You can switch at any time after registering for a free account) youtube Information dispatch blog Instagram twitter Facebook

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