Oisix La Daichi strengthens support for food startup companies

Oixix La Daichi Co., Ltd. Oisix La Daichi strengthens support for start-up companies in the food sector and establishes investment management subsidiary “Future Food Fund” -Aiming to create synergy effects in the food business and build an ecosystem- Oisix La Daichi Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Kohei Takashima, hereinafter “the Company”), which develops safe and secure agricultural products, processed foods, meal kits and other food delivery “Future Food Fund Co., Ltd.” will be established on August 31 this year to promote corporate venture capital aimed at investing in startup companies specializing in In the future, we plan to establish a fund to support start-up companies in the food sector. The first fund will be operated by Future Food Fund Co., Ltd. It will be established with a limited liability partner (LP) of a central company with an investment scale of several billion yen. Background of establishment: Aiming to build a “ecosystem” for growing food start-up companies In October 2016, we launched the “Food Tech Fund”, an investment division that specializes in Japan’s first (*) food tech-related investments and alliances. We have invested in 6 companies and made business alliances to create new value in the food sector, such as developing sales channels overseas. The newly established “Future Food Fund” will further expand its existing efforts by collaborating with domestic food-related business companies and overseas venture capital incubators. Will actively invest in advanced food, agriculture and health hair. (* According to our research) [Image 1

Ecosystem image The generic name for the mechanism to grow startups and accelerate their business is called the ecosystem. In addition to investing through the “Future Food Fund”, we sell products at the sales site “Oisix Craft Market” opened in June. We will provide comprehensive business support by preparing the surrounding environment for prompt business expansion of startup companies, such as support and matching support with large companies. In order to realize our corporate philosophy of “Food Tables for the Future and Future Fields”, we aim to revitalize the food market, strengthen our competitiveness and improve value by developing, supporting, and collaborating with food startup companies. (Future Food Fund site URL: https://www.oisix.com/sc/futurefood) Future Food Fund Overview [Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/8895/table/356_1.jpg”>

Future Food Fund Partners KITCHEN TOWN [Image 2

KITCHEN TOWN is a company that operates a shared office for start-up companies in the food area in San Mateo, California. Along with a share office, there is a food manufacturing factory that can be rented for rental, making it the perfect environment for starting a business with food. In addition, we take advantage of the location between San Francisco and Silicon Valley to provide support for creating networks with investors, large corporations, and universities. Power Plant Venture [Image 3

Power Plant Venture is based in Los Angeles as a venture capital specializing in food. So far, there is a track record of investment in “Beyond Meat”, which is famous for substitute meat. The first fund is 42M $ and the second fund is 100M $.
■ Reference: Oisix Craft Market [Image 4

In June 2019, we opened the “Oisix Craft Market” on the website of “Oisix,” a food delivery service brand operated by our company. Product sales support will be provided at corners that gather only ingredients from domestic and overseas startup companies, small producers and manufacturers with unique technologies and manufacturing methods. URL: https://www.oisix.com/sc/craftmarket
About Oixix La Daichi Co., Ltd. Oisix La Daichi Co., Ltd. (Representative: Kohei Takashima) provides safe and safe food delivery services such as organic and specially cultivated vegetables and processed foods that do not use additives as much as possible with “Oisix” and “Rashishbo” It is offered under three brands: “Ya” and “Grand Protect Society”. Since July 2013, we have developed a kit “Kit Oisix” that includes the necessary ingredients and recipes. The total shipment has exceeded 40 million meals (as of the end of July 2019). In addition, the mobile supermarket business “Tokushimaru”, which supports shopping refugees, is also expanding steadily. Our company, based on the philosophy of “Future Table, Future Field”, is promoting a business that solves social issues related to food using business methods.

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