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“Ideal bedding udon” will be released on the same day and wait one month

Golden Field Inc. “Ideal bedding udon” will be released on the same day and wait one month “Sleeping udon” will be released on August 20th from Goku no Kimochi. …………………………………………………………………………………………… Goku feelings From the pleasure of sleeping in about 10 minutes, Golden Field Co., Ltd. (the head office of Kyoto City President, Atsumi Kaneda), which operates “Goku no Kimochi”, which is currently waiting for reservations, is the depth of sleep. In the process of studying, we developed a plan considering that udon is superior to futon in any aspect, such as falling asleep, sleeping and exhilarating after waking up. Based on the idea and planning of “Goku no Kimochi” and the cooperation of the opinions of “Isetan Shinjuku”, the world’s first “sleep noodle” specializing in sleep will be released on August 20 this year.
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■ There are four main reasons why udon is better than futon: 1. Freedom to sleep at any time. Like the comforter, the basic “Udon udon mode”, “Dakimakura mode”, “Foot pillow mode” «You can create a free sleeping figure by moving noodles such as“ wrapping mode ”.
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Dakimakura mode 2. Udon boasts an overwhelming temperature adjustment function. The noodles of udon can be freely spread while sleeping, so it is cooler than a towel in summer. In winter, the amount of air inside is high, so you can be warmer than a cold duvet with just one blanket. 3. It is possible to switch the body temperature appropriately for falling asleep and sleeping. Applying the warmth necessary to sleep immediately and a treatment method that lowers deep body temperature and creates deep sleep. The optimal temperature change before and after sleeping can only be expressed with udon. 4. Can be divided and washed at home. All the vertical and horizontal noodles used are removable. It is also possible to wash only dirty parts.
■ The origin is udon that I ate. Last summer, planning started with a bedding manufacturer requesting a sleep-resistant futon. As for our sleep method, the answer was not a futon no matter what you thought, and the plan was confusing. Coincidentally, u want to sleep here!
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Actual image at the time of invention We have reached the udon shape as an ideal condition. Of course, you can’t go to sleep with a normal udon noodle, About a year of trial and error with reference to the opinions of Isetan Shinjuku, where high-quality bedding know-how gathers. The “Sleep udon” that expresses the “deep body temperature adjustment” necessary for deep sleep and the texture and texture that is unique to udon has been completed.
● Sleeping udon is taking the world seriously. Sleeping udon is addictive, not only the sleep speed, but also the refreshing feeling after waking up due to the depth of sleep and the feeling of security wrapped up. I have that charm. After confirming overwhelming product characteristics, “Goku no Kimochi” has applied for overseas patents not only in Japan but also worldwide. With this launch, we will have a “futon / udon” dispute in the world five years later. I look forward to that future. We are looking at the world standard of accepting the naming of “sleeping udon” as a Japanese culture.
● What is Goku’s feelings? Even for adults who are not sleepy, the “crest sleep” technique, which allows them to fall asleep in about 10 minutes, has become popular, and all four stores are now full for three months, and 486,098 people (total count on August 6) are waiting for cancellation Has gained popularity. “Sleeping udon” released this time was devised by a specialist “Head Meister” who lays down deeply.
【current situation】
Prior to today’s press release, a reservation site was set up on the website yesterday. About 5,000 people rushed. The first production is sold out on the same day. As of today, we have been waiting for a month for shipment. We have increased production more than twice, but now we can make reservations at a single pace per minute. It has gained momentum over the weekend for more than two months. Judging by reserved name, the male-female ratio is around 4.6 and is popular with women. Reservation from Kagawa Prefecture, which is a popular place for udon, which was often heard by SNS, is about 4% of the total, We have not received much support yet. Product homepage “Sleeping udon” https://goku-nokimochi.com/udon/ * If you can report, you can sleep in the world’s first udon.

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