[Nippon Coca Cola Co., Ltd.] Establishment of Joint Company Endian and investment in Nippon Coca Cola Co., Ltd.

Nippon Coca-Cola Corporation Regarding the establishment of joint company Endian and the investment of Nippon Coca-Cola Co., Ltd. ………………………………………………………………………………………… I-ne Co., Ltd. (IEN Co., Ltd., Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, President: Yohei Onishi, hereinafter I-ne) and Nippon Coca-Cola Co., Ltd. (Head office, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President Jorge Gardunyo, hereinafter Japan Coca-Cola has signed a contract to invest in Endian (Head office Chuo-ku, Osaka, executive officer: Shin Imai, hereinafter referred to as endian), a joint-venture company established on July 1 by I-ne. Along with this, Japan Coca-Cola will participate in the endian capital, and the endian will start a full-scale business from today. [Image 1

Endian will take over sales of relaxation drink “CHILL OUT” from I-ne from this fall and make use of the resources of product planning, sales and marketing possessed by I-ne and Coca-Cola Japan, and the beverage business area Aims to create new value that does not exist in the market yet. [Image 2

[Image 3

About CHILL OUT Next generation relaxation drink that was born from I-ne in November 2016. Too much information, stress is increasing these days. What is required is not “energy” but “relaxation” concept, hemp seed extract and theanine, GABA that is said to have a relaxing effect, vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D, E , Folic acid etc. We support performance improvement by drinking and relaxing. In addition, caffeine-free, fruit juice-derived sugar, naturally derived formulations are developed for easy drinking. Price: 185 yen (excluding tax) Sales channel: Online, natural lawson, etc. [Image 4

Background and purpose of investment Consumers’ food values ​​are diversifying year by year, and trend prediction is becoming increasingly difficult. With the spread of IT represented by SNS and the development of new communication means, the speed of change is accelerating. Endian aims to create a new product category by reading a half-step ahead of the consumer’s trend and rapidly bringing products to market. I-ne is a beauty technology company with a track record of fostering its own brands such as the Botanical Lifestyle brand “BOTANIST” using marketing methods that are not tied to traditional ideas. Nippon Coca-Cola is not only for Coca-Cola, but also for the Japanese market such as Georgia, Sakai, Aquarius, and I-Lo-Has to meet the diverse tastes of Japanese consumers. We have developed and established many soft drink brands. From now on both companies 1 · Launching brands, products and businesses that are ahead of the trend by half a step 2 ・ High-speed training and verification of business using digital promotion and EC 3 · Improvement of products with a sense of speed We aim to develop business centered on I-ne Co., Ltd. Representative Director Atlantic Hira Comment In order to make a further leap of I-ne’s philosophy “Chain of Happiness”, the beverage business has been transferred to a new company, Endian. We will invent new innovations with ideas that are not attributed to the know-how in developing and operating the beverage brand of Coca-Cola Japan and the existing methods I-ne has cultivated. I-ne’s beverage brand “CHILLOUT”, which was launched in 2016, has started selling under the concept of “providing“ relaxation ”instead of energy for a stressful society” and has gained enthusiastic support from some. You The word “chill” is also becoming a trend in the younger generation now, and I feel a trend. However, there were some challenges in the operation and expansion of beverage brands. Under such circumstances, we received a voice from Japan Coca-Cola, and because we were able to agree on each other’s philosophy and strategic policy, we reached the establishment of a joint company. Going forward, we will propose new categories and new consumer values ​​to you by leveraging the strengths of both companies. Please stay tuned. Nippon Coca-Cola Co., Ltd. Vice President of New Business Development Division Matthew Mitchell Comments Japan Coca-Cola is constantly looking for new innovation opportunities and partners to accelerate its realization in order to continue growth in the rapidly changing Japanese market. I was extremely impressed by the ability to execute, expressive ability, search ability, and aggressively challenge new opportunities for the growth of I-ne Ltd., all of which are based on a strong entrepreneurship. The These are values ​​that lead to the company’s most important “Growth Mindset”. I am very excited that this partnership will be a precedent for a new business model that creates innovation that leverages the strengths of each company. Joint company Endian Company Profile [Image 5

Company name: Joint company Endian (Reading pseudonym: endian) Head office location: 〒 542-0081 Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Chuo-ku Minamisenba 3-chome 12-22 Shinsaibashi Fuji Building Date of establishment: July 1, 2019 Representative Officer: Akira Imai (Director, I-ne Corporation, General Manager, Branding Division) Business description: Planning, production, sales, etc. of soft drinks Equity ratio: Private [Company name derived] “Endian” is a word that appears in the satire novel Gulliver’s travel book. Gulliver’s Travel Report, Part 1 “Dwarf Country” shows the confrontation between people who break boiled eggs from the round end (Big Endians) and people who break from the sharp end (Little Endians). Joint company Endian incorporated in the company name its desire to contribute to the realization of a society where there is no conflict, respect for differences, and a society in which hands can be joined with minor differences in thinking and appearance. endian.co.jp/ About I-ne Corporation [Image 6

I-ne Co., Ltd. is a beauty technology company that operates the botanical lifestyle brand “BOTANIST” and the beauty home appliance brand “SALONIA”. https://i-ne.co.jp/ [Main handling brand] ・ BOTANIST botanistofficial.com/ ・ SALONIA salonia.jp/ ・ Skinvill skinvill.jp/ About Japan Coca-Cola Company [Image 7

For more information on Coca-Cola Japan, please refer to the Coca-Cola Journey, the own media. https://www.cocacola.co.jp/

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